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Michael Bloomberg: possible illegal alien taxi drivers isn't dangerous

Michael Bloomberg has yet again let his outright support for illegal immigration interfere with his job of protecting New Yorkers. Via this we find this:
The city's plan to stop asking prospective taxi drivers to provide proof that they are legal residents will not endanger the security of New Yorkers, a spokeswoman for Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

Cab drivers would no longer need to show immigration documents under changes the Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to vote on tomorrow. Instead, they will need to provide a Social Security card and driver's license...
His spokeswoman informs us:
"To suggest that this regulatory streamlining effort in any way represents a risk to the public is erroneous"
Social Security cards and numbers can, of course, be faked. And, several states give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. NY used to be one of those states, and there were hundreds of thousands of questionable DLs issued. The New York Times' Nina Bernstein and other groups fought tooth and nail to continue allowing illegal aliens to get New York driver's licenses, but that was blocked in July (PDF file):
The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court this week upheld new regulations adopted by the State of New York that make it extremely difficult for illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. The decision was a victory for the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF), which filed a brief urging the court to uphold the regulations.

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Tue, 11/07/2006 - 15:16
Joe Citizen

Andrienne Shelly was murdered by an illegal alien. The illegal alien confessed to the crime. He claimed he punched Ms. Shelly after she asked the construction worker/illegal alien to make less noise. He then strangled her and tried to make it appear that it was a suicide. The alien was in this country (from Ecuador) only four months. Yet he already had a job and an apartment. In May 2006 Mayor Bloomberg refused to arrest any illegals or even ask their identity when they use goverment services, schools, hospitals, housing, etc. Mayor Bloomberg DID vow to go after the business owners. Please urge Mayor Bloomberg to prosecute the owners of the construction company that employed the illegal alien. The illegals cry No mas muertas (referring to the illegal that die trying to cross the border). While now no more deaths is our cry too - no more deaths from illegal aliens.

Tue, 10/24/2006 - 20:01

Cab drivers would no longer need to show immigration documents under changes the Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to vote on tomorrow.

One could sort of understand it if, in this asininely politically correct world (sanctuary), they were to vote not to institute a (new) requirement for such documents. But to reverse an existing requirement seems extreme -- what is the advantage gained?