Sleazy Jason Linkins smears Sean Hannity (Max Blumenthal)

How sleazy is Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post? Sleazy enough to post this smear of Sean Hannity, linking him to white supremacist radio host Hal Turner. The latter apparently used to call in to Hannity's radio program; he claims he and Hannity were friends until Hannity's Program Director told him no more call-ins. Yet, if you do a find for the comment from PhilBoyceWABC on the HuffPost link you'll see that Turner's account of their friendship is more than a bit questionable. Not only that, but Linkins' post relies on the Newshounds blog, not exactly a source of intellectual analysis. And, even worse, it relies on a Nation article from known liar Max Blumenthal which only includes one example of statements made by Turner when calling in and which includes a Turner quote from 2003 in which he said, "I had never judged people on their race, not prior to that point" ( Perhaps the Huffington Post should consider the impact that smear attempts from Linkins have on whatever reputation they currently have.


Maybe you shouldn't link to the articles, because reading them kind of refutes your points. Why do you say Linkins is sleazy? What has Blumenthal lied about?