Paul Ryan supports Rubio's DREAM Act Lite amnesty

From this:

(Paul Ryan), who voted against the Obama-backed DREAM Act and has opposed amnesty for most illegal immigrants, said he supported - but hadn't endorsed - the immigration reform efforts of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

"I've been impressed with Marco Rubio's leadership on this issue," he said. "Marco Rubio was on the cusp of introducing the bipartisan solution to immigration problems. President Obama preempted that with what many people think is an unconstitutional move and denied the ability to have a bipartisan solution to these legitimate immigration issues that we have to solve."

First, Paul Ryan doesn't really oppose amnesty, see the link.

Any form of the DREAM Act would harm both struggling American workers and struggling American college applicants, see extensive coverage in the posts at that link. That includes both the DREAM Act as a standalone bill and also Obama's temporary version and Rubio's alternative.

Politically speaking, Marco Rubio has also harmed the GOP when he could have greatly helped them.

As it is now, Rubio has validated the concept of the DREAM Act, the only dispute that remains are the details of the program: will the illegal aliens admitted to the program be put on the path to citizenship or not and other details.

Rubio's plan doesn't help him much with the majority of Americans who support our immigration laws and who oppose amnesty.

At the same time, Rubio's plan doesn't help him much with the "Hispanic vote". To undercut Rubio's plan with amnesty-friendly Hispanics, all the Democrats have to do is point out that their plan does more [1].

Rubio is like a store offering half the amount of highly similar veal cutlets for the same price as a competitor: some people are naturally averse to veal, and those who aren't will choose the competitor instead.

If GOP leaders were smart and weren't corrupt, they would point out that the DREAM Act is an anti-American bill, and would hang it around the necks of anyone who supports it (or proposals like it). Opposing the DREAM Act on principle would be a very good thing for both the GOP and the U.S.

Ryan and Rubio are choosing instead the option that's bad for both the GOP and the U.S.

[1] An example of Frank Sharry's AmericasVoice and the New York Times doing just that is here: