Gary Johnson's Darwinistic immigration stance would greatly harm the Third World and the U.S. (Red Eye, Gutfeld, Schultz)

The video below shows former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson yet again supporting very bad immigration policies. See his name's link for past examples.

On the video, Johnson says among other things:

"We're getting the cream of the crop when it comes to workers from Mexico... And I am speaking having been a border state governor. These are hard-working individuals, that are just in pursuit of the American dream."

After fellow guest Gavin McInnes points out crimes illegal aliens have committed, Johnson said:

These things do happen, but relative to the citizens of the United States population? Much less. Crime, much less than citizens of the United States…They're walking on eggshells... ...And if you lay this on the employers, it becomes grossly unfair because for the most part they’re presenting false documentation. They end up paying taxes that they never lay claim to."

1. Just like Rosa Brooks, Johnson is supporting a Darwinistic immigration policy: one that involves a survival test in the form of crossing an extremely dangerous desert. The "cream of the crop" are those who make it through the desert alive, the others die along the way.

2. Assuming for the moment that Johnson's "cream of the crop" claim is accurate, then what right does the U.S. have to deprive Mexico of their smartest, most active people? Johnson would willingly deprive Third World countries of the people they desperately need to prosper and to reform their governments. That's good policy for the elites of the Mexico and other Third World countries: they're able to send those who'd challenge their power to the U.S. However, it's very bad news for those left behind in those countries as they see their smart, energetic fellow citizens leave the country. And, long term, that's bad for the U.S. as kleptocracies and braindrain leads to instability in Third World countries; see question #5 which applies to Johnson as well.

3. The fact of the matter is that we aren't getting the "cream of the crop" from Mexico: their elites aren't heading north. Most of those coming are lower-skilled and less educated than Mexico's top elites.

4. Gary Johnson's idea of the "American dream" is one that only libertarians have: that of just making as much money as possible. The goal of the great majority of Mexicans coming here is just to make money, it's not to take part in U.S. culture or politics (apart from demonstrating for amnesty). Mexicans aren't socially forced into assimilating, and many don't.

5. As even Greg Gutfeld notes, one possible reason why illegal aliens might be wary of committing crimes is because they don't want to get deported. Despite that, many obviously do commit crimes. However, once they're legalized such a brake on possible criminal behavior won't exist, and the same goes for their children and grandchildren.

6. In most cases, employers obviously know that they're employing illegal aliens. Perhaps Johnson is speaking from personal experience; as the former owner of a janitorial company perhaps he's used to pretending that fake documentation looks real.

7. Regarding the taxes claim, do a find for "incentive" here. As with other libertarians, Gary Johnson is supporting a multi-billion dollar moral hazard.

Discussing the other things wrong on the video is left as an exercise. For more, see Gary Johnson and libertarians.

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