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Donald Trump and skilled immigration (H-1B visas, green cards) - 03/04/16

On skilled immigration, Donald Trump - at least at this moment in time - appears to support two somewhat separate positions, both of which are problematic:

Ben Powell promotes Red Card plan, H1Bs using shaky economics (immigration, Forbes) - 10/19/13

In Forbes, Ben Powell of Texas Tech University offers "A U.S. Worker Shortage Calls For 'Red Card' Immigration Reform" ( peekURL.com/zKuax6f ). A discussion of how the article is wrong follows this excerpt:

Ted Cruz wants to legalize most illegal aliens, double legal immigration, increase H1B cap to 325,000 - 09/29/13

On the video below [1], Senator Ted Cruz of Texas finally confirms just how bad he is on immigration. Rather than strongly opposing the Senate amnesty bill and completely opposing any form of mass legalization, Ted Cruz wanted to "fix" the Senate bill.

On the video, Cruz talks about what his amendments would do. This is what he supports:

Rep. Suzan DelBene serves on Committee overseeing H1B visas despite having deep links to Microsoft - 03/03/13

From this:

U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene understands Microsoft’s need for temporary work visas for skilled foreigners probably as well as anyone in Congress - and what she doesn’t know she could just ask her husband.

DelBene, a freshman Democrat from Medina, is a former Microsoft executive who bankrolled her two congressional races with her high-tech wealth. Her husband, Kurt, is president of Microsoft’s Office Division, one of the company’s biggest business units.

Gary Locke, Carlos Gutierrez mislead; support braindraining the world with skilled immigration - 07/17/11

Current Department of Commerce secretary Gary Locke and his predecessor Carlos Gutierrez offer the editorial "Building competitiveness through immigration reform" [1].

NFAP misleads on skilled immigration (Stuart Anderson, Frank Sharry, National Foundation for American Policy) - 05/25/11

Stuart Anderson of the National Foundation for American Policy offers "The Impact of the Children of Immigrants on Scientific Achievements in America" [1], which comes to a highly misleading conclusion based on a very small sample. It's also promoted by Frank Sharry's AmericasVoice [2].

Top Microsoft lawyer: MS "now actively engaged with immigration reform more than any other company" - 06/11/10

From this:

"We have probably been now actively engaged with immigration reform more than any other company," [Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel and senior vice president for legal and corporate affairs] said, noting that two years ago it was the company's No. 1 policy focus. "We remain very supportive of comprehensive immigration reform."

The Puget Sound region's diversity could make it an attractive place into which Asian companies could expand as they become more powerful in the global economy, he said. Microsoft employs thousands of workers (from India, for example) who are in the U.S. on H-1B work visas.

"We at Microsoft have helped play a role in that," Smith said of the region's diversity. "One-third of the people who work at Microsoft have a passport with a country other than the U.S. on it."

Why is Ed Morrissey promoting a skilled immigration edge case, and will HotAir take a fall on amnesty? - 12/16/09

Over at HotAir, there's nothing I can find about yesterday's re-introduction of an amnesty bill. Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey offers "A curious case of visa denial" [1] which is a bit of a conservative version of a PIIPP (see that link if you aren't familiar with that term).

Janet Napolitano falsely says she needs immigration "reform" to do her job; says border more secure; sounds like Chertoff - 11/13/09

Speaking at the Center for American Progress earlier today (prepared remarks: www.dhs.gov/ynews/speeches/sp_1258123461050.shtm NYT article: link full video: americanprogress.org/events/2009/11/Napolitano.html), Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano said that she needs comprehensive immigration reform (downsides at the link) to do her job and that such "reform" (aka amnesty) is more attainable due both to supposed increased border security and due to fewer people trying to cross because of the economic downturn. In her speech, she sounded almost exactly like Michael Chertoff and used several of the stock talking points such as secure the border and living in the shadows. She also gave a shout-out to John Podesta of CAP and specifically mentioned the National Association of Evangelicals as one of the groups supporting "reform"; most of that group's member organizations are actually neutral or opposed to "reform".

It's extremely unfortunate that I was unable to get anyone else that I know of to help with my plan to ask her a question at today's event. People are willing to stand on street corners and wave loopy signs, but getting them to do things that could be devastatingly effective is incredibly difficult. Because of the flaws in her comments, someone who's familiar with this issue and who's familiar with "cross-examining" people could have undercut her argument and made her look very bad. That would help reduce the chances of "reform". If people aren't willing to confront politicians, they'll just keep on doing the bad things they're doing.

One of her remarks was this Chertoff-like bit:

When it comes to immigration, I took an oath as Secretary of Homeland Security to secure the nation by enforcing the law and managing legal flows across the border. Let me be clear: to do this job as effectively as possible, DHS needs immigration reform.

She is, of course, lying. Doing her job would involve enforcing the laws and trying to reduce the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. As a recent enforcement action shows, she is not interested in doing that. Every illegal alien who stays in the U.S. is a potential Democratic voter if she can get the amnesty that she and Obama want.

She said that "immigration reform will be a boon to American workers" which is completely false; see the immigration wage floor page.

She also supported chain migration, saying that "Community and faith leaders have also emphasized to me that we need reform because of how difficult the current laws can be on families, especially families of mixed legal status. Our immigration system is outdated where families are concerned, and we need to modernize and streamline the laws governing this process."

And, she supported increasing high-tech visa limits (aka the H1B program). That was after she "held a forum where [she] heard from technology executives in Silicon Valley". Obviously, Napolitano is great at only hearing one side of the story: she also referenced meetings she's held across the U.S. with "stakeholders", saying that "all [at the meetings] reach[ed] the same conclusion: we need reform". Napolitano, someone supposedly working for all of us, is ignoring the input of a majority of Americans and viewpoints that disagree with her.

Some of her remarks follow:

Carly Fiorina supports massive skilled immigration ("There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore") - 11/06/09

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina recently announced her candidacy as a Republican for senator from California; she's trying to unseat Barbara Boxer. While the latter is a highly worthy goal, she appears to be a globalist, profits-at-any-cost supporter of massive immigration at least of the skilled variety.

Doug Hoffman's immigration position, Part 2 - 11/02/09

On October 21, Glenn Beck interviewed Doug Hoffman on his radio show, and the transcript and audio are here, relevant portion excerpted at [1].

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords considers pushing H-1B increase even as millions of Americans without work - 10/27/09

Last year, Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords introduced legislation that could double or triple the number of H1B visas; those are usually used by high tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and many others to obtain lower-wage, pliable foreign workers. Now, despite the fact that millions of Americans are unemployed, Giffords is considering bringing her bill back. Per this October 21 post:

The Giffords bill is not on Thomas.gov yet. I called her office to ask what the status of the bill is, and they said it is in the Judiciary Committee for review. Since it is not formally introduced to Congress we cannot see it yet. The staffer was vague on dates but said it may be several days to a week before the bill is formally introduced, and he hinted that there may be some modifications to the text of the bill while it’s in the Judiciary. The staffer said that portions of the bill may still be in the writing stage. I was told that the bill will be almost the same as her 2008 bill.

The way to deal with this situation is to go to her public appearances and - instead of ranting and throwing tantrums like the tea parties do - ask her tough questions designed to make her look bad. Video of that can then be uploaded to video sharing sites, with the goal of having an impact on her political career and sending a message to others who might consider raising the cap.

For example, the Youtube video of immigration lawyers describing tricks they pull with the H-1B program (peekURL.com/vt2qy1b) currently has over 360,000 views. While not too many know who Giffords is, that could change overnight if someone can bring themselves to "cross-examine" her over this issue.

Gordon Crovitz /WSJ: millions of Americans are unemployed, so let's ramp up immigration - 04/27/09

Former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz offers "We Need an Immigration Stimulus/A recession is exactly when we want innovative outsiders" (link). Bracketed by various absurdities, he offers the following stats:

Companies founded by immigrants include Yahoo, eBay and Google. Half of Silicon Valley start-ups were founded by immigrants, up from 25% a decade ago. Some 40% of patents in the U.S. are awarded to immigrants. A recent study by the Kauffman Foundation found that immigrants are 50% likelier to start businesses than natives.

Someone who supports Americans (in Crovitz' words, a "nativist") might look at those stats and wonder how we could spur entrepreneurship among Americans, such as by making an entrepreneur class some sort of graduation requirement just as other subjects are. Someone of the WSJ's bent might look into taxes that make being an entrepreneur difficult for Americans; someone to the left might suggest some sort of government program. That would be the American approach. You don't need to guess Gordon Krovitz' approach:

Matt Richtel /NYT helps Google, Silicon Valley promote H-1B visas - 04/11/09

Matt Richtel of the New York Times offers "A Google Whiz Searches for His Place on Earth" (link), part of that paper's "Remade in America: A series about the newest immigrants and their impact on American institutions". It's a true multimedia edutainment spectacular including audio, a slideshow, and even interactive features.

And, as it happens, our ticky-tack laws and ticky-tack native-borns are getting in the way of what the NYT, Google, and Silicon Valley want. The article's poster immigrant works for Google out of their Toronto office because, while he can get a work visa, his wife cannot. Ricktel uses the trick of allowing him to say what the NYT would like to say:

"Every American I’ve talked to says: ‘Dude, it’s ridiculous that we’re not doing everything we can to keep you in the country. We need people like you!’ ...The people of America get it... And in a matter of time, I think current lawmakers are going to realize how dumb they’re being."

Most of the rest of the four screens are like that, with about seven paragraphs on the final screen given over to the American side of things presented by a representative of the Programmer's Guild and a brief discussion of congressional opposition to increased numbers of visas.

The rest is an ad, including this hilarious/sad bit:

But back in late 2006, maps produced by the service were taking too long to download and appear on phones... Enter Mr. Mavinkurve, who floated an alternative: cut the number of colors in each map section to 20 or 40 from around 256. The user would not see the difference, but the load times would be reduced 20 percent... Mr. Mavinkurve used a rare combination of creativity, analysis, engineering and an understanding of graphics to find a solution that had eluded the rest of the team, said Mark Crady, a manager in the maps group.

Assuming it's described correctly, that is in no way a breakthrough but simply one optimization technique that would occur as a possibility to virtually any experienced programmer. If that and similar are all there is, someone's not exactly being honest.

Dallas School District laid off Americans while seeking H-1B workers (DISD) - 03/30/09

From this:

About 50 [Texas] companies, along with [the Dallas Independent School District], applied for H-1B visas for jobs in Texas last year and then announced layoffs of thousands of workers in the state, a Dallas Morning News review of government databases shows... DISD had the most filings of any North Texas entity, with 380 requests for H-1B visas and five for permanent visas... "We're obviously trying to find more bilingual teachers to help us with our population," said school district spokesman Jon Dahlander. Students with limited English proficiency now number 53,785 in DISD, or 34 percent of total enrollment... Dahlander added that despite job cuts of about 1,000 positions this school year, "we will be making new requests in April." He said he didn't know how many.

There are some caveats: not all applications result in someone being hired, and some of the jobs might not be of the same type as those who were laid off.

Back in 2006, the DISD board wanted to hire illegal aliens as bilingual teachers; the main person pushing that was linked to the League of United Latin American Citizens. A year earlier, that board passed a resolution requiring administrators to learn Spanish.

Josh Marshall /TPMTV misleads about Michelle Bachmann - 03/24/09

It's apparently open season on Michelle Bachmann [1], so TPM TV - run by Josh Marshall [2] - offers the attached misleading video entitled "The Bachmann Effect". Leaving the other two segments aside, the middle segment takes her comments out of context and shows how little Marshall/TPM understand about immigration issues.

Thomas Friedman/NYT's anti-American, anti-Indian ad for H-1Bs - 02/11/09

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times - last seen here offering an idiotic smear of Sarah Palin - now offers "The Open-Door Bailout " (link). It's basically an ad for the H1B program. Rather than having a life-changing conversation with an Egyptian cab driver, this time the "slightly tongue-in-cheek" words of wisdom are offered by an Indian newspaper editor, who offers this alternative stimulus plan:

"All you need to do is grant visas to two million Indians, Chinese and Koreans... We will buy up all the subprime homes. We will work 18 hours a day to pay for them. We will immediately improve your savings rate - no Indian bank today has more than 2 percent nonperforming loans because not paying your mortgage is considered shameful here. And we will start new companies to create our own jobs and jobs for more Americans."

Call me an idealist, but maybe the idea of having people working 18 hours a day isn't something we should consider a good thing. And, unless Friedman thinks Indians, Chinese, and Koreans are genetically superior to Americans, then perhaps he should be promoting Americans creating new companies and paying their mortgages. He could get on that right now.

He goes on to promote the H-1B company Infosys, quoting a member of their executive council:

"If you [restrict H-1Bs], it will be one of the best things for India and one of the worst for Americans, [because] Indians will be forced to innovate at home..."

Basically, both he and Friedman are promoting brain-draining countries, a policy that would prevent third world countries from developing a middle class, causing more problems for us long-term. Taken to its extreme, that policy is economic warfare and a bit "imperialistic". And, restricting H1Bs really won't be one of the worst things for America; we have hundreds of millions of people and that's more than enough to develop innovative companies under the right circumstances, especially considering the large numbers of unemployed technology workers. Friedman should take a few cab rides in American cities for a change.

Microsoft lobbied Obama for H-1B increase shortly before laying off workers - 02/02/09

From this:

Microsoft urged the government to "remove caps that bar entry into the U.S. by high-skilled immigrants," about three weeks before announcing its first companywide layoff, according to a report in BusinessWeek.

The request, part of a policy brief written in June 2008 and posted to the Obama-Biden Transition Project Web site in early January, does not represent a new stance for the company, which has long lobbied for changes in U.S. immigration policy around high-skilled workers. But its posting on the new administration's transition Web site came at a sensitive time, against the backdrop of layoffs -- which hit a "significant number" of guest workers at the company -- and pressure on Microsoft by Sen. Chuck Grassley to retain U.S. citizens over similarly qualified guest workers...

The BW article is from Moira Herbst (see this for the to-be-expected pun). Note also that there might be something else involved to make Grassley angry: MS apparently dropped plans to build a call center in his state. That doesn't, however, make him wrong.

Bailout: banks wanted thousands of foreign workers as they laid-off Americans (H-1B) - 02/01/09

From this:
Major U.S. banks sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers into the country for high-paying jobs even as the system was melting down last year and Americans were getting laid off, according to an Associated Press review of visa applications.

The dozen banks now receiving the biggest rescue packages, totaling more than $150 billion, requested visas for more than 21,800 foreign workers over the past six years for positions that included senior vice presidents, corporate lawyers, junior investment analysts and human resources specialists. The average annual salary for those jobs was $90,721, nearly twice the median income for all American households...
Diane Casey Landry of the American Bankers Association spins it as being an artifact of the good times, with the current situtation being different. A Michael Bloomberg spokesman is quoted as supporting the scheme. The Associated Press wasn't able to get any specific banks on the record, but they've filed a FOIA request for more information.

Will Dick Durbin block immigration "reform" (aka a massive amnesty)? - 03/27/07

Could Senator Dick Durbin - an illegal immigration supporting hack who refered to himself and illegal aliens as "we" as in "we can win" - block immigration "reform" by trying to push for business-unfriendly H-1B related worker protections? From this:

...Durbin is considering the tougher standards for companies that want to bring temporary foreign workers into the country under the H-1B visa program. According to a summary of Durbin's draft proposal, before they could use such visas, companies would have to give a written pledge, or "attestation," that they made a good-faith effort to hire American workers first and that they were not displacing any American workers by bringing in non-U.S. employees... That would mark a substantial change. Today, companies can hire workers on the H-1B program simply by paying the prevailing wage in a certain job. The U.S. Customs & Immigration Service has said that there's an assumption companies will hire Americans first if there's no financial advantage to hiring foreign workers. But there's no requirement that they try to do so (see BusinessWeek.com, 2/8/07, "Work Visas May Work Against the U.S."). A Durbin spokesman said no one in the office, including the Senator, was prepared to comment on details in the proposal because they are not yet finalized...

If he was pushing for this alone, we could give him a modest brownie point or two. But, he's pushing this as part of an amnesty scheme. So, in that case, his grand gesture is like being grateful for someone just savagely kidney-punching America in the back rather than using a knife as they planned to do.

"Sens. Cornyn, Kyl Prepare Massive Guestworker Plan" - 05/27/05

Paul Egan of FAIR reports on a Senate immigration hearing attended by John Cornyn (R-TX) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ).