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Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

Formerly headed by Ali Noorani, who now heads the National Immigration Forum. profile

Last modified Feb 21, 2011
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DHS makes Secure Communities nationwide, no opt-out (so far). Lofgren, ACLU, NAKASEC, FIRM, CHIRLA, ICIRR, MIRA, Frank Sharry, NIF outraged. - 08/08/11

... vulnerable to legal challenge. Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition: It is clear that DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been misleading the public and state and local officials about this program from the start. Now they are continuing to force a program onto states that recognize its fundamental flaws. This is a situation which cannot and should not be...

Deval Patrick, MIRA release list of 131 immigration demands (Massachusetts Advisory Council) - 11/17/09

... illegal immigration-supporting Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (the current leader of the National Immigration Forum, Ali Noorani, used to head MIRA). You can get a copy of the report from miracoalition.org, and a local news report is here:

"Reform Immigration For America": business, labor, CAP, NCLR, CHIRLA begin new push; summit, townhall meeting; John Quigley - 06/01/09

A new group called "Reform Immigration For America" recently launched in order to push for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. They're a coalition of business, labor, and far-left/racial power groups; see their slick site here: reformimmigrationforamerica.org. A surprising variety of amnesty hacks this side of raving extremist (or thereabouts) is involved with their organization; see [...

Agriprocessors meat packing raid, Postville, Iowa (kosher, UFCW) - 05/12/08

... Refugee Rights as well as the Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition "have come together to provide support and technical assistance to Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and other allies on the ground". If you too would like to engage in false compassion and help support illegal activity, you can send money to St. Bridget’s...

Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 (Barack Obama) - 03/09/07

... Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) [1] See The Hill for an example. Suzanne Gamboa of the AP offers her attempt at a pro-Obama press release at his site. [2] lawprofessors.typepad.com/immigration/2007/03/ilrc_statement_.html According to a press release from the Mexico-linked National Association of Latino Elected and...