"Dual nationalities only double a family's pride"

I'm all for family pride, but this guest editorial might be going just a tad too far. Is there a way to support family pride without also supporting divided loyalties? Yes, I know he proudly mentions in there his uncles who fought in WWII. What if WWII had involved Mexico? Would they still have fought on our side if they were dual citizens? Or, would they have fought on the other side?

The article itself is fairly insignificant; what's more significant is that it's being published in the anti-Proposition 200 Arizona Republic and it's from Jose A.Cardenas... host of KAET-TV Channel 8's "Horizonte: Arizona Issues Through a Hispanic Lens."

I watched one of their shows once and they incessantly confused legal and illegal immigration. I meant to write a complaint letter to ASU and their sponsor Bank of America, but I guess I never got around to it. If you're in the area, and you spot an error on that program, you might consider writing Bank of America and ASU: kaet@asu.edu