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Yale Law students, Wishnie sue ICE over 2007 immigration raid (after Elm City card passed) - 10/28/09

Yale Law students - led by professor Michael Wishnie - are suing various current or former ICE (part of the Department of Homeland Security) officials and agents over a 2007 immigration raid in New Haven, Connecticut.

Michael Wishnie compares immigration laws to Jim Crow laws (Yale professor) - 10/15/09

Michael Wishnie is a law professor at Yale University who was involved in various aspects of New Haven's program to give city ID cards to illegal aliens; he was a colleague of former Yale Law Dean Harold Koh.

A couple days ago Wishnie gave a talk ( where he made the following shocking comments:

"The Obama Administration seems to prefer increased enforcement even over the record levels of the Bush Administration. I have no idea personally whether this a political strategy to show that they are tough on immigration reform so that when a bill comes up in Congress they can cut a deal or whether they think this is the appropriate level of enforcement of the law. To me, it’s a little backward. I think we are in the dying days of a set of laws that will be come to be seen as something like Jim Crow laws. I think in a generation or two we will look back and say ‘wait we had a system of law that de jure subjugated millions of people, left people unable to come to their children’s schools, fearful that on any day when they left home and said bye they might not come home because they could be arrested at any time in any place. That we as a nation tolerated that for millions of families.’ I see that as shameful"

The difference, of course, is that the "subjugation" is something illegal aliens have brought upon themselves voluntarily. And, there's an easy remedy: returning to their home countries. The only way those who come or stay here illegally won't be "subjugated" is if we have open borders. If Wishny opposes that "subjugation" he has either two choices: open borders, or stringent enforcement of our immigration laws. If he's advocating for the former, then he should explicitly say that. He's obviously not advocating for the latter, so what exactly he's thinking of isn't clear. Is he incapable of figuring out the only two choices he has to prevent "subjugation"? Can he figure that out, but he's just trying to fool people? It shouldn't be that difficult for those in the area to go ask him at one of his public appearances what exactly he supports and what exactly he's capable of figuring out.

Crooked town: New Haven to give low-price gas to ID card holders (many illegal aliens) - 06/19/08

New Haven, Connecticut offers a city-only identification card (the "Elm City ID card") for those who - ahem - have ID problems. While any resident can get one of the cards, they're only of real use to illegal aliens. The plan was pushed through by a city employee who used to head an organization that was working with the Mexican government to pass out that country's Matricula Consular card.

Seven reasons Kos (DailyKos) can't be trusted on immigration (+Quinnipiac University poll) - 03/27/08

Can you trust Kos of DailyKos (Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) on immigration? No, you can't. For some of the reasons why, take a look at "The big immigration backlash in Connecticut" (

1. He fails to note that, before working for the city of New Haven, Kica Matos headed a group that is/was working with the Mexican government to pass out Matricula Consular cards in that city. As with New Haven's cards, the MC cards let illegal aliens open bank accounts and the like. The bottom line in this case is the bottom line: that makes it easier for illegal aliens to send money home to Mexico and also allows banks to profit from money that was earned illegally.

2. He fails to note that the mayor of New Haven, John DeStefano, may have a financial interest in a local bank that would accept the New Haven ID cards.

3. The timing of the raid was certainly interesting and warrants more research. However, per the DHS (see the following NYT article), the planning had started months before the raid.

4. Kos fails to note that the New York Times article he links to ("Arrests of 31 in U.S. Sweep Bring Fear in New Haven" by Jennifer Medina, link) is heavily biased; the photo from that article was featured here.

5. The upper levels of the DHS may have intended there to be a "backlash". As with Kos, the Bush administration is a strong supporter of illegal immigration and Chertoff has hinted at conducting show raids in order to inflame the left and push for an amnesty. Kos doesn't mention that possibility.

6. Kos fails to recognize huge problems with a recent Quinnipiac University poll in Connecticut (link), which asked:

What do you think should happen to most illegal immigrants working in the United States - Should they be offered a chance to apply for citizenship, OR Should they be allowed to stay as temporary workers, OR Should they be deported to the country they came from?

There are several problems with that question. For instance, it leaves off another option of simply enforcing our laws and causing illegal aliens to self-deport. The first choice is also extremely ambiguous: when should they be offered that chance? While they're living here? After they return home for a while (see the Pence and similar schemes)? After having returned to their home countries voluntarily but not as part of a particular amnesty scheme? And, the poll also fails to note all the ramifications of the various options, such as the role the first two would play in leading to more illegal immigration.

7. Kos says "The vast majority of the public isn't interested in what Lou Dobbs, Fox News, the federal government, and Rahm Emanuel are selling." Obviously, he's extremely confused. During the big push for amnesty - the one that was blocked by the American public - Fox News was largely silent. Lou Dobbs seems to support some form of attrition rather than the mass deportations possibly (once again, it's ambiguous) implied by the last poll choice. And, of course, the Bush administration is as much a strong supporter of illegal immigration as Kos. I guess that's so difficult for him to admit that he has to lie.

BONUS REASON #8: The poll refers to "illegal immigrants working in the United States", but that certainly doesn't include all illegal aliens. Perhaps millions of illegal aliens are non-working children, spouses, or other family members, with some percentage being unemployed and some other percentage being career criminals and the like. All or most of those would have been amnestied by various past immigration "reform" schemes. Needless to say, Kos doesn't call Quinnipiac on yet another issue with their poll.

National League of Cities awards New Haven's IDs for illegal aliens scheme - 11/15/07

New Haven, Connecticut is handing out ID cards to illegal aliens, and not only does their mayor John DeStefano have a possible financial incentive, but the city worker who pushed the plan through previously headed a non-profit that is/was collaborating with the Mexican government.

Now, the Washington DC lobbying group National League of Cities and their partner CH2M Hill have given them one of their "2007 Awards for Municipal Excellence":

The Elm City Immigration Project in New Haven is a series of innovative, comprehensive and far-reaching policies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the relationship between the city and its immigrant community while improving public safety... The award winners were selected by a panel of judges, including Karen Anderson, former president, National League of Cities; Janet Areson, Virginia Municipal League; Cy Behroozi, Brookings Institution; Jacqueline Byers, National Association of Counties; Del D. Borgsdorf, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce; Saul Ramirez Jr., National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials; Carol Rhea, American Planning Association; and Toni Samuel, American Society of Public Administration.

Please let the president of the NLC (Indianapolis mayor Bart Peterson) know what you think of the NLC giving their imprimatur to NH's corrupt scheme:

Center for American Progress' indirect Mexican government link (Henry Fernandez, Kica Matos) - 10/13/07

Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow at the Clinton-linked Center for American Progress, is hosting a CAP event entitled "Strange Bed Fellows? Anti-immigration Organizations and Hate Groups" on October 18 [1]. The panelists are Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government) and Devin Burghart from the Center for New Community.

Luckily, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and I saw this:

Fernandez lives with his wife Kica Matos and their son in New Haven, Connecticut.

Matos is the former head of Junta for Progressive Action, a group that's collaborated with the Mexican government. She now works for the city and she led the effort by that city to give out their own form of ID cards which are designed for use by illegal aliens. And, Fernandez is the former campaign manager for New Haven mayor John DeStefano, someone who may have a financial stake in illegal aliens opening bank accounts.

A question: what if the interests of Hillary Clinton and the Mexican government differ? Whose side will CAP come down on?


Tim Russert/MSNBC Democratic "debate" features journalistic incompetence - 09/26/07

The Democrats are offering yet another debate this evening, broadcast on MSNBC and featuring Tim Russert as moderator. He and a "reporter" from a Northeast TV network just asked the candidates whether they supported sanctuary cities. Then, Russert and the "reporter" just listened as the candidates blathered on. All of them supported sanctuary cities, with (of course) Kucinich and Gravel being the most extreme and the latter being the most incoherent.

The only thing Russert did was press them to answer the question; he didn't call them on any of the ensuing misleading statements nor did he point out the downsides of their support. He is simply a hack and isn't willing to call the candidates on their BS.

Please go to campaign appearances and ask the candidates tough questions - the type that hacks like Russert won't ask - and then upload the responses to Youtube. Everything will change if people start doing that: the candidates will realize they have to start dealing with issues, and the MSM will be damaged by being revealed for the hacks they are.

UPDATE: A purported transcript is here. This part does not comport with my recollection of events:
[Allison King of New England Cable News]: So, Senator Biden, yes or no, would you allow the cities to ignore the federal law [via sanctuary laws for illegal aliens]?

My recollection is that he would allow sanctuary cities, but I'll wait for excerpts to verify that. Also, King was introduced as having "has been sift[ed] through thousands of questions from across the country". That's one heck of a sifter she's got there, since the question on sanctuary cities was the only one on immigration, and there were no doubt several more worthy questions, including the ones I submitted via their online form.

In his "answer", Biden also said:
Pick up the New York Times today. There is a city not far across the river from my state that imposed similar sanctions... And what they found out is, as a consequence of that, their city went in the dumps -- in the dumpsters. Stores started closing, everything started to happen and they changed the policy.
So, either a U.S. Senator bought the NYT's propaganda, or was trying to retail it.

Then, Chris Dodd says:
The Immigration Service came in an raided basically homes in [New Haven, Connecticut], causing a great deal of disruption, disrupting the relationship that was being developed with community leaders...
One would hope that a U.S. Senator wouldn't support a potentially corrupt mayor and "community leaders" that are collaborating with a foreign government, but he's a Democrat so what do you expect. Then, after endorsing Bill Richardson's stock "reform" speech, he says:
If it means temporarily engaging in a sanctuary protection here, then so be it if that protects our country.
Sanctuary policies would allow illegal aliens who are terrorists to remain here to plot and carry out attacks; see the remarks from September 11 Commission member John Lehman.

Then, after Kucinich reads what's on the Statue of Liberty and after Hillary and Obama try to evade the question but both end up answering in the affirmative after issuing standard talking points, we come to Mr. Incoherent, aka former Senator Mike Gravel:
What's going on? Again, we're in fantasy land. We're talking about a problem -- we're scapegoating the Latinos of our society because we as a society are failing in education, we're failing in health care, we're failing in our crumbling infrastructure, and we're failing by invading countries and spending our treasure.
These answers are indicative of journalistic incompetence of the worst degree. All of those candidates should have been torn to shreds if Russert and King weren't simply paid hacks.

UPDATE 2: Video of most of the sanctuary cities question is here. While Biden does say "No" just like is in the transcript, Russert did ask all of the to speak up if they thought the federal government should do something against the cities with those policies. All of them stood there with their hands down until Kucinich started in with his blather. So, Biden got confused somewhere along the line.

Mexico-linked Junta sues feds over New Haven immigration raids - 08/11/07

Junta for Progressive Action is a New Haven, Connecticut-based non-profit that is or was collaborating with the Mexican government. They were headed by someone named Kica Matos, who now works for the city and has other links to mayor John DeStefano.

Should Harold Koh continue as Yale Law School Dean? - 07/29/07

yale law school dean harold koh

If a law school dean - especially the dean of the Yale Law School - supports widespread illegal activity and public corruption, should they continue in their present role? Consider the following statements [1] from Harold Koh regarding the ID cards that New Haven, Connecticut is distributing to their residents (including illegal aliens):

"If you look on the coin, it says 'E Pluribus Unum' - so they're right on the money!" said Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh... before snapping a photo for his city ID. The Yale Law School, through professors Bob Solomon and Mike Wishnie and the Yale law clinics, has pledged to represent the city in any legal battle over the ID... Of those who oppose the plan, Koh said: "I'm not sure how their life is diminished by people being able to prove they're part of the city."

If he can't figure out the many problems with this ID, is he in any way qualified to be Yale's Law School Dean? If he can figure out the many problems but he's simply lying, isn't he just as unqualified?

Please write *at* and suggest they find a law school dean who supports our laws rather than supporting attempts to subvert them.


New Haven: John DeStefano has financial interest in illegal immigration? - 07/26/07

As previously discussed, New Haven Connecticut is passing out ID cards to their residents, including illegal aliens. The program was designed by a current city employee who used to head up a non-profit organization (Junta for Progressive Action) that's collaborating with the Mexican government.

Now, it turns out that Mayor John DeStefano or others may have a financial stake in the matter. It involves DeStefano possibly going to work for a bank that was started to give loans to serve the low income "immigrant" community, and the bank was started with part of a "contribution" from another bank that wanted to change their charter. This is all just speculation, but it does need to be investigated.

7/29/07 UPDATE: From

The [unnamed] group claims DeStefano will profit from the ID because he is on the board of directors at the First City Fund Corp, a $25 million fund formed as a benefit to the community when the New Haven Savings Bank got converted into NewAlliance Bank. The mayor said he would probably sit on the board of directors of the new community bank, which has agreed to let patrons open a new bank account using the Elm City ID... DeStefano dismissed the issue as a bogus argument veiling underlying bigotry. "There is no compensation whatsoever" to board members, he said. "[Protesters] are afraid to articulate their ignorance and their prejudice about this population, so what they do is they lie. They lie, and they cloak themselves in the American flag as they do it."

I'm sure we're all looking forward to one day seeing DeStefano doing the perp walk.

There's more on the bank here:

WFMOJALI: New Haven's John DeStefano to file complaint over ICE raid - 06/12/07

The fourth edition of WFMOJALI ("Working for Mexico, or just acts like it?") features New Haven, Connecticut mayor John DeStefano, who's affiliated with the former leader of an organization that's collaborating with the Mexican government. ICE recently conducted raids in that city, and now DeStefano says he'll file a complaint with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security):

He said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents failed to notify local authorities of the operation and lacked search warrants. "They pushed into homes without warrants," DeStefano said. "This was just very aggressive intervention." The city plans to forward witness statements to federal officials describing how parents were arrested in front of their children. Agents refused to identify themselves and told those in the houses to shut up, according to the statements... "I just can't see how you can't view them as frightening in terms of respecting the rights of people, whether they're documented or undocumented," DeStefano said. DeStefano... also said the operation raised concerns of racial profiling. Most of those arrested were Hispanic...

After other raids, both Deval Patrick and Tom Vilsack said they hadn't received proper notification; both claims were since debunked. No doubt that will be the same in this case:

Bruce Chadbourne, field office director for ICE, said officers had permission to enter the homes from those present and acted professionally. He said the agency did notify New Haven police weeks before the operation about executing warrants and denied engaging in racial profiling.

Others involved: Sens. Christopher Dodd and Joe Lieberman and state Rep. Rosa DeLauro want "clarification". And:

"You can't use an arrest warrant to go into a home to arrest whoever happens to be there," [Michael Wishnie, a Yale law professor who is representing most of those arrested] said. "They lacked consent and the lacked a search warrant. These home invasions were unlawful."

"Smiley" Jeff Flake, WFMOJALI Luis Gutierrez promote their amnesty
WFMOJALI: Gil Cedillo wants driver's licenses for illegal aliens, again and againWFMOJALI: Kyrsten Sinema (Minutemen as "domestic terrorists")

ICE raids New Haven (John DeStefano + Mexico) - 06/06/07

Drudge is linking to the story about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arresting dozens of illegal aliens in New Haven, Connecticut earlier today. This is apparently part of their occasional sweeps of fugitives and criminal aliens.

Commie Fest 2006: Elvira Arellano, Major Owens, ACLU, and more! - 12/02/06

On December 3, the "19th Annual People's Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Banquet" will be held in a Greek restaurant in Chicago:
[It] will feature living wage and peace resolutions sponsor city Alderman Freddrenna Lyle as the keynote speaker, and will honor immigrant rights activist Elvira Arellano, union activists Bea and Frank Lumpkin, disability rights group ADAPT, the March 10th immigrant rights coalition and AFSCME workers who are fighting to organize Resurrection Hospital — all familiar to PWW readers.
Note, of course, that only one of those is listed as an actual attendee; the honors may not be reciprocated, but we shall see.

In other Arellano news, she's been selected as one of the 15 Most Phenomenol Women by Latina Magazine. That rag is considered mainstream and features things like recipes. However, supporting illegal immigration and fraud are apparently part of their mandate.

Wait! There's more:
In New York City, Rep. Major Owens will be honored at the annual "Better World Awards" for his years of progressive struggle in Congress. Also being honored is Betty Smith, president of International Publishers and longtime fighter for peace and democracy. Elena Mora, chair of the N.Y. State Communist Party, will discuss the recent election results.

* In Oakland, the featured speaker will be Navy war resister Pablo Paredes. Joining him on the platform will be Kenneth Hayes, recent high school graduate and anti-youth-violence activist. Jacqueline Cabasso, executive director of the anti-nuclear-weapons organization Western States Legal Foundation; Lester Rodney, sports editor for the PWW's predecessor paper, The Daily Worker; the Blue Diamond Workers Organizing Committee; the Campaign against Unjust Immigration Laws; and the Coalition for Justice for Immigrants are all being honored.

* In New Haven, Conn., three progressive Connecticut leaders will be honored at an annual reception whose theme this year is "Carry the People's Election Victory Forward!" Merilee Milstein, former Northeast regional deputy director of the AFL-CIO; Roger Vann, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Connecticut; and the Rev. Emilio Hernandez, community organizer with Connecticut Center for a New Economy, will be recognized for their years of work for social justice.

* In Philadelphia, Libero Della Piana, national organizing director for the Communist Party USA, will be the featured speaker. Honorees include Dr. Walter Tsou, former president of the American Public Health Association.
Let's see which of those listed show up for their awards.

John DeStefano linked to Mexico collaborators (CT governor race) - 10/27/06

New Haven mayor and Democrat John DeStefano [1] is running for governor of Connecticut against Republican incumbent M. Jodi Rell. DeStefano has several links to a New Haven group called "JUNTA for Progressive Action" [2], a group which is collaborating with the Mexican government. [3] That group also has links to several other organizations and community leaders.

Perhaps the closest link is that DeStefano's campaign manager is married to the head of JUNTA [4]: