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"The Truth About Asa Hutchinson"

KFI's John & Ken got an email from a listener who also appeared on their show. She's remaining anonymous so there's no way for me to verify this, however:

The John & Ken Show received an e-mail this morning that might shed some light on why the Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Asa Hutchinson is leaving his post...

...[The email author writes:] I was at a National Aviation Security Conference. At a break in the conference, I was talking to Asa’s Chief of Staff, and did not know who he was. He mentioned how different the articles in the newspaper were here about Border Issues than they were inside the Beltway. I suggested he should listen to the radio here without mentioning which station and he IMMEDIATELY became very animated. He told me how many file drawers he had of letters and emails he had from KFI, 5 drawers full, and how severely it affected Asa. It was the letters, our numerous letters and emails, he said that made Asa agree to come to Temecula, because Asa could always hold his own in speaking to crowds. Chris Clark related that Asa was blown away by the KFI staff and audience and decided immediately to retire to Arkansas and run for governor after the Temecula program...

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