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Nina Bernstein of the New York Times

The first time I read a Nina Bernstein article, back in 2004, I thought it was from the CPUSA. I was genuinely surprised to later find out that she's a reporter for the New York Times, mostly covering immigration matters.

Mickey Kaus called her the "the most tendentious and biased reporter on the paper". She specializes in presenting heart-warming portraits of poor, oppressed illegal aliens who are happy, cheerful workers until they're viciously forced into hiding or caught up in an immigration raid. While she does occasionally use legally correct phrases such as "illegal aliens", she more frequently uses misleading euphemisms: "longtime immigrant workers who cannot prove that they are working legally", "immigrants who cannot prove that they are here legally", "newcomers", or just plain "immigrants."

She also used as a quote source someone who's an immigration lawyer and who testified to Congress on behalf of the American Immigration Lawyers Association without revealing those facts. Her 02/18/05 piece "License Denials for Immigrants Are Blocked" took nine paragraphs to disclose that she was talking about illegal aliens.

At the last link, she discussed the tribulations of those who use someone else's social security number without even considering the victims of identity theft.

She's repeatedly advocated to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, nearly oblivious to the possibility that terrorists would obtain such licenses. See also this and this.

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