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"The Kronies": slick libertarian propaganda linked to Koch, and who doesn't reveal that - 01/24/14


"The Kronies" is a series of slick, live action videos that promote a libertarian message. The effort comes complete with not only its own site, but a fake site for the "company" behind the figures, a "Chimera Global Holdings Inc.".

NumbersUSA, Steve King, Teaparty Patriots assist amnesty with weak immigration rally - 08/13/13

Yesterday, Numbers USA, Steve King, and the Tea Parties "Patriots" held an immigration rally in Richmond, Virginia that ended up helping those who favor an amnesty for illegal aliens.

David Brooks misleads on cause of illegal immigration: it's not our laws (New York Times, Raul Labrador) - 07/07/13

David Brooks of the New York Times appeared on NBC News' Meet the Press earlier today and misled about the reason why there has been so much illegal immigration.

Rand Paul smears Americans, incl. playing Nazi card on amnesty opponents (illegal aliens in "concentration camps") - 07/01/13

Just how sleazy and anti-American is senator Rand Paul? On the video below, he says among other things this:

Let's get [the millions of current illegal aliens] work visas, normalize 'em, make 'em taxpayers. They're not goin' home. Even all the crowd that are yelling 'amnesty, that person's for amnesty' are they for sending these people home? Do they want us to put them in concentration camps, on buses, and send 'em back home? I don't think anybody's proposing that.

Gary Johnson's Darwinistic immigration stance would greatly harm the Third World and the U.S. (Red Eye, Gutfeld, Schultz) - 06/22/13

The video below shows former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson yet again supporting very bad immigration policies. See his name's link for past examples.

On the video, Johnson says among other things:

Debate me on the Obama citizenship issue, Part 2 - 09/13/10

Here's your second chance to debate me on the Obama citizenship issue. Before proceeding, I'm going to ask that you read and understand "Why the Obama certificate issue is vitally important" to understand my angle on this issue. My coverage is perfectly valid, logical, and fact-based, even if many have been trained to reflexively reject any coverage of this issue that doesn't push the official line.

For Part 1, I made the mistake of not focusing on one aspect of this issue. So, Part 2 will only concentrate on one aspect and none other. If you leave a comment below, I fully expect you to only respond to this one aspect and not leave a comment about the general issue or about other aspects. If you do, I may move your comment to another thread.

Here's what I want you to do: describe in detail what this is. I'm not going to tell you what the expected answer is, but I do know that the great majority of Obama supporters will get it wrong.

Once again: any replies must only be about that one specific issue and none other. Generalized rants, off-topic repllies, and so on may be moved to another thread.

(Note: I removed the lightbox for the link above, just click the back button.)

9/16/10 UPDATE: I moved an off-topic discussion here.

9/27/10 UPDATE: Oops: what I called the "6/16/10 UPDATE" was (obviously) the 9/16/10 UPDATE, now fixed.

I've also uploaded the same item that's at the link above to this location:

That item is the same as the one at the link above.

12/28/10 UPDATE: Over three months after posting this and after thousands of views, someone appears to be on the right track towards the correct answer. I've temporarily deleted their comment because I want others to give their answers. Don't worry: the comment has been saved and proper credit will be given when I'm ready to reveal the correct answer (which might be a while).

1/4/11 UPDATE: I've tweeted the twitpic link dozens of times to dozens of people, and only two have taken the challenge so far.

* On 12/27/10, @_ccm said (twitter dot com/_ccm/status/19459110244192258): "A jpg of a COLB. The COLB being prima facie evidence that Barack H. Obama II was born in Honolulu."

* On 1/3/11, @Shoq said (twitter dot com/Shoq/statuses/22169781675233281): "Ok, I'll play along, Homer. Image is Obama's certificate of live birth from Hawaii, just like mine from NYC. And now?" Then, after a few more tweets back and forth, he said (twitter dot com/Shoq/statuses/22408825462063104): "You have one more tweet to tell me your point. Then I block you. Make it count, #Birther boy."

2/9/11 UPDATE: Two more Twitterers have failed the test.
The first is a nobody, one Andrew Wienick. See the exchange here.

The second is more of a somebody, specifically a third-tier version of Dave Weigel: Mediaite's Tommy Christopher. He not only failed the test, he played the race card too. So, he fails twice. Screengrab of the exchange here (ignore the first tweet), and the reply referenced in that picture is here.

2/14/11 UPDATE: Another Twitterer falls, this one syndicated advice columnist Margo Howard (@Margoandhow). She didn't even take the test because she couldn't understand what I was getting at. Then, she leveled a few ad homs and blocked me. See this.

4/9/11 UPDATE: Yet another Twitterer fails, with @MichaelShatz saying of the twitpic link: "that is prima facie evidence of Obama's birth. Everything on that document is proof until proven otherwise." (twitter dot com/MichaelShatz/status/53578893130604544).

4/26/11 UPDATE: Still more Twitterer intellectual failure, as Dave von Ebers - someone who claims to be a lawyer - gives a wrong answer (twitter dot com/Dave_von_Ebers/

A legal document that proves exactly what it says, you racist scumbag. You are a sickening piece of garbage.

After I pointed out that he was wrong, he then acted like a wee lil' fascist and told his followers to "block and report" me. I might have lost out on three or four followers that way.

Canadian comedian tries to embarrass Sarah Palin; fails; shows abysmal level of debate in U.S. - 11/27/09

Mediaite offers "Canadian Comedian Fails Miserably In Trying To Embarrass Sarah Palin" (link):

During a book signing event in Columbus, Ohio, Canadian Comedian Mary Walsh ambushed (Sarah Palin) with camera crew and microphone to seek her thoughts on the Canadian health care system (and ostensibly embarrass her as well.)

While the event security detail prevented a meaningful interview, Palin did provide some basic comments consistent with her conservative position. While many websites are now presenting this video clip as evidence of her naivete, the video actually acquits Palin quite well, and makes the comedian look far more foolish than her target. Perhaps more stunning is that this clip has received a lot of play on numerous news sites, despite the fact it comes from a comedy show.

This is such low-hanging fruit that even Allahpundit of HotAir gets it mostly right (link).

However, neither of the above stress that this is yet another marker on the road to Idiocracy. Instead of asking political leaders tough questions about their policies - policies that affect hundreds of millions or billions of people - about all we get is one dumb stunt after the other.

There are a lot of forces working towards the current situation, including: entertainers want to get ratings no matter what; partisan hacks and authoritarians/borderline fascists don't want politicians to be asked questions at all; liberals who think the height of argumentation is asking questions in the style of the sleazy Mike Stark; and conservatives/libertarians who think the height of argumentation is throwing a tantrum in the tea parties style.

In case anyone else realizes how dangerous the path we're on is, help promote the question authority plan.