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Fair Immigration Reform Movement

Per fairimmigration.org/about/index.php is "a project of the Center for Community Change".

Standing FIRM Summit Pushes for Immigration Reform

The Members of the Organizing Committee are:

Last modified Feb 16, 2011
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DHS makes Secure Communities nationwide, no opt-out (so far). Lofgren, ACLU, NAKASEC, FIRM, CHIRLA, ICIRR, MIRA, Frank Sharry, NIF outraged. - 08/08/11

... at reformimmigrationforamerica.org/blog/blog/ immigration-groups-denounce-latest-secure-communities-announcement Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM): [This] announcement [is] yet another example of the Obama administration’s turning a deaf ear to the extraordinary pain being caused in immigrant communities by their “enforcement only” policies. CHIRLA (Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of...

FIRM wants civil disobedience to get amnesty? (CCC, Casa de Maryland, NYIC, OneAmerica) - 05/20/10

... amnesty). The groups named are: Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Center for Community Change, New York Immigration Coalition, Casa de Maryland, Churches United to Save and Heal, and OneAmerica: On the call they said: "We've marched, called and faxed. We've shown time and again that there's no bigger movement than ours. Still, our elected officials haven't delivered satisfactory progress on...

RNC's Michael Steele supports amnesty at meeting with far-left, Mexico-linked groups - 04/01/10

Two days ago I posted a notice that Michael Steele of the RNC was going to meet with extremist and Mexico-linked illegal immigration supporters and urged others to contact him suggesting that he handle the meeting in the correct way [1]. Not surprisingly, Steele handled the meeting in the completely incorrect way (link): According to a news release put out by the activists [2], he said he would...

Far-left wants John Morton fired over immigration quotas memo (also want little or no enforcement) - 03/31/10

... March 21st and a leader of FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement), had this to say at today’s press conference: "This agency has gone rogue and is operating in clear opposition to the direction President Obama has set." What gives? It seems the stated priorities of President Obama may not be in sync with the cowboy tactics of ICE agents in the field. Bear in mind that he said that based on a...

Michael Steele, extremist and Mexico-linked illegal immigration supporters to meet March 31 (after sit-in) - 03/30/10

... activists affiliated with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement engaged in a sit-in at the offices of the RNC and demanded a meeting with Steele. This was in conjunction with their big march, and video is at peekURL.com/v9kwtkq [1] wonkroom.thinkprogress.org/2010/03/22/sit-in-rnc-immigration [2] dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/3/30/852398/-untitled-diary

2009 immigration marches get tea party-level turnout (actually even less) - 05/01/09

... side of figures, turn to the Fair Immigration Reform Movement at fairimmigration.wordpress.com * Chicago: "estimated five to seven thousand" (FIRM); this says "only about 2,000"; UPDATE 2: the Preston link says "about 5000". * Boston: "upwards of 400" (FIRM) * Newark, New Jersey: "as many as 700" (FIRM) * New York City: UPDATE: "hundreds" per Jesse Solomon of CNN (link). He also quotes a...

Dream Act re-introduced: you need to organize local efforts to block it - 03/27/09

... bill include Harry Reid, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, the National Council of La Raza, and the National Immigration Forum.

Obama meets with Congressional Hispanic Caucus over immigration "reform"; trip to Mexico; public forum - 03/18/09

Earlier today, Barack Obama met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. The White House statement is at [1]; an AFP report is here; content-free statements from Luis Gutierrez and Deepak Bhargava of the Center for Community Change are at [2]. So far nothing that shocking or newsworthy has emerged; both Obama and the CHC are strong supporters of giving...

FIRM, CHIRLA, NYIC demand Obama stops raids, grants amnesty; will march in DC on January 21, 2009 - 11/12/08

... 2009. Those involved include Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and their member organization CHIRLA. The latter has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government, and another member group is headed by someone who belongs to an advisory council to that government. Other attendees included the New York Immigration Coalition and the National Capital Immigration Coalition/National Capitol...

Mexico linked groups complain about "hate group" FAIR (FIRM, SEIU, America's Voice, NCLR) - 09/11/08

... Center for New Community, and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) launched a print ad denouncing known hate group, FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform), for poisoning the immigration debate with bigoted, xenophobic hate speech. In support of the ad, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina issued the following statement: "It's time that everyone learns who FAIR's...

Christine Neumann-Ortiz' monument to low wages, illegal activity - 08/08/07

... fairimmigration.wordpress.com/2007/08/08/ unveiling-monument-to-nations-broken-immigration-system Note that that's from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, which has Voces as a member. One other member has a link to the Mexican government, another has an indirect link, and a third has an alleged direct link.

Christine Newman-Ortiz: citizenship test is like the poll tax - 02/09/07

Last week the group Fair Immigration Reform Movement held a convention (link), and one of the attendees was Christine Newman-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera of Milwaukee. In addition to surrounding someone's house in an act of intimidation, that group is a member of FIRM, as is the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, whose executive director Josh Hoyt also...