On pollution, Tea Party are socialists (Lamar Alexander, EPA, coal, TP Nation, Judson Phillips)

"Teaparty socialists"? Isn't that an oxymoron? Not exactly: if the Teaparty movement has their way, the U.S. will not only have more pollution, but the polluters will get to "socialize the costs and privatize the profits." In other words, the Teapartiers are supporting what they would call socialism.

For an example, turn to "Tea Party Seeks to Regroup" (link):

Another potential target (of the Tea Parties movement) is (Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee) whom tea-party activists see as too centrist, citing examples such as his vote last July against blocking an Environmental Protection Agency regulation on utilities.

"He is much too close to the Democrats," said Katherine Hudgins, a tea-party activist from Murfreesboro, Tenn. "We believe he's an environmentalist at heart. He's gone to the dark side."

The regulation in question appears to be SJR 37 (link) sponsored by one of the best friends polluters have in the Congress, Jim Inhofe. Hopefully reasonable people can agree that, whether the Resolution is good or bad, environmentalism per se isn't a bad thing. Obviously, the Teapartiers aren't in any way reasonable people; see Tea Parties. And, neither they nor the GOP are capable of finding a happy medium (or an outside-the-box solution) between far-left conservation and being shills and useful idiots for corporate polluters.

Pollution is something that we should seek to minimize: it's "generational theft" in that its effects are many times not seen for decades, and it increases health costs now and in the future and has other costs. Yet, the Teapartiers and others aren't factoring those costs in. Instead, they just reflexively reject reasonable attempts to reign in pollution, even if by so doing they help corporations profit while passing the costs on to everyone else.

Lest you think Katherine Hudgins is just a rare example of idiocy, let's turn to Judson Phillips, the head of Tea Party Nation ( peekURL.com/zCv4qtL ):

[...names Lamar Alexander the "crown prince of the RINOs"...] Earlier this year, Alexander gave up his Republican leadership position so that he could work on more, “bipartisan” efforts. Translation: Lamar was stepping up his efforts to sell out the conservative movement and help the Party of Treason.

...The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed regulations that will bankrupt coal fired power plants. Obama said he would do this when he ran for office and who can forget the EPA official who talked about crucifying the operators of coal fired power plants.

The new regulations the EPA has proposed would shut down at least 20% of the coal fired power plants in the United States and would result in Tennesseans paying 15-20% more for their electricity.

This one seems like a no brainer. But then again, if you are a liberal like Lamar thinking is not your strong suite [sic]...

It goes on, ending with a shoutout to Nathan Moore of 3starstrategies.com "for the heads up on this". That's a "public relations firm that offers political, business, and nonprofit consulting".

Want to do something about this? Point out to Teapartiers that they're supporting what they would call socialism. And, point out to them that coal companies are their own Solyndras. Just be prepared for being called a SOCIALIST for pointing out to them that they support what they'd call SOCIALISM.