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Maureen Torrey, Torrey Farms, and illegal immigration

Maureen Torrey and family run Torrey Farms in Elba, New York. She's a frequent quote source for "reporters" who write stories in the crops rotting in the fields genre. See that link for background on those type of articles, and the image below is a screenshot from one such story.

What you won't hear from those who simply present her as Farmer McDonald is her involvement with the United Fresh Produce Association, a large, Washington DC-based trade group formed as a result of the merger between the United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association and the International Fresh-Cut Produce Association. Torrey was previously their chairman; she's more recently been one of the sponsors of their "2012 Chairman's Roundtable" [1] and one of her workers served on their "2011 Member Relations Task Force" [2]. Torrey co-represented the group on the "Coordinating Council of the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops" [3].

Torrey also served as a Branch director of the Buffalo branch of the Federal Reserve from December 1999 to December 2006 [4]. The Fed supports illegal immigration and has a financial interest in it; see their name's link.

Torrey was involved with an outfit called the "Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform".

And, in 2007:

Ms. Torrey warned that dairy cows would die from lack of milking if New York farmers had to fire immigrant dairy workers.

Did that happen? No, of course not.

In 2006, as co-chairman of the United Fresh Produce Association, Torrey appeared with Larry Craig to promote comprehensive immigration reform. In the same year, Torrey complained about immigration raids cutting into her profits.

Torrey even played the Gestapo card in order to protect those profits:

"It's a dirty job and we stand next to them, working together, and then to see these people chased, you feel like it's Germany all over again."

To Torrey and others like her, the rare cases when the U.S. government does its perfectly legitimate job of enforcing our immigration laws is just like what the Nazis did.

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