John & Ken take on the White House's Director of Radio

From the website of KFI (AM-Los Angeles) talk jocks John & Ken:

Trey Bohn is the Director of Radio, Office of Media Affairs, for the White House and he wants you to stop e-mailing Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Trey wants you to use a generic e-mail address, where you letters may or may not be seen. If you get a chance, why not give Trey a call and remind him who pays his salary. Call Trey at (202) 456-3851

If you're completely confused, here's the summary: John & Ken posted the emails and phone numbers of various officials, encouraging their listeners to give those officials a call in support of the recent sweeps against illegal immigrants.

Someone claiming to be from the DHS called and complained, asking that Asa Hutchinson's email be removed. He supposedly couldn't get his work done because of all the calls and emails.

Then, Trey Bohn from the White House called and asked that they stop it.

UPDATE: The Financial Times of London has a report here.