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"The Truth About Asa Hutchinson" - 03/02/05

KFI's John & Ken got an email from a listener who also appeared on their show. She's remaining anonymous so there's no way for me to verify this, however: The John & Ken Show received an e-mail this morning that might shed some light on why the Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Asa Hutchinson is leaving his post... ...[The email author writes:] I was at a National Aviation Security Conference.

"Federal Training Set for [L.A.] Sheriff's Employees" - 02/25/05

From this: Federal officials announced Thursday that they had reached final agreement on a six-month program to train Los Angeles County sheriff's employees to identify jail inmates who are in the country illegally. The U.S.

"Borderline Insanity - Part IV: Globalized Insanity" - 02/17/05

Diane Alden in NewsMax: ...In fact, Rice and former Ridge were only following the Department of Homeland Security Mandate and Bush Administration policy, when they have made such statements. The establishment and the Bush White House refuse to view the invasion through Mexico as an issue more important then trade or commerce. In fact, ultimately it IS all about trade, commerce and the globalization process.

"Infighting Cited at Homeland Security" - 02/01/05

WaPo offers this three-screen article: As its leadership changes for the first time, the Department of Homeland Security remains hampered by personality conflicts, bureaucratic bottlenecks and an atmosphere of demoralization, undermining its ability to protect the nation against terrorist attack, according to current and former administration officials and independent experts... [...list of problems...] ...The department's investigative arm, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),

Arkansas congressman wants to train police in immigration enforcement - 01/30/05

I know a governor who's not going to be happy with this: State Rep. Michael Lamoureux has proposed legislation aimed at reducing illegal immigration problems in the state. Lamoureux, a Republican from Russellville, is a sponsor of House Bill 1012, a proposal that would allow local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws.

"[NC] DMV memo OKs licenses for illegals" - 01/26/05

From this: North Carolina examiners should not aggressively investigate illegal immigrants who might be seeking fraudulent driver's licenses, a top state executive suggested in a memo nearly two years after the Sept.

Apologists for the "Guide for the Mexican Migrant" - 01/08/05

What sort of spin would an apologist for the Mexican government's guide to being an illegal alien provide? Let's look at "Mexico's border comic book tells of rights, doesn't promote wrongs" for an example: ...The guide, published by Mexican Foreign Relations, contains similar directions to those we Americans hear at airports or receive from the Department of Homeland Security. Do not trust smugglers, do not take packages from strangers, do not leave children with strangers, do not cross with false papers,

"Ex-official tells of Homeland Security failures" - 12/28/04

From this: The government agency responsible for protecting the nation against terrorist attack is a dysfunctional, poorly managed bureaucracy that has failed to plug serious holes in the nation's safety net, the Department of Homeland Security's former internal watchdog warns. Clark Kent Ervin, who served as the department's inspector general until earlier this month, said in an interview last week that airport security isn't tight enough and that little has been done to safeguard other f

"Safety's Not No. 1" - 12/15/04

Heather MacDonald: Now that the Bernard Kerik nomination has crashed and burned, President Bush should ask the next candidate for Department of Homeland Security chief the most important question for the job: Will you enforce the law against border trespassers? ...Yet fear of offending the race and rights lobbies has trumped national security at DHS.

"Homeland Security? Not Yet" - 11/17/04

Heather MacDonald has a new column discussing, among other things, political correctness, Norm Mineta, the Temecula illegal alien sweeps, and our porous northern border: ...A glance at a tiny section of the northern border, separating Vermont and a small part of New York from Canada, makes clear how lackluster the government's response to illegal entry remains.

"Terrorists at The Border?" - 11/10/04

Chuck Henry - yes, Chuck Henry - reports for KNBC. Apparently the video of the story is available at the link: DOUGLAS, Ariz. -- It's no secret that people sneak into the United States from Mexico every day. But what has been kept under wraps is exactly who is coming in. NBC4's Chuck Henry went deep in the Arizona desert to find out. It's a place that used to go by the name "Cocaine Alley" because of all the drugs that were smuggled through.

"Off-Duty [El Paso] Officers to Patrol 24-7 against Terrorists" - 10/27/04

FYI: The Federal Government calls on El Paso Police to help keep the country safe during the election and through early 2005. Beginning Wednesday, off-duty El Paso Police Officers will patrol potential terrorist sites around the clock. The US Department of Homeland security has given the El Paso Police Department a $400,000 grant... El Paso Police worked with Homeland Security officials to determine potentially terrorist sensitive areas along the border.

"Candidates evade immigration issue" - 10/14/04

This article from Oregon was written before the debates. It doesn't have much more than the title tells you and it falsely states that the country is divided on immigration. No, the great majority of Americans favor an end to illegal immigration. On the other side are the elites.

"Likely illegal immigrants found working at defense contractor" - 09/30/04

From this: Federal authorities have taken 41 suspected illegal immigrants into custody after they were found working at a Department of Defense contractor at the Port of Brownsville. Luisa Aquino, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, said today that the Wednesday raid came after an investigation found AMFELS Inc.'s subcontractors were hiring undocumented workers.

"Illegals detained at border released onto U.S. streets" - 09/22/04

From this: The government has no idea how many of the thousands of illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsoring states it has caught at the U.S.

Small town police blotter, potential big problem - 09/17/04

Athens, Texas is a no doubt quaint small town 75 miles southeast of Dallas: Athens Police contacted the FBI office in Tyler Tuesday after a routine traffic stop led to a national security concern. In the course of the stop, several forms of identification for the same individual were discovered... At approximately 8:30 a.m., APD Patrolman Ron McCurry stopped the male suspect, 48-year-old Qamar Abbas Syed...

Border Patrol agents fear coming retribution - 09/05/04

From this: A new policy close to adoption by the Department of Homeland Security will effectively muzzle any dissent within the U.S.

Are they border guards or stuffed poodles? - 08/27/04

The department of Customs and Border Protection - part of the DHS - wants our border guards to stress the customer services aspects of their job. You'd think they would want to stress, oh, I dunno, security instead of etiquette, but I guess that wouldn't be "compassionate." Remember, this is not an article from the Onion. The WashTimes' "Border agents put on happy face" has excerpts from a new CBP memo detailing new training sessions for border guards: "First impressions are lasting impressions.

"Bonilla demands review of OTM release policy" - 08/25/04

This is about a month old, but I apparently didn't provide a link to it at the time:

"Poll Finds Low Morale for Border Officers" - 08/24/04

From the LAT: Front-line U.S. border security officers are divided over whether the nation is safer from terrorism than it was before the Sept. 11 attacks, and many say morale in the Department of Homeland Security is low, according to a poll released Monday. A slim majority - 53% - of Border Patrol agents and immigration inspectors say they believe the country is safer, and 44% believe it is no safer or less safe, the survey of 1,000 officers found.

"Border Patrol union says new rules 'muzzle' critics of the agency" - 08/20/04

Our border enforcement is about to get a lot better. Or, at least, it's about to be made to look a lot better: New labor rules proposed by the Department of Homeland Security would muzzle internal critics of the Border Patrol by making it easier to punish and fire agents, who have often been vocal critics of management policies, union officials said... "People aren't going to be willing to talk. It's going to have a very chilling effect," T.J.

"A flawed approach on immigration" - 08/12/04

From a WashTimes editorial: When it comes to immigration, the administration is laboring to come up with a coherent formula to protect the nation's borders.

Terror in the Skies: Part VXXXXIDCXXXVCDIII - 08/11/04

Annie Jacobsen is back with "Another Passenger from Flight 327 Steps Forward With Disturbing New Details": A few days ago, received an important email. It was from Billie Jo Rodriguez, another passenger who was on Northwest Airlines flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29. Billie Jo is a Certified Public Accountant living in Oxnard, California. She had some additional, disturbing information about flight 327 that she felt someone needed to know.

The Bush administration is keeping you safe - 08/10/04

Splashed in 48 point font on Drudge, comes the New York Times article "U.S.

Update on the illegal alien with the South African passport - 08/06/04

An update on the woman with the South African passport and the suspected terrorism ties who was caught after having successfully entered the U.S.

We don't do politics at the Lonewacko Blog - 08/03/04

On the one hand this is trivial, on the other it isn't.

Let's all move to Rep. Joe Baca's district - 08/02/04

From the L.A. Times story "Immigration Sweeps Become an Election Issue for Rep. Baca": Because of his activism [in support of illegal immigrant and in opposition to our laws --LW], [Rep.

How many didn't get caught? - 07/23/04

According to Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough: U.S. border agents since October have picked up five Arabs trying to cross into the United States illegally from Mexico, according to U.S. officials. The arrests are raising new concerns that al Qaeda terrorists are trying to enter the country from Mexico. However, officials at the Homeland Security Department's Customs and Border Protection section - formerly the U.S.

"Bush official slammed for stopping illegals sweeps" - 07/13/04

WND reports on John and Ken's valiant efforts: Border Patrol agents who executed highly popular roundups of illegal aliens in Southern California last month — the first of their kind in recent memory — say they've been told to stop such enforcement action, and the Bush administration official in charge of the immigration enforcement has refused to say if there would be additional sweeps in the future. In an extraordinary radio

"D.C. hamstrings border officers" - 07/12/04

Here's today's scariest, most disturbing story: WASHINGTON — Despite increased anti-terror demands, immigration inspectors guarding the nation's borders are laboring under an internal budget crisis that has forced freezes on overtime pay and new hiring — as well as the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants from detention centers. The funding crisis, which some lawmakers blame on possible financial mismanagement at the Department of Homeland Security, is expected to last at least th

John & Ken take on the White House's Director of Radio - 07/07/04

From the website of KFI (AM-Los Angeles) talk jocks John & Ken: Trey Bohn is the Director of Radio, Office of Media Affairs, for the White House and he wants you to stop e-mailing Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Trey wants you to use a generic e-mail address, where you letters may or may not be seen. If you get a chance, why not give Trey a call and remind him who pays his salary.

The Feds threatened L.A. radio station KFI? - 06/26/04

[UPDATE #3 (7/6/04): despite UPDATE #2, this story appears to have been partly confirmed. See the post The White House is complaining about KFI's John & Ken] [See UPDATE #2, which is rather important.]

Illegal alien drop house busted in Watts - 04/23/04

The LAPD and the BICE busted a drop house in Watts in which over 110 illegal aliens were held captive. The house is 1100 square feet, and the doors were chained shut while the smugglers demanded more money. 88 of the aliens are now in BICE custody awaiting deportation. The smugglers escaped, and the aliens are out thousands of dollars. While we can occasionally bust drop houses, the more intelligent way to reduce the number of such incidents is to make it unprofitable to hire illegal aliens. The backstory is the most interesting part of this: Local law enforcement officials say the only thing...

"As Border Woes Strain Arizona, U.S. and Mexico Talk" - 03/28/04

The NYT reports on the illegal alien situation in Arizona.

Bush refuses to pay for the trouble he causes - 03/09/04

[As you read the following, recall that in FY2002, just 13 (thirteen) companies were fined for immigration violations. That's drastically down from prior years.] From Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)'s site: A bipartisan group of senators is calling on the Bush Administration to add $850 million in funding to the federal budget to assist states with the cost of incarcerating undocumented criminal offenders. In a letter initiated by U.S.

"Have your thumb ready to ride the bus" - 03/03/04

Via Drudge comes this report: The Pinellas school system is ready to approve a new technology that uses student fingerprints to keep track of who is riding school buses. Beginning in the fall, the fingerprint system would identify students as they board and leave.

"Feds caving in to illegals?" - 05/28/03

Here's a report on U.S. Rep.

"Arizona border: Unwatched and unguarded" - 04/08/03

Interesting article about Border Patrol officers being deployed away from the "Cochise Strip" in AZ, leaving it largely unguarded. (Some) of the culprits? Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.