"Judge gives OK for Napolitano to sign Prop. 200 into law"

PHOENIX - A federal judge has given the OK for Gov. Janet Napolitano to officially proclaim approval of Proposition 200.

Judge David Bury, in an order released Wednesday, said Napolitano is free to declare that voters approved sections of the initiative which require proof of citizenship to register to vote and mandate that those seeking to cast a ballot must first present identification.

That, in turn, permits the state to submit the change to the U.S. Department of Justice for its required review of whether the measure illegally impairs the voting rights of minorities.

But Bury left intact part of his original Nov. 30 order which bars the state from enforcing the section of Proposition 200 which says government employees must get proof that applicants for public benefits are here legally and are required to report illegal entrants to federal officials. That order also precludes proclaiming voter approval of that section of the initiative...

Who knows what these fine public servants are up to. Napolitano claims she'll support 200, but I tend to be a bit skeptical seeing as just about all of Arizona's establishment was opposed to it.

Yesterday's "Will of the people ignored again" from Joseph Farah discusses judges and *cough* grass-roots groups like MALDEF trying to thwart the will of the voters, even if it does go a bit overboard.


This shows a deep corruption of American officialdom, that they are so committed to the expansion of the welfare state. Look what is at stake; nothing but their chance to push the welfare society on toward dictatorship in the future, a future that such judges will probably not see.