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Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari is the GOP candidate for governor of California.

Kashkari administered the TARP program in the George W Bush administration and, as with others in the Bush sphere, Kashkari supports mass immigration and would encourage more illegal immigration.

His former opponent, Tim Donnelly, ran a campaign more appropriate for Texas or Alabama. Kashkari is running a campaign more appropriate for Wisconsin or South Dakota: Kashkari is ignoring mass immigration, the elephant in the California room.

Mass immigration - especially mass lower-skilled illegal immigration - has had a very negative impact on California. It's increased education costs, driven Americans out of work or out of the state, and affected nearly every aspect of life in the state.

Instead of acknowledging that and either presenting an argument for continued mass immigration or working to reduce the flow, Kashkari has worked to ignore the issue. Instead, one of Kashkari's tag lines is "Jobs and Education. That's It." Both of those are important issues, but mass immigration is a much more fundamental issue: we can't fix jobs and education without fixing immigration.

In June 2014, Kashkari requested questions about his policies for a radio appearance on KFI. I tweeted him 40 tough immigration questions.

Not only was Kashkari incapable of answering any of my questions, he showed how unstable he is by smearing me on another radio station simply for asking him tough policy questions.

Let's say someone applies for a job and refuses to answer questions about how they'd do the job. Not only that, but they smear the interviewer for asking how they'd do the job. Should that person get the job?

Last modified Sep 19, 2014
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