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List of our coverage of Legislation
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dream act (218)matricula consular (129)agjobs (56)
everify (52)stimulus plan (50)287g (31)
fairness doctrine (23)h1b (20)nafta (15)
secure communities (15)proposition 187 (13)no match (12)
hr4437 (12)1986 amnesty (10)civilian national security force (9)
scaap (9)strive act (6)tarp (6)
save act (5)real id (4)schip (4)
first amendment (3)global poverty act (3)second amendment (3)
hr1388 (3)posse comitatus (2)cornyn kyl (2)
law of the sea treaty (2)card check (2)millennium development goals (2)
hr875 (2)hr2593 (1)h2a (1)
sesba (1)hr645 (1)medicaid (1)
cobra (1)earned income tax credit (1)titlei (1)
block grants (1)s425 (1)hr1444 (1)
hr759 (1)community reinvestment act (1)citizenship promotion act (1)
cap and trade (1)patriot act (1)