Should Harold Koh continue as Yale Law School Dean?

yale law school dean harold koh

If a law school dean - especially the dean of the Yale Law School - supports widespread illegal activity and public corruption, should they continue in their present role? Consider the following statements [1] from Harold Koh regarding the ID cards that New Haven, Connecticut is distributing to their residents (including illegal aliens):

"If you look on the coin, it says 'E Pluribus Unum' - so they're right on the money!" said Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh... before snapping a photo for his city ID. The Yale Law School, through professors Bob Solomon and Mike Wishnie and the Yale law clinics, has pledged to represent the city in any legal battle over the ID... Of those who oppose the plan, Koh said: "I'm not sure how their life is diminished by people being able to prove they're part of the city."

If he can't figure out the many problems with this ID, is he in any way qualified to be Yale's Law School Dean? If he can figure out the many problems but he's simply lying, isn't he just as unqualified?

Please write *at* and suggest they find a law school dean who supports our laws rather than supporting attempts to subvert them.



heh, he's an asian, they're Capitalist Sociopaths what do ya expect? Morality is not in his lexicon and legaility is always seem in shades of grey.

Maybe he's also thinking of what happened to Lawrence Summers when he didn't toe the ivory tower's PC party line.

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