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Ken Salazar

U.S. Senator from Colorado, Democrat. May have tried to pass legislation in order to help Western Union, a company that profits from illegal immigration. In 2006, joined with Bush to support an amnesty, and in 2007 said: "Failure on (comprehensive immigration reform) is not an option...For this Congress and Washington not to deal with immigration reform is an abdication of responsibility." Supported Barack Obama's Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007. On the other hand, in 2005, voted for two pro-borders bills.

Last modified Dec 16, 2008
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... going to name Colorado Senator Ken Salazar as his secretary of the Department of the Interior. This makes four Hispanic nominees - two to the cabinet - so far, and as we know there are groups keeping score. The Salazar confirmation is subject to him passing a background check; one wonders if that's why Raul Grijalva wasn't selected or whether it has something to do with qualifications or...

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... Bob Menendez, Jeff Bingaman and Ken Salazar; Representatives Mike Honda, Neil Abercrombie, Hilda Solis, Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva. Two other Reps involved are Luis Gutierrez and Jan Schakowsky. From the who-cares department comes this video of NYC Councilmen Hiram Monserrate and Miguel Martinez and NY Assemblyman Jose Peralta urging Hillary Clinton and others to co-sponsor it. Those...

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Yesterday the Senate voted against two bills: one would have added 2000 more Border Patrol agents, and the other would have added 8000 more beds to detention centers.