Teaparty leader Dick Armey now wants Mitch Daniels for president

Teaparty leader Dick Armey of FreedomWorks has announced that Mitch Daniels would be the "perfect pick" for president (link, video here). Let's review:

* Dick Armey supports illegal immigration.

* Mitch Daniels is weak on immigration (see that link).

* Armey's previous pick for president was Mike Pence, someone like Armey linked into Helen Krieble's network and someone who had his own amnesty/guest workers plan named after him.

* Dick Armey leads the tea parties around by the nose, whether they admit it or not. Without his organizing efforts and funding of various events, many fewer people would have even heard about them. He probably played a major role in the teapartiers largely ignoring immigration for over two years, despite it being far more important than spending and despite it being where the Democrats and the far-left are most vulnerable.

* Rather than encouraging the GOP to be a big tent and taking on the far-left where most people oppose them (social and cultural issues), Dick Armey is among those leading the GOP off the fiscal conservative cliff (even most Republicans support programs that the teapartiers label as socialist, such as Social Security).

So, maybe letting Dick Armey choose the GOP candidate is not such a good idea.