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Ludicrous: Sen. Ron Johnson launches "Victims of Government" (regulations, Koch) - 03/26/13

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has launched a ludicrous anti-regulations effort called "Victims of Government". The first video in the series is below, with many more promised. A summary of the case doesn't appear to be online from a balanced perspective, but you can wade through an affidavit at [1]. Or, you can just listen to Ron Johnson narrate the video over a piano track more appropriate for a...

On pollution, Tea Party are socialists (Lamar Alexander, EPA, coal, TP Nation, Judson Phillips) - 11/24/12

... last July against blocking an Environmental Protection Agency regulation on utilities. "He is much too close to the Democrats," said Katherine Hudgins, a tea-party activist from Murfreesboro, Tenn. "We believe he's an environmentalist at heart. He's gone to the dark side." The regulation in question appears to be SJR 37 (link) sponsored by one of the best friends polluters have in the Congress,...

GOP debate open thread: Monday, June 13, 2011 (CNN /WMUR /New Hampshire Union Leader) - 06/13/11

... agency she'd go after would be the Environmental Protection Agency and that the EPA should be renamed the "Job Killing Organization". Which is really stupid, and would probably also increase costs long-term due to, among others, greater health risks and increased costs for remediation. But, it'd be good for the short-term profits of those like the Koch family. UPDATE 2: I have to correct the...