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Center for American Progress corporate funders and immigration - 12/14/13

... for more): Wells Fargo Walmart Bank of America Facebook Google (see Google corporate and Youtube corporate) Microsoft Corporation Comcast NBC Universal (owner of Telemundo and NBC News) Citigroup (see also CitiBank) Goldman Sachs American Beverage Association [3] Another on the list is the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, part of the quasi-governmental Federal Home Loan Banks system. They may...

2010 donors to Marco Rubio: Club for Growth, Koch brothers, finance, Goldman Sachs... - 02/24/13

... Corp $54,400 Flo-Sun Inc $48,500 Bank of America $35,400 State Farm Insurance $34,582 Crow Holdings $34,500 Goldman Sachs $32,442 Koch Industries $32,200 In 2010, no other candidate got more money (directly) from the Koch family than Rubio. As discussed at that link, they support organizations that advocate for loose borders. And as discussed in depth on the Marco Rubio page...

Wachovia Bank admits laundering billions in illegal drug profits (+Bank of America; Wells Fargo) - 07/05/10

... traffickers used accounts at Bank of America in Oklahoma City to buy three planes that carried 10 tons of cocaine, according to Mexican court filings... [...BofA and another bank, HSBC, haven't been charged...] ...Large banks are protected from indictments by a variant of the too-big-to-fail theory... Also see immigration banks for domestic examples of banks trying to profit from money that was...

Doug Irving /OCR, United Way help banks profit from illegally-earned money - 02/01/10

... the special checking accounts: Bank of America, Bank of the West, Chase Bank, Citibank, Communidad Latina Federal Credit Union, Pan American Bank, Union Bank and Wells Fargo. Please contact unitedwayoc.org/contact/contact.asp with your thoughts. Perhaps there's some way that their 501(c)3 status could be challenged due to this program.

"Bank on Los Angeles": city helps corrupt banks profit from illegal activity - 03/25/09

The City of Los Angeles recently announced a new public-private partnership called "Bank on Los Angeles" (bankonla.com) that's designed to help 10,000 low-income residents who don't have bank accounts ("the unbanked") open up accounts. It's also open to illegal aliens [1], and that means that Los Angeles City will be encouraging corruption by helping major banks profit from money that was earned...

AIG bonuses: just a cover for tens of billions to their counterparties? - 03/17/09

That's what disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer thinks (link):

World Economic Forum (Davos) pushing global governance, global TV, Law of Sea Treaty - 01/27/09

The World Economic Forum will be meeting in Davos starting on the 28th, and see this for all the details on one of their key documents as well as the media sources that haven't disclosed the fact that they're sponsors as well as much, much more. Here's a snippet: "The Global Agenda 2009" report says that "sovereign states do not adequately address problems reaching across borders" and that "...

Schwarzenegger helps banks profit from illegal activity ("Bank on California") - 12/14/08

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has launched a program called "Bank on California" that seeks to give bank accounts to 100,000 of the "unbanked": those who currently don't have either a checking or savings account. However - right on their front page (bankoncalifornia.ca.gov) - the program states that it accepts as ID the Mexican government's Matricula Consular card, a form of...

San Francisco approves ID card; corruption in plain sight; Tom Ammiano? - 11/14/07

... institutions such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Washington Mutual and US Bank had expressed interest in accepting the ID cards. Bank on San Francisco is a city partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank. Although criteria for opening bank accounts are set in part through the USA Patriot Act, "to our knowledge that law is not a bar to a municipal ID," said David Augustine, spokesman for the...

Bank of "America" signs up customers at Dallas Mexican consulate - 07/16/07

... audiences; and a platoon of bilingual Bank of America workers who greet prospective customers in need of a special account to send money back to the homeland. I'm currently trying to determine the exact relationship between the consulate and Bank of America; I'll update when I find out whether they have a satellite branch there or whether another branch sends their employers to go hang out in...

Bank of America loses contract over credit card for illegal aliens (Gaston County, NC) - 04/14/07

... Gaston County leaders to reject Bank of America as the county's bank. Gaston commissioners on Thursday declined to award a four-year contract for banking services to the Charlotte bank -- a decision that could cost the county about $120,000... ...[The credit-cards-for-illegal-aliens] aspect alarmed Gaston commissioners, who didn't want to support a company that supports illegal immigrants...

Pro-illegal immigration performance art (funding by Bank of America and Wells Fargo) - 03/21/07

... (canalalliance.org/AU_P_Don_Corp.shtml) include Bank of America and Wells Fargo, two banks that seek to indirectly profit from the fruits of illegal activity.

Bob Barr takes Bank of America's side; did the ACLU get to him? - 03/02/07

... government - comes out in support of Bank of America's credit card for illegal aliens in "Immigration indigestion" (link). He ends up sounding like Bill Press, and makes the same fundamental error as he did: When word surfaced recently that some banks, such as Bank of America, were allowing individuals to open accounts, apply for credit cards and obtain home mortgages even though they did not...

Wells Fargo considers credit cards for illegal aliens - 02/27/07

... various banks asking whether - like Bank of America - they were going to give credit cards to illegal aliens. A JPMorgan Chase & Co. spokeswoman said they have no such plans. Compass Bank "were not prepared to comment" for the story. However, as could be expected, the bank that put support for illegal immigration on the map says that they're considering it. Wells Fargo vice president of...

Bill Press is an idiot, Part #4832842 (Bank of America illegal alien credit cards) - 02/25/07

... Democratic Party. Via this he offers "Bank Of America Rejects English-Only Plastic". As with other things, discussing all the ways it's wrong would take too long.

Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis defiantly says won't cancel credit card for illegal aliens - 02/22/07

Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis has written an editorial for the Wall Street Journal explaining his side of the credit card for illegal aliens his bank offers. In yet another bone-headed move, it's subscriber-only. A large percentage of those who subscribe to that rag will probably already support their position; it's the rest of us he should be trying to hustle.

Let's help Katherine Mangu-Ward find some Reason - 02/20/07

... of Reason Magazine discusses Bank of America's credit card for illegal aliens in "Credit Where Credit Is Due" [1]. Let's help her with her thinking: [ITIN numbers are] a reasonable, practical measure and it enables recent arrivals to the country-legal and illegal-to do business on the up-and-up. In fact, these numbers make it easier for those people to pay their way in taxes for the services...

Monica Lozano on Bank of America board; National Council of La Raza - 02/16/07

This is a Bank of America press release from March 20, 2006 [1]: Monica Lozano, publisher of the nation's largest Spanish-language newspaper, has been nominated to Bank of America's board of directors... ...[BofA] has relationships with 48 percent of Hispanic households in its coast-to-coast territory, more than any other bank in the United States.

The Bank of America boycott - 02/16/07

Via this and this we learn that alipac.us has started a website called bankofamericaboycott.com. They're boycotting that bank due to their decision to give credit cards to illegal aliens. It would be nice if sites like that would spend a couple hundred dollars or so coming up with a nice design, and I'd also suggest weaving those keywords into the text rather than putting them at the bottom, 90s...

Call Bank of America about their illegal aliens credit card - 02/15/07

You've been deputized: Bank of America wants all media inquiries about the credit cards for illegals program to be directed to Betsy Weinberger at 1-704-387-7376. This is your chance to be a John and Ken Assistant Producer for the day!

Wells Fargo knows many of its customers are illegal aliens - 02/14/07

... Uribarri discusses the backlash to Bank of America's credit card for illegal aliens. It informs us: "At face value the program seems to be problematic," said Russ Knocke, a [Department of Homeland Security] spokesman. "It seems to be lending itself to possibilities of perpetrating identity theft or creating more risk for money laundering." ...[Rep. Tom Tancredo] said he sent a letter to U.S...

Bank of "America": credit cards for illegal aliens - 02/12/07

Bank of America is currently offering credit cards to residents of Los Angeles County who only have ITIN numbers and who don't have either a social security number or a credit history. That strongly implies that those credit recipients are illegal aliens. Later this year the bank hopes to expand the program nationwide. For those who don't understand why this is horrifically bad, this bank is...

St. Peter Catholic Church, Jupiter Florida, supports illegal immigration - 07/10/06

From this: More than 430 Guatemalans [many or most illegal aliens] gathered at St. Peter Catholic Church Saturday and Sunday to meet with Guatemalan consulate officers and apply for the ID card.

Clinton, Rove to speak before National Council of La Raza (The Race) - 07/01/06

The National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), a far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored racial power group, will be holding its annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 8-11.

Profiting off illegal activity in Santa Ana, California - 02/22/06

Social Compact is a "Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit research group that gets funding from financial and real estate companies." More on them below. They recently released a study on Santa Ana, and found out that the residents have more money than previously thought.

Embracing corruption (Brian Grow, Business Week) - 07/10/05

Business Week has a long article entitled "Embracing Illegals" (businessweek . com/magazine/content/05_29/b3943001_mz001.htm), all about the major U.S. corporations that are profiting off illegal immigration. Is it an expose? Well, no. In fact it reads more like BW promoting a wonderful new market, and describing how those corporations are basically thumbing their noses at what Americans want...

Bank of "America" - 01/28/05

From this: Bank of America plans to eliminate wire transfer fees for customers who send money to Mexico - the latest effort in the battle among big banks to win Hispanic customers. Starting first in Chicago, the bank is eliminating a 3% foreign exchange fee and a $10 transfer fee for those who have checking accounts, and will roll out the program to New York and the rest of the country by...

And, the difference between this and affirmative action is...? - 01/13/05

BostonHerald: Bank of America is trying to block a shareholder motion that would limit ``white men'' to no more than half the nominations to its board. The bank took steps to exclude the motion from the vote at the planned stockholders' meeting due to take place on April 27... The bank, which last year acquired FleetBoston for $48 billion, has received outside recognition for its commitment to...

"Dual nationalities only double a family's pride" - 10/03/04

I'm all for family pride, but this guest editorial might be going just a tad too far. Is there a way to support family pride without also supporting divided loyalties? Yes, I know he proudly mentions in there his uncles who fought in WWII. What if WWII had involved Mexico? Would they still have fought on our side if they were dual citizens?

Their money or your safety - 09/19/04

[cross-posted at the-lonewacko-blog.redstate.org/story/2004/9/19/225351/640 and the Command Post] From August 28's edition of the CPUSA's house organ People's Weekly World (cache used because site down): U.S. Rep.

"Mexican ID opens doors for undocumented workers in U.S." - 02/21/03

... the banks [such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Bank One] are tossing aside U.S. national security concerns in a rush for profits. "We have to be very careful that our own citizens ... are not simply enticed into trying to find ways around the law simply because it may be monetarily rewarding," said Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga., a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Isn't profits what...