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Andrew Stiles
New York City
@heatstreet, @acculturated, Tar Heel, Turkish spy (alleged), fired by @biffdiddle
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.@AndrewStilesUSA: are you trying to get Trump to use smart plans/arguments & oppose the anti-American DREAMAct or do you just enable him?
.@AndrewStilesUSA: Trump refuses to use smart plans/arguments to undercut Hill (qv ). He won't oppose DREAMAct.
.@AndrewStilesUSA: hypocrisy is a weak charge (& thus a fave of Hannity etc.) More importantly, Alicia Machado is least of Trump's problems.
.@AndrewStilesUSA: your "CNN Hypocrisy: Flashback to When Holier-Than-Thou Network Fat-Shamed Miss Universe Alicia Machado" has issues.
.@AndrewStilesUSA: the #Koch bros fund loose borders groups; one even joined with Soros to fund the ACLU. Shouldn't you oppose them? #tcot