anti defamation league

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Far-left organization that strongly supports both multiculturalism (also here) and illegal immigration (also here). They frequently smear persons and groups as engaging in "hate", despite the fact that their definition of "hate" can't be trusted. Has tried to exploit two high-profile shootings in April and June of 2009.

They've engaged in partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security, and they may have been involved in that agency's infamous "rightwing extremists" report.

Last modified Jun 13, 2009
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FBI delinks SPLC, Anti-Defamation League; ADL not at all happy - 03/26/14

On their hate crimes page [1], the FBI previously [2] linked to two supposed anti-hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League as "Resources". Some time recently, the FBI silently removed those two organizations from the set of links in that Resources section.

Pat Buchanan fired from MSNBC; why couldn't conservatives have kept him on the air? - 02/17/12

Pat Buchanan is now officially off MSNBC; he was basically fired and he didn't quit of his own accord as he makes clear in "Blacklisted, But Not Beaten" (link) [1].

Mexico-linked groups, ACLU, NILC, SPLC, SEIU sue Georgia over Arizona-style immigration law (+ADL, Mexico join) - 06/03/11

A group of far-left, pro-illegal immigration groups are suing Georgia over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law. And, at least three of the groups have direct links to the Mexican government.

Supreme Court upholds 2007 Arizona immigration enforcement law; eVerify; losing: US Chamber, DOJ, Berman, NCLR, ADL, SPLC, AILA, SEIU, LULAC - 05/26/11

In a major victory for states that want to reduce illegal immigration, the US Supreme Court has upheld Arizona's 2007 "Legal Arizona Workers Act" employer enforcement law that requires the use of eVerify and that allows Arizona to pull the business licenses of companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. Note that the 2007 law and the decision have no relation to Arizona's more recent immigration law. A Los Angeles Times article is here, and links to legal documents are here. Sonia Sotomayor voted in dissent; see her name's link.

Those who opposed Arizona's law in court and who lost today include the Obama administration's Department of Justice (see Obama immigration) and the US Chamber of Commerce (see their name and this).

Others who filed briefs in the case and who lost today include (see each link for more on that group):

* Rep. Howard Berman
* National Council of La Raza
* Anti Defamation League
* American Immigration Lawyers Association
* PRLDEF (a former associated group of Sotomayor)
* Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (a former associated group of Barack Obama)
* Southern Poverty Law Center
* Service Employees International Union
* National Day Laborer Organizing Network(NDLON)
* National Immigrant Justice Center
* American Immigration Council
* Asian American Justice Center
* Asian American Institute
* Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
* Asian Law Caucus
* Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California
* League of United Latin American Citizens
* Legal Aid Society
* Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association
* National Employment Law Project

Others on the losing side were former senator Arlen Specter and Ron Mazzoli (of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty fame).

UPDATE: Thomas Saenz of MALDEF (which doesn't appear to have been involved in the suit) weighs in. He got one thing right: just because the 2007 law was upheld doesn't mean SB 1070 will prevail. In my opinion, states should just simply copy Arizona's 2007 law for now.

In any case, here's what Saenz says (

"Today's regrettable decision in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting is a tortured product of judicial activism responding to perceived political views of the moment. The majority proclaims itself unable to find implied preemption of an Arizona law that plainly impedes a federal scheme of exclusive enforcement of longstanding immigration-related employment law, and then, with a facile shift, easily finds an implied permission for Arizona to mandate E-verify, a power that Congress denied the federal government itself. All of this is accomplished through providing talismanic significance to the word 'licensing' even though Arizona's use of the term violates any plain-language or historical understanding of the term."

"Despite this egregious outcome, today's decision provides little predictive value as to the constitutional issue of preemption with respect to Arizona's SB 1070 and similar laws recently enacted in other states. Laws that encroach on exclusive federal immigration enforcement by mandating or permitting untrained local police officers to engage in racial profiling will find little refuge in today's decision. Wise state and local lawmakers must continue to tread carefully in areas touching on immigration. As has been the case for well over 200 years, federal action remains the sole legitimate avenue to address immigration issues."

UPDATE 2: The ADL weighs in with a bit of a muted press release ( They're "disappointed":

The law increases the legal risks for businesses that employ undocumented workers but fails to provide sufficient \safeguards to protect those workers against unlawful treatment. It undermines federal efforts to balance discrimination concerns with control of illegal immigration.

The Arizona law also requires state use of E-Verify – a federal pilot program that allows employers to verify the eligibility of newly-hired employees – even though the program relies on records that are prone to error. That is one reason Congress has decided to hold off on making participation in the program mandatory.

Although the Court has upheld Arizona's law, we hope other states will show greater concern for the potentially discriminatory impact such laws can have, and choose not to follow Arizona's lead.

And, I hope they do follow Arizona's lead. We'll see how that works out; I tend to think several will.

John McCain sides with far-left ADL, calls on JD Hayworth to denounce ALIPAC endorsement - 03/01/10

JD Hayworth recently accepted the endorsement of the anti-illegal immigration group ALIPAC. The John McCain campaign responded as they often do, by supporting the far-left against those who want to enforce our immigration laws. McCain campaign Communications Director Brian Rogers had this to say:

"J.D. Hayworth's lavish praise for the social theories of noted anti-Semite and xenophobe Henry Ford sparked a major controversy during his losing 2006 campaign, causing many Arizonans to question Mr. Hayworth's judgment. It is astounding that Mr. Hayworth would today accept the endorsement of a group that the Anti-Defamation League reports is backed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. Mr. Hayworth should immediately disavow this group's support."

1. The Anti Defamation League just can't be trusted; see the link for the details. In this case, the page that Brian Rogers is referencing is, which is simply one big logical fallacy: Guilt by Association. Another of their pages about ALIPAC includes, which is full of logical errors.

2. Unfortunately, ALIPAC - like many others - doesn't fully understand how to do things; if they did I'd be able to find detailed articles at their site that would discredit both of those articles. Doing that myself would take me about an easy half hour, but I'll leave defending themselves in a logical and effective way up to them. There's a starting point here.

3. Instead, the response that ALIPAC does provide is something that isn't even a tu quoque (link). They point out that McCain was endorsed by a series of racist groups, but the difference is that McCain didn't accept those endorsements. That's comparable to ALIPAC not accepting the endorsements of those like David Duke, but some people won't get that and might think that ALIPAC is comparing themselves to the groups that endorsed McCain.

4. And, of course, McCain is doing again what he's done in the past: side with the Democrats and the far-left against the GOP base. Instead of pointing out that the ADL is fact-challenged and engages in logical fallacies, he treats them like a credible source.

5. If you'd like to do something effective, find an experienced questioner to go to McCain's appearances and call him on this and then upload video of the confrontation to video sharing sites. However, it has to be done in the correct way. If you're in the area and you can arrange that, leave comments on the entries here until I notice you and I'll provide you with some tough questions he'll have trouble with. I know - based on three years' experience - that that's never going to happen, but just in case.

Arpaio chief deputy claims left-wing conspiracy against dep't; probably not far off - 02/21/10

Joe Arpaio's chief deputy David Hendershott gave a deposition in the racial profiling lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and, per this, said among other things:

"I believe also that it has become clear that you, (attorney) Bill Strauss, (Phoenix Mayor) Phil Gordon, members of the Anti Defamation League . . . have a political agenda that you are trying to push with this... Your members and others have worked in concert with the Department of Justice in producing what amounts to large amounts of enflamed media that we have learned . . . is basically the only basis that the Department of Justice sent us this letter... ...Racial profiling is a state of mind... We can only deal with facts... I believe that the Obama administration has a political agenda that involves some form of either amnesty or something that does not comport or is not convenient to the current law... The high-profile nature of the sheriff has become a concern, and therefore we are dealing with this."

While there's certainly the possibility that those listed aren't loosely coordinating their actions and it would be difficult to find proof of them doing that, those groups listed are part of a general network that supports illegal immigration in various ways.

Note that the lawyer who took the deposition, David Bodney, is also a lawyer for the Arizona Republic.

Arpaio deputies to get private training in enforcing immigration law; ACLU outraged (Kobach) - 02/10/10

According to this, all Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies will receive private training "on the authority of local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law". Previously, just 100 of their deputies had received training from the Department of Homeland Security, but the DHS dropped that last year. Law professor and candidate for Attorney General of Kansas Kris Kobach will be providing the training (with his costs self-funded or paid by an unknown group), causing a meltdown among the supporters of illegal activity:

Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, said Kobach is not qualified to offer the training... "He's a private individual, he's not a law-enforcement officer, he's not certified to represent the federal government or to train law enforcement officers on how to enforce immigration law," she said.

UPDATE: Bill Straus of the Anti Defamation League repeats the same nonsensical talking point here:

"I do not know what qualifies him to train law enforcement offices, he is not one of them."

Kobach explains:

"I am providing some legal expertise what the rules are according to the courts of the United States on questioning individuals," said Kobach via satellite Wednesday... The Sheriff's office will pay Kobach for his expertise from a fund of money seized from criminals. Sheriff Joe says the professor was only in Phoenix very briefly and made a video they'll use for training.

ADL lies, smears in "Rage Grows in America: Anti Government Conspiracies" - 11/18/09

The Anti Defamation League has a new report entitled "Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies", which contains at least one major lie. And, it's a lie that you probably won't hear anyone else discuss, namely the one in the section about the "Birther" movement (

Despite the fact that government officials in Hawaii and non-partisan groups have all authenticated Obama's birth certificate, the “birther” movement continues to gain adherents.

1. Government officials in Hawaii admit that they've never authenticated the picture on Obama's site that the ADL is referring to; the ADL is lying. The most any official has said is that he was born there, but she gave no further details (other than her AG-reviewed claim that he was a "natural-born American citizen"). None of that is an authentication of the only "certificate" that we've seen, and what we've seen is actually just a "Certification of Live Birth".
2. The only "non-partisan group" that claims to have seen an actual paper copy is FactCheck. As can be seen at the link, they aren't a credible organization and they certainly don't act too very "non-partisan". The most other organizations claim to have seen is what we've all seen: pictures. And, the persons from Fact Check who claim to have seen the document were just their - per them - "staffers"; they didn't call in document experts. Several other issues with the Fact Check "authentication" are listed here; note that Fact Check falsely claimed that Hawaiian officials had said he was born there since November of last year, when in fact the statement from those officials was ambiguous, with the ambiguity only being resolved in late July of this year. In other words, Fact Check lied to their readers for around nine months.

NILC, ACLU, AILA, NCLR, Schey, hundreds more demand Obama ends 287g program - 08/27/09

Continuing their campaign against the 287g program, the American Civil Liberties Union - a group that is/was directly collaborating with the Mexican government - informs us that they and about 500 other groups have sent a letter to

Sources for DHS rightwing extremism report: ADL, SPLC, NYT, LAT, Dave Weigel... - 08/12/09

* A large number of links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, including [1]. That SPLC link is misleading for the reasons outlined here and here. That misleading claim made it into DHS's report.

Kentucky state hate crimes report smears Constitution Party (uses SPLC as source) - 06/22/09

From this:

A report posted on the Kentucky Justice & Public Safety Cabinet website mentions the Kentucky chapter of the Constitution Party. The 2006 report, entitled “Hate Crime and Hate Incidents in the Commonwealth,” characterizes the paleoconservative political party as a patriot group and associates it with the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations...

...The Kentucky report lists the Constitution Party in a table along with Take Back Kentucky, Ranch Rescue, and the Kentucky State Militia. “Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the ‘New World Order’ or advocate or adhere to extreme anti-government or conspiratorial doctrines,” a caveat below the table states. “Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist. This list was compiled from field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement officials and news reports. Source: Southern Poverty Law Center.”

A search for documents at shows that the same language was used in their 2004 and 2005 reports. For a related case, see the report from the state of Missouri.

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights supports illegal immigration, misleads about hate crimes (SPLC, MALDEF, ADL, NCLR, NHMC...) - 06/19/09

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights has released a new report called "Confronting the New Faces of Hate: Hate Crimes in America 2009" [1]. It's the latest salvo in the attempt by several far-left groups to support massive illegal immigration and to silence their critics. They name-check several of those groups, but their exact involvement in the report isn't clear; the mentions might just be boilerplate.

For just one example of how the LCCR is attempting to mislead, see the attached picture. The ominous-looking graph on the top (from the LCCR) shows anti-Hispanic hate crimes from 2003 to 2007. The graph on the bottom (created by me) uses the same data set, but shows earlier years. Note that 2001 was higher than 2007. And, note also that neither chart are adjusted for population. If that were done, the bottom chart would show that such crimes have actually declined as a percentage of the Hispanic population from 1995. About their misleading chart, they say:

The increasing number of shrill anti-Immigration reform commentaries from high profile national media personalities, including CNN's Lou Dobbs and Talk Show Network's The Savage Nation host Michael Savage, correlates closely with the increase in hate crimes against Hispanics.

The LCCR isn't just confused about correlation not equaling causation, they also don't explain what was happening in 2001; Dobbs had just returned to CNN and was hosting Moneyline. He didn't start his anti-illegal immigration show until 2003.

Another of their targets is FAIR, and they trot out an SPLC report and the usual smears, prefacing their SPLC excerpt with:

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) have become increasingly concerned about the virulent anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric employed by a handful of groups and coalitions that have tried to position themselves as legitimate, mainstream advocates against illegal immigration in America.

Whether those groups were involved in this report or are just mentioned in a misbegotten attempt to give the report credibility isn't known. Later, they also quote Alex Nogales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.


Casey Sanchez/SPLC, Frank Sharry, Andrea Nill/CAP smear FAIR over non-existent connection (Dave Bennion) - 06/17/09

From a FAIR press release (link):

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has launched its most irresponsible attack to date against the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The SPLC claims that Shawna Forde, the alleged killer of a little girl and her father during an Arizona home invasion, had ties to FAIR. Although no association exists -- or ever has -- between Ms. Forde and FAIR, the SPLC and organizations advocating mass amnesty and open borders have used this tragedy to fuel their on-going smear campaign against FAIR and other immigration policy organizations in order to suppress free and open debate about immigration policy in the United States... FAIR has no association with Shawna Forde. "Ms. Forde is not and never was an employee, member, activist, or donor of FAIR and most certainly has never been authorized to speak on behalf of our organization," stated Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Ms. Forde misrepresented herself as a spokesperson for FAIR in a 2006 appearance on KYVE-TV in Yakima, Washington, and the producers of the program were remiss in failing to authenticate her false claims."

The SPLC report from Casey Sanchez is at [1]. It was updated after it was originally posted and they acknowledge the above press release; there may or may not have been other changes. In its current form, the SPLC post doesn't claim that she was a member, only that she represented herself as a member and so on. At the very least, the SPLC post is an example of incredibly bad journalism:

Contacted by Hatewatch, Enrique Cerna, the host of the show and an executive producer, said it’s difficult to remember all the production details of a segment produced three years ago. Still, he said his producers had contacted FAIR, asking for a representative to appear on the show. That representative cancelled at the last minute and was replaced by Forde, who identified herself as a FAIR official. “We wouldn’t have identified her with that organization if she hadn’t said she was speaking on their behalf,” said Cerna.

Obviously, Cerna should have verified with FAIR that she was able to speak on their behalf rather than simply taking her word for it.

The full video is here, but a shorter segment from user "AmericasVoiceTV" - Frank Sharry's America's Voice - is here. Unlike the SPLC, his description is completely disreputable:

Shawna Forde, arrested as a suspect in a deadly home invasion in Arizona, has ties to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant group classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Hat tip to for finding this 2006 video.

She has no ties; Sharry is lying.

(Updates below)

Obama, ADL, SPLC, Phil Gordon, Catherine Herridge, Shep Smith, Joan Walsh, Chris Matthews, others try to exploit shooting at Holocaust Museum - 06/11/09

Here are just some of those trying to use yesterday's shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC to score political points:

* Barack Obama says: "This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms". That sounds good, until one remembers things like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, "bitter cling", his campaign's constant attempts to race-bait, his smears of Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, and how he'd deal with "hate" (see #14).

* Josh Gerstein of the Politico in "Attacks validate DHS report, some say" (link). He quotes the Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok: "I think this latest round of killing once again shows how ridiculous the criticism from the right of the Department of Homeland Security report was. That whole brouhaha was absurd... Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner can go on until the end of time about how [the report] was an attack on conservatives, but in reality it was a perfectly sober assessment of what was going on out there." That report was even criticized by Bennie Thompson. Gerstein also quotes the Anti Defamation League's Deborah Lauter: "We felt the DHS report was pretty right on... Clearly the election of Obama, the current financial crisis, and the discussion of immigration reform - those things have certainly fueled the right wing extremist movement in this country….There are clear indications that the rhetoric is manifesting. We hope it's not the tip of the iceberg.”

* Catherine Herridge and Shepard Smith on Fox News: link.

* Joan Walsh of and Chris Matthews: link.

* Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon sinks even further, engaging in McCarthyite tactics against Sheriff Joe Arpaio: link.

UPDATE: A list of others who've tried to exploit this tragedy is in "Holocaust Museum Shooter: Christian-Hating Socialist" (link). It includes this:

A review of his lengthy associations reveals Von Brunn hardly fits the stereotype of a Religious Right, GOP precinct captain. He denounced the Christian faith as a dastardly Jewish conspiracy, a “HOAX” invented by the Apostle Paul to “DESTROY ROMAN CULTURE” from within by undermining its pagan virility. (All screaming capitalization and grammatical errors in this piece appear in the original.) Like others on the racist fringe, the shooter proclaimed clearly: "SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West."

Extensive quotes are provided to show those aren't being taken out of context.

Napolitano on DHS partnering with ADL; admits shift in enforcement focus; trying to repeal REAL ID; "reform" is a "mission" - 04/23/09

Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano gave a talk to the Anti Defamation League yesterday, and her remarks are at

1. The ADL has been "training" DHS personnel about "hate" groups and others, which is more than a bit worrisome because the ADL's definition of "hate" isn't trustworthy. Nevertheless, Napolitano said this:

...the ADL and DHS have had some good partnerships. In recent years, the Department has placed our employees in your advanced training school to educate us on the tactics used by extremists and terrorists; the strategies that may be used by law enforcement to deter, prevent and respond to incidents and threats; and to make us aware and sensitive to and cognizant of the civil rights and liberties that must be protected even while you are enforcing the law and conducting these very difficult investigations... We also, of course, have our own civil rights/civil liberties area, section, within the department. And we have undertaken action, sometimes with ADL or other similar groups to provide outreach to communities of particular sensitivity and do some pretty unusual - some functions that you wouldn't normally place within DHS.

Bennie Thompson "dumbfounded" by DHS rightwing extremist report - 04/16/09

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson - chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee - has written a letter to Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security complaining about their recently-released report warning about rightwing "extremists". Per this, in the letter he says that he's "dumbfounded" by the report, also saying:

"This report appears to raise significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans -- including war veterans... As I am certain you agree, freedom of association and freedom of speech are guaranteed to all Americans -- whether a person's beliefs, whatever their political orientation, are 'extremist' or not..."

As pointed out at the end of 2006, Thompson was agitating against the border fence and got an F- for his immigration votes. At the same time, he spoke out against the jobs americans wont do canard.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent draws our attention [1] to the fact that back in 2005, Thompson released his own call "for the Department of Homeland Security to do More to Fight Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists" [2]. For an unknown reason, the PDF link at that page no longer works. However, a copy is linked from this page.

What Sargent doesn't tell his readers is that that report is different from the latter in that it's much more specific about what exactly a domestic terrorist is, relying on the FBI's definition and focusing on actual violent acts rather than verging on trying to criminalize protected speech.

However, it does contain this worrisome quote:

There are several organizations, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, the National Abortion Federation, and others with long-standing experience in monitoring rightwing domestic terrorist groups and assessing their danger. Congress or DHS should establish an advisory council of these groups in order to ensure that the Department has as much information as possible about the risks right-wing domestic terrorists pose.



Dennis Roddy /Pittsburgh PG, SPLC, LGF, HotAir, Kos use tragedy to smear opponents - 04/05/09

Dennis Roddy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette offers "Suspect in officers' shooting was into conspiracy theories" (link) about the recent shooting of three police officers in Pittsburgh by an obviously deranged 22-year-old. He takes advantage of that tragedy to smear his or his paper's opponents:

Mr. Poplawski's view of guns and personal freedom took a turn toward the fringes of American politics. With Mr. Perkovic, he appeared to share a belief that the government was controlled from unseen forces, that troops were being shipped home from the Mideast to police the citizenry here, and that Jews secretly ran the country.

...Believing most media were covering up important events, Mr. Poplawski turned to a far-right conspiracy Web site run by Alex Jones, a self-described documentarian with roots going back to the extremist militia movement of the early 1990s.

He was also a member of Stormfront. Ergo, in Roddy's mind, Alex Jones = Stormfront. And, whatever Jones' ideology, I don't think "far-right" is accurate. And, while Jones is "out there" a good part of the time, he's also had a couple scoops about things that sounded loony but which turned out later to be true.

Regarding the troops, see December's "20,000 U.S. military troops to help with "homeland security" in U.S. by 2011", which links to a Washington Post article about such a scheme. That was also discussed in September; the Army Times and the underlying documents included the possibility of using troops for crowd control.

One of the shooter's friends alludes to media bias regarding the MSM not covering states recently declaring sovereignty with the implication that there is no such bias. There's a round-up here from the Christian Science Monitor; Google News wasn't exactly filled with similar MSM articles. A smaller paper covered the movement in Pennsylvania here, a story that I couldn't locate at the Post-Gazette's site.

In case you think Roddy is just presenting facts without attempting to smear, he continues with this:

"For some time now there has been a pretty good connection between being sucked into this conspiracy world and propagating violence," said Heidi Beirich, director of research at the Southern Poverty Law Center and an expert on political extremists. She called Mr. Poplawski's act, "a classic example of what happens when you start buying all this conspiracy stuff."

Meanwhile, over at HotAir, one of their staffers links to the Little Green Footballs entry [1] with the title "Surprise: Pittsburgh cop-killer was anti-semitic, white supremacist, Alex Jones fan".

Over to Ed Morrissey at the same site (

Those who would use such horrifying tragedies to smear their political opponents are completely unworthy of engagement, and utterly despicable to boot, regardless of which side they’re on.


UPDATE: Also, as discussed at the last HotAir link, Kos said on twitter that "Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk "revolution" and shoot cops." He may have just been "joking".

UPDATE 2: The Anti Defamation League has also gotten involved in the smear; that and the other issues above are answered in "Poplawski Smear Debunked: Cop Killer Held Opposing Views To Infowars" (link).

UPDATE 3: Both RawStory and a DailyKos blogger have retracted Alex Jones-related smears (link). However, Sean Hamill of the New York Times and Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America continue the smear (link, link).

New Jersey governor's panel: in-state tuition, driver's licenses for illegal aliens (Corzine for 1st, against 2nd; wants halt to raids) - 04/02/09

From this:

A state panel on immigrant policy released recommendations Monday that include in-state tuition eligibility and driving privileges for illegal immigrants, as well as the creation of a commission on New Americans.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine, who convened the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Immigrant Policy last August, said Monday he agrees that illegal immigrants, especially those brought to the U.S. as children and attending local schools, should be able to pay in-state tuition at the state's public colleges...

On the slightly better side of things, Corzine opposes the driver's licenses part. The link also has poll results, and they don't look too good for supporters of illegal immigration: only 33% support even limited drivers licenses, and only 20% support in-state tuition for illegal aliens (32% favor it for the children of illegal aliens; that shouldn't be an issue except as yet another indication of the problems with automatically granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens).

SPLC, ADL used as sources for Missouri militia report? - 03/27/09

A couple weeks ago this news broke (link):

Alex Jones has received a secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled "The Modern Militia Movement' and dated February 20, 2009... The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as "militia" influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties...

Now it appears that at least part of the document was based on material from the Anti Defamation League. See this for the details. As that link points out, language used in one of the sentences appears to have been slightly reworked from an ADL document, and in March 2008 the ADL conducted "Extremism Training for Missouri Law Enforcement". Another section of the MO documents may have been taken from ADL materials.

With that in mind, there's a clear difference between using the ADL/SPLC as a source, and their active involvement. I was unable to find anything in the scans mentioning the ADL, and there's apparently one mention of an attempted bombing of the SPLC. However, there doesn't appear to be any footnote or other indication that they were written by the ADL/SPLC, with their assistance, based on their documents, or the like. Note also that the writing style used in most of the Missouri documents is a bit different from that employed by the SPLC/ADL in their reports.

If anyone has a credible source indicating to what degree the SPLC/ADL were involved if any leave a link in comments.

There are scans of the document at the first link above, and what appears to be a transcript of the scans is here. Missouri has since withdrawn their report since the three politicians sent a letter complaining about it (link, link). At the last link, Baldwin says:

If we can continue to probe the details of the MIAC report, I am absolutely convinced we will find that this report actually originates with Morris Dees and his ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center. And if my hunch (a very educated hunch, I might add) is correct, it means that the DHS and various State police agencies around the country are allowing a left-wing special interest group to use them to harass, intimidate, and profile people with conservative political opinions.

And, ALIPAC says this:

ALIPAC is issuing a national advisory to all local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies and officers, along with all DHS Fusion Centers, a warning against any reliance upon faulty and politicized research issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti Defamation League (ADL)... The Southern Poverty Law Center was cited as a research source for the 'Missouri Documents'. Furthermore, the attempt of these documents to cast suspicion of violent and life threatening behavior on millions of Americans who are concerned about these issues is consistent with the regularly released political materials of both the SPLC and ADL... Since the SPLC was listed as a source in the MIAC Missouri Documents, ALIPAC sent a letter of inquiry to the Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on March 20, 2009 asking for more specific sourcing information.

Apparently the response didn't indicate whether the SPLC and/or the ADL were involved, and to what degree.

Youtube joins with Anti Defamation League to stop "hate" videos ("Abuse and Safety Center") - 03/01/09

Back in December 2008, Youtube established the Orwellian-named "Abuse and Safety Center" (, an online tool that can be used to report threats, spam, and other forms of legitimate abuse. However, they also have a section dealing with "Hateful Content", and for that they've joined with the Anti Defamation League (

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon files FBI complaint over Joe Arpaio raids - 04/13/08

In his effort to support illegal immigration and perhaps just gain some fame, Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon now wants the FBI to investigate Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over whether any civil rights laws were broken civil rights laws during his recent immigration sweeps (link).

In the letter, Gordon race baits, does something no one should do and relies on the characterization of an Arizona Republic editorial ("guilty of looking latino", link), and he also apparently included other news reports which may be biased as well. He includes one example of a suit that's already been filed, and another unverified incident involving one of his own staff members, not exactly an unbiased source.


Arpaio said it was ironic that Gordon drafted the letter on the same day that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials from Washington observed his deputies arresting residents and illegal immigrants in Guadalupe and approved of the sheriff's work... ICE officials have said repeatedly that Arpaio is not violating the formal agreement he has with their office allowing sheriff's deputies to enforce immigration laws.

The Arizona chapter of the Anti-Defamation League also wants an investigation, and others mentioned opposing the raids are the American Civil Liberties Union, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (both have indirect links to the Mexican government), the Arizona Ecumenical Council, and the American Jewish Committee (collaborated with the Mexican government).

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza has started a new effort called We Can Stop The Hate ( which is attempting to silence those who support our immigration laws by highlighting what they call examples of "hate". Three of their cohorts in the effort have at least indirect links to the Mexican government. Note that that government has explicitly stated that they're going to be using U.S.

Andres Oppenheimer's five "myths" of the "anti-immigration movement" - 01/14/08

Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald - previously featured here for warning about a "Latino Intifada" unless we give millions of illegal aliens an amnesty - now offers "Five myths of anti-immigration talk", such as:

Myth No. 1: ''We are only against illegal immigration. Undocumented immigrants should get in line for visas.'' That's deceptive because you can't demand that people get into line when, for the most part, there is no line to get into... While the U.S. labor market is demanding 1.5 million mostly low-skilled immigrants a year -- and will demand many more in coming years, as the U.S. population becomes increasingly educated -- the current immigration system allows into the U.S. an average of one million legal immigrants a year, and most of them are already here... ''There is a huge mismatch between what the U.S. labor market needs and the supply of immigration visas,'' says Frank Sharry, head of the National Immigration Forum, which advocates both secure borders and a path to legal residence for many of the 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Perhaps there's a reason why there isn't a line for massive numbers of low-skilled workers and/or massive immigration from Mexico, yet AO doesn't go into that. And the "market" demands are based on a crooked market, where employers have been able to obtain labor thanks to corrupt politicians who refuse to enforce our laws or try to subvert them. Perhaps it's bad public policy to import massive amounts of low-skilled workers while the rest of us sit on our verandas watching them toil in the fields. And, Sharry isn't exactly as moderate a voice as AO tries to portray him. In another "myth", AO references "studies" from the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both "studies" are riddled with holes and the second group has an indirect link to the Mexican government.

He also quotes Michelle Waslin, previously with the National Council of La Raza and now with the Immigration Policy Center.

"Anybody who is Hispanic-looking or has an Hispanic last name is being treated as an undocumented immigrant."

To the extent that that's true, those groups and pundits who support illegal immigration are partially responsible. They've helped to racialize illegal immigration, turning it from an issue of law into an issue of ethnic identity. And, they've continally tried to blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration.

The other "myths" could be taken apart, but it's not really worth it.

Iowa Interfaith Immigration Coalition, Anti-Defamation League try sugercoating illegal activity - 01/02/08

The Iowa Interfaith Immigration Coalition and the Anti Defamation League (more at the link and here) are trying to sugarcoat illegal activity, swing the "debate" about immigration even more in the favor of those who don't support our laws, and accuse some of the presidential candidates of vilifying "immigrants".

First up is the ADL (link):
The Anti-Defamation League asked presidential candidates to refrain from anti-immigration rhetoric... The anti-bias group sent a letter to the major party presidential candidates requesting that they refrain from using language that demonizes and dehumanizes minorities, particularly Hispanics.
Of course, if we asked them for examples of those Bad Thoughts their interpretations would be as faulty as their "report", discussed at the first link. The claim that the candidates are "demonizing" and "dehumanizing" anyone is simply a smear.

Then, it's on to the Iowa Interfaith Immigration Coalition, which offers a petition called "Creating A Welcoming State". They're trolling for suckers (link):
We pledge ourselves as people of faith and goodwill to stand with our immigrant neighbors who have come to the United States from throughout the world. Recognizing the moral imperative to welcome the stranger in our midst, we commit ourselves to support laws that affirm their dignity, preserve their families, and acknowledge the value of their presence among us.
First, by "immigrant neighbors" they mean illegal aliens, so they're lying to the signatories. Second, it's odd that they support some laws but not others; would that we all could choose. Third, their desire to "preserve their families" would lead to a loose borders system where anyone who managed to have a child in the U.S. could not be deported. Fourth, the last sentence supports massive corporate welfare, where crooked companies can import a foreign serf class and pass the full cost of that labor on to the rest of us.

Please go to public events by members of the IIIC and point out their lies, videotape it, and upload the exchange to video sharing sites.

More on the December 4 press conference where they unveiled their petition here:
Members of the Iowa Interfaith Immigration Coalition are urging presidential candidates of both parties to conduct the debate over immigration policy in a civil manner "that respects human dignity."

In a Dec. 4 news conference, Connie Ryan Terrell, executive director of The Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, led a group of speakers who gathered to "change the negative, public attitudes and rhetoric which demonize and dehumanize our immigrant friends and neighbors."

Ms. Terrell said this "destructive attitude has permeated our nation," making the discussion about immigration a more "complex and difficult debate."
In other words, it's not going the way that those who support illegal activity would like it, so smear the other side. Also quoted: "Dr. Rich Pleva, conference minister of the Iowa conference of the United Church of Christ" and "Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy, Iowa president of the Muslim American Society in Cedar Rapids".

Janet Murguia/NCLR misleads to support illegal immigration (Kansas City, Minuteman issue) - 11/04/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is an extremist-funding group that in turn is funded by large corporations [1] that profit from illegal activity. Senator Chris Dodd even wants to give them millions of dollars.

They recently pulled their 2009 convention out of Kansas City, MO because a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was appointed to that city's Parks Board. Local Hispanic leaders even went as far as trying to deliver a letter to that board member's house in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate her.

Now, their president, Janet Murguia, offers "La Raza left because it objects to extremism". She objects to the "extremism" of the MCDC and pretends it isn't about policy. Since her group continually supports illegal immigration, and the MCDC opposes it, that's highly questionable.

Here's the only thing she has to say about everything that's been involved in this issue, including the letter:

While I can't address every issue raised since the controversy erupted, the views and passion expressed - on both sides of the issue - deserve a response.

Obviously, someone else would address a possible act of intimidation, but I guess that's more than we should expect from her.

Then, she brings up a quote from MCDC leader Chris Simcox; I don't know the context, but it appears to have been originally reported by Gustavo Arellano, someone who has a clear agenda and, even if he got the quote accurate, doesn't provide any context [2].

Then, she discusses an original member of the Minuteman Project who was sending messages to a Nazi group... "privately". It should be obvious to anyone that none of the Minutemen groups want such connections, and I'm not going to even bother to verify that after her extra-curricular activities were discovered she was tossed from the group.

Then, she delves into the ADL's "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream." The problems with part of that report are discussed at the link, and she helps point out yet another problem:

The founder of the Dustin Inman Society, D.A. King, said in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Bolding added. And, in fact, that's similar to what's in the ADL's report [3]:

Speaking at a Newton County (Georgia) Republican Party meeting in April 2007, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, King reportedly told attendees that undocumented immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn – they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Now, here's the kicker (which everyone knew was coming). The Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Bill Nigut, says [4]:

In a speech to a handful of Georgia Republicans in Covington earlier this year, King cleverly intertwined our legitimate fears of the threat from Islamic terrorists with a rant against undocumented Mexicans. At one point, according to a report in the Rockdale Citizen newspaper, he displayed a mock-up of a Mexican photo ID card, filled in with the name supplied by King: "Al Qaida Gonzalez." ...When he told the gathering that "They're not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you and me," King says he was speaking of the Islamic threat. But since Muslim yard services tend to be few and far between, his intentional mixing of images seems clear: He is out to create fear about all illegal immigrants, be they Islamic terrorists or Mexican gardeners.

So, now we see that King wasn't refering to "immigrants" (Murguia's word) or "undocumented immigrants" (the ADL's report's words), but to Islamist infiltrators. In other words, Murguia and the ADL report are highly misleading, and that was obviously intentional. (Further, the only "reporting" from the AJC that I could find is in a blog post, but I didn't check their archives.) At the last link, King says he was refering to this government report (PDF). (The Rockdale Citizen doesn't appear to have online archives:

Obviously, both Janet Murguia and the ADL aren't just sloppy, what they say can't be trusted.



The ADL's definition of "hate" and "anti-immigrant" can't be trusted. (ALIPAC, others) - 10/31/07

The Anti-Defamation League - which apparently at one time did some good, but which is now a far-left Gramscian enforcer and defender of illegal activity - has released a new report entitled "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream" [1]:

A closer look at the public record reveals that many ostensibly mainstream anti-illegal immigration organizations – including those who testified before Congress or frequently appeared on news programs – promote virulent anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Some groups have fostered links with extremist groups.

They list several groups, but as will be shown, their definition of "hate" just can't be trusted. For example, consider this claim:

[Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee/ALIPAC president William Gheen] [2] also inflames anti-immigrant sentiment by falsely asserting that foreigners bring disease into the nation. During a June 2007 radio interview, he said, "We've got bedbugs back in all, almost all of our 58 [sic] states. We've got TB on the rise, we've got hepatitis, we've got HIV, we've got diseases like Chagas disease, which is a horrifying disease, but also, much like TB, is very, very difficult to treat at all, and it's coming in because of the, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and, and the end result is Americans are suffering, Americans are dying."

The ADL's claim that foreigners don't bring diseases into the U.S. is obviously false. And, let's turn to this May 23, 1989 article:

The rising wave of immigration from Central and South America increases the likelihood that Chagas' disease may become more common in the United States, experts said, unless blood banks routinely reject donors born in Central or South America or test their blood.

The source? Why none other than the scare mongerers at the New York Times (link). Finding other sources discussing those various diseases and immigration is left as an exercise. And, of course, immigrants at Ellis Island were checked for diseases, and there are laws on the books regulating immigrants and visitors who have various types of diseases.

Now, it's about to get ironic. Returning to the ADL:

At an August 2007 rally in North Carolina, Gheen stated, "Illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death."

Then, let's look at this January 20, 2007 article:

Prudhomme was murdered because he identified himself as black (he was in fact mixed-race) in a neighborhood occupied by one of the many Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. Incredibly, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government say that they are now engaged in a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" -- racial terror that is directed solely at African Americans.

The source? Brentin Mock, from the Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center [3] [4].

(The SPLC is, of course, another group that likes to throw the "hate" charge around; perhaps the ADL could call the SPLC a hate group, and the SPLC could respond by calling the ADL a hate group, and then the could both lock arms in battle and fall into the abyss.)

Even the Los Angeles Times has noted something similar (link):

Authorities said the gang specifically tried to eliminate rival African American gangs in South L.A. and the Florence-Firestone area in an effort to "cleanse" the neighborhood. In doing so, they mistakenly harassed and attacked innocent African American residents, according to the indictment.

As has the Guardian (link):

It is a city of violence as a new race war escalates between new Hispanic gangs and older black groups, each trying to ethnically cleanse the other.

If you see any reporters quoting the ADL on this issue, please send them this link.

11/06/07 UPDATE: Janet Murguia helps us discover yet another misleading statement from the ADL; see that link.

And, from the Los Angeles Times' "Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants/In L.A., nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease" (link):

A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying and treating Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic illness that has long been the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America and is now being seen in immigrant communities in the United States... ...By the end of October, 253 people in 30 states had tested positive for the antibody, according to data compiled by the American Association of Blood Banks. The prevalence nationwide is estimated to be about 1 in 30,000 donors, and about 1 in 7,000 in Los Angeles, said Dr. Susan Stramer, executive scientific officer for the American Red Cross... ...Most donors who tested positive since screening began this year emigrated from high-risk areas, sometimes years ago, or were the children of such immigrants, said the Red Cross' Stramer in an e-mail. But in nine cases still under investigation, Stramer said, infection may have been transmitted by insects in the United States...

[2] I'm not a member because I'm not a joiner. I also don't think their occasional highlighting of illegal aliens and crime is the right way to fight the issue. However, I don't think they deserve the treatment the ADL gives them.
[4] (same article as [2])

WTF: ADL's "No Place for Hate" campaign - 05/12/07

Via this we learn that the Anti-Defamation League has been conducting a "No Place for Hate" campaign in New England with the Massachusetts Municipal Association since 1999 [1]. Cities in New England and elsewhere can join the program ([2][3][4]), and, as long as they conduct three events designed to show they're free of hate and that they respect diversity, they get a nifty sign that they can attach to a post (not provided) at the entrance to their town. Of course, as the second link above shows, the ADL has a rather flexible definition of "hate", with one required to support illegal immigration in order to rid oneself of all vestiges of "hate".

Campaigns like this are an attempt to enforce far-left ideology, and their effectiveness can be seen from the news story:
When Ralph Filicchia came across a "No Place for Hate" sign on a pole outside Town Hall, he was, to put it in his own words "offended."

On Tuesday, he came before the council with a message and a plea to take down the sign and rescind a Town Council proclamation honoring Watertown as a "No Place for Hate" community.

"The proclamation is discriminatory and a violation and infringement upon my civil rights as an American citizen," he said. "I want the right to speak out without being guilty of a hate crime."
Such campaigns are designed to make one wonder what exactly Filicchia could object to. Is he a... hater? Is he a... racist? There isn't that much difference between this and cities that would declare themselves to be "No Place for Satan", then define or imply that all those who aren't fundamentalist Christians are Satanists.

Note that the ADL has a related "Communities of Respect" program (both NPFH and COR are trademarked by the way). Sugar Land, Texas was the latest to be converted, including asking his residents to sign an oversized "Resolution of Respect." [5] Earlier, a "Rally for Respect" was held; choose 'view image' on the center picture to see schoolkids holding up "Respect" signs. [6]


Why is CBS 11 KTVT-TV Dallas misleading about immigration reform? - 02/18/07

Stephanie Lucero of CBS 11 TV out of Dallas offers "Immigration Debate Re-Energizing Hate Groups" concerning the recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claiming that KKK membership is up because of the debate over illegal immigration. That may well be true, but - needless to say - Lucero doesn't look into: a) whether this is an attempt by the ADL to smear all those opposed to illegal immigration, and b) whether this is an attempt by them to obtain donations. And, while the report features stock footage of Klan rallies, Lucero doesn't feature any new footage from her area. Rather, she interviews two restaurant owners who serve as conduits for the message that opposition to illegal immigration equates to hate. She also mentions the SPLC, a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government (that is not, of course, disclosed).

And, CBS 11 TV has a running feature apparently not specifically associated with this report entitled "Slideshow: I Want To Know More About Immigration Reform". OK, let's learn:

* Following a picture of the Mexican flag, the following appears next to the U.S. flag:

"It's not something commonly known," said Edward Rincon of Rincon & Associates, "But close to 40,000 non-citizens serve in our military, that's according to a Department of Defense report."

What he said may be correct, but due to the dust thrown up in the immigration debate it may also be misleading and. CBS 11 should point out that illegal aliens cannot serve in the U.S. military except in case of war. I believe that provision was added a few years ago, however:

"The fact is that the US military can accept undocumented aliens as recruits when the US is in a declared state of war. Despite what President Bush repeatedly says about the US being involved in a war against terrorism, no such war has been declared by Congress."

Then comes this statement next to someone with binoculars:

November 28, 2005: President Bush outlined a plan for detention and removal of people who enter the US illegally. It would increase enforcement, strengthen immigration laws, and do away with amnesty for illegal immigrants. Bush also advocates a temporary worker program. The plan would allow illegal immigrants the chance to register for legal status for six years and then be required to return home.

Actually, the plan only concerned OTMs, the infamous "catch and release". And, Bush isn't "do[ing] away with amnesty for illegal immigrants", he's supporting it.

"Declaration of Los Angeles" (city council-approved pro-illegal immigration resolution) - 12/13/06

The Anti-Defamation League, their Latino-Jewish Roundtable, and several other groups have convinced the Los Angeles City Council to sign the "Declaration of Los Angeles", a far-left resolution that claims to support human rights for "immigrants", but which is little more than a resolution in support of illegal immigration, couched in the expected doublespeak. Next year they're going to try to get the California legislature to sign on, and the Mexican partisans in that body will probably trip over themselves to comply.

The press release quotes Amanda Susskind, Director of the ADL Pacific Southwest Region:

"At this particularly volatile time in our country's history, we find it of utmost importance to unite against hatred and victimization aimed at many people who migrate to this country. Without negating the need for safe and secure borders, nor aligning ourselves with partisan politics on the issue, the ADL stands strong in the desire to support basic human rights and fair treatment of immigrants."

There certainly is some "hatred and victimization" of all types of immigrants, yet as their history shows the ADL is willing to smear those who simply support our laws of engaging in those practices. And, of course, "migrate" is a bit close to the Mexican government's favorite euphemism for illegal immigration, "migration". And, of course, their "fair treatment" - based on their past statements - is "comprehensive immigration reform".

According to the release, the Declaration also condemns "xenophobic rhetoric... especially about Latino immigration". As above, their definition of "xenophobia" is what others call "opposition to massive illegal immigration". They also oppose "vigilante civilian patrol groups creating the potential for violence and an atmosphere of fear and lawlessness", a truly Orwellian phrase considering the massive lawlessness and political corruption associated with what the ADL supports.

The doublespeak continues:

The Declaration calls upon local, state and federal government officials to: recognize and protect the basic human rights of immigrants, support humane treatment of undocumented persons, publicly denounce xenophobia, monitor and respond to extremists groups that advocate bigotry or racism, hold to the highest standards of human rights and dignity all law enforcement and judicial processes that relate to deportation, detention and immigration status, and recognize the need for a safe and secure United States.

Of course, the government monitoring and responding to groups that abide by the laws is a truly fascistic idea, but no one ever said the other side were nice people. And, the implication that the DHS is not dealing with "undocumented persons" (illegal aliens) humanely is meant to chill attempts at enforcing our immigration laws.

In brief, their position - and the one now taken by the Los Angeles City Council - is only a slightly cleaned-up version of that that one might expect from the Mexican government.

Which brings us to their partners in this enterprise:

* ACLU of Southern California (has at least one indirect link to the Mexican government)
* American Jewish Committee
* American Jewish Congress
* Archdiocese of Los Angeles (led by Cardinal Roger Mahoney)
* Asian Pacific American Legal Center
* Bet Tzedek Legal Services
* Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (alleged collaborateurs with the Mexican government)
* Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
* Gay and Lesbian Center Legal Services Department
* Korean American Coalition
* LA Center for Law and Justice
* League of United Latin American Citizens
* Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF, has at least on indirect link to the Mexican government)
* National Council of Jewish Women Los Angeles Section
* Progressive Jewish Alliance
* Public Counsel Law Center
* South Asian Network

ADL's (latest) smear job on Minuteman Project - 04/27/06

My sentiments exactly:
ADL Engages In McCarthyism

What else can you their report entitled "Extremists Declare 'Open Season' on Immigrants: Hispanics Target of Incitement and Violence"? It goes on about Nazi and Klan violence and racist rhetoric – and having set the bait, pull a big switch and tar non-racist, non-violent opponents of illegal immigration as "extremists" and "vigilantes".
Note that for some reason Drudge was linking to this smear job from the ADL. The Anti-Defamation League was discussed last year in relation to a similar, shorter smear job, and also in this post about CSM reporter Brad Knickerbocker. And, they even tried something similar in November 2002: Group Lumps Conservatives with Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. Should anyone with any ability to reason and to understand logical fallacies believe anything they say?

Brad Knickerbocker of the CSM: Can you trust his reporting? - 01/22/06

Most definitely you can. Assuming that is, of course, that you want heavily biased yellow reportage such as that featured in "Across the country, many mobilize against illegal immigration" (link).

Tamar Jacoby on the Kennedy-McCain mass amnesty - 05/14/05

Tamar Jacoby has issued the following statement:
We the undersigned applaud the introduction today of Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act... [etc. etc...]
The signatories include:

Lee Culpepper (last mentioned here; works for the National Restaurant Association and is Chairman of the National Immigration Forum)

Jack Kemp

Grover Norquist

Rick Swartz:
And then there's the National Immigration Forum, the umbrella organization for high-immigration political advocacy, which works closely with sympathetic Republicans. But NIF is not like the conventional lobbying coalitions that exist on numerous issues. It was cofounded by the National Lawyers Guild in the 1980s, back when the Guild was a Soviet front group. The group's first head was Rick Swartz, a leftist attorney who cut his teeth advocating for Haitian illegal aliens and who, during a 1981 Senate hearing, likened the United States to Nazi Germany.

Like many lobbying coalitions, the NIF board includes representatives of Republican stalwarts like the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the National Restaurant Association, and used to include Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, now head of the Club for Growth. Whatever his libertarian views on immigration, I imagine Steve hightailed it out of there after he realized what he'd gotten into, because the people sitting around the conference table at NIF board meetings include some decidedly unsavory characters. In addition to the usual leftist suspects — the ACLU, the Service Employees Union, Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute — the NIF board includes the head of the immigration lawyers' association, one Jeanne Butterfield, who used to be executive director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, identified by the Anti-Defamation League as an alliance between members of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and the Workers World party (the Trotskyites behind the Iraq War protests)...
You'll note that the signatories are almost the same group as those who signed the "Conservative" Statement of Principles on Immigration from over a year ago.

Previously: More straw, Tamar?

The Two Hour Anti-Hate - 12/17/04

"Anti-hate vigil lights up Tam High"

Students, teachers, parents and community members gathered in front of Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley last night to declare their solidarity against recent hate speech at the school.

Illuminated only by streetlights and the candles they held in their hands, 250 demonstrators crowded shoulder to shoulder on the hillside facing Miller Avenue. Peace activists, student speakers and local leaders, as well as representatives from the Anti-Defamation League and the office of California State Assemblywoman Carole Migden, encouraged rally attendees to continue to be compassionate and kind in the face of last week's anti-gay vandalism...

"The acts of hatred and violence that have taken place have shocked the school and the community,"

...Last night's rally was the latest in a number of recent student-led efforts aimed at promoting tolerance and spreading an anti-hate message...

...The Leadership class and other students have distributed nearly 600 lavender ribbons to students and community members who are wearing them in solidarity against the hate crime...

"We're hoping the community and school will recognize Tam is still a safe place... Just because we've had a few instances of hate speech does not mean we're a gay-bashing school."

..."I don't see this as a reflection of the typical Tam student. It's just not in the culture of the school, and that's what raised the concern level... It was bizarre, but it shows us that no one is immune to this. There are no guarantees - no matter how progressive, how well-educated the community is - there are no guarantees there aren't going to be some people with a problem..."

At the close of the rally, as Tam student George Hines led the demonstrators in singing the Beatles' "Let it Be," a tear slid down the cheek of a gray-haired man in a blue track suit. Bob Jacobs, a science teacher for 14 years at Mill Valley Middle School, wiped his face when the song ended. Among the many Tam High students he has taught is the young girl the community came to support.

"Obviously, this is very sad," Jacobs said as a few of his current students came to greet him. "The students at this school should just keep their heads up and realize they're a wonderful group."

No word yet on whether Sammy Hagar showed up to burn a big "HATE" sign.

(Via this)