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Jordanian accused in Dallas skyscraper bomb plant is illegal alien; student visa or border? - 09/25/09

From this:

[Hosam Maher Husein Smadi], a Jordanian national, was arrested Thursday after federal officials said he placed what he believed to be an explosives-laden truck in a parking garage beneath the 60-story Fountain Place tower in Dallas. He was charges with trying to detonate a weapon of mass destruction and faces up to life in prison if convicted.

...In Jordan, Smadi's father insisted his son is innocent. He said Smadi and his brother, Hussein, 18, came to the United States in 2007 on a student visa. U.S. immigration authorities did not comment on Smadi's status, citing confidentiality.

From this:

...An affidavit in the case filed by Thomas D. Petrowski, FBI supervisory special agent in Dallas, said that Smadi had an Alien Registration Number issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Spokesmen at DHS would not discuss Smadi’s case. However, DHS issues Alien Registration Numbers both to aliens who originally enter the U.S. legally and to aliens who originally enter the U.S. illegally and are later encountered by DHS.

State Department Spokesman Andy Laine told CNSNews.com that the State Department would not comment on whether or not Smadi was given a visa to enter the U.S. because visa records are confidential...

Tea Parties for July 4th: locations, live coverage for Independence Day - 07/03/09

I'll be offering some live coverage of the July 4th Independence Day tea parties in this post. In the meantime, if you're looking for specific locations where you can protest and wave your loopy signs, see teapartypatriots.org, surgeusa.org/actions/july4.htm, teapartyday.com, or reteaparty.com/teaparties.

But, before you go, please take a look at my extensive tea parties summary. At that page, I lay out all the reasons why those who aren't extreme fiscal conservatives might want to do something more effective instead.

UPDATE: Apparently the most professional "party" this time is the one in Dallas (dallasteaparty.org/2009/06/americasteaparty). It features headliners like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees and Internet superstar Stephen Crowder. In keeping with their habit of playing dress-up, they've also got a Thomas Paine impersonator. On an ironic note, they've got Michael Cutler from the Center for Immigration Studies, despite the fact that many loony libertarians think there shouldn't be a border at all. Speaking of which, former Bob Barr running mate Wayne Allyn Root will be there, perhaps to try to sell the crowd used cars.

UPDATE 2: I enjoy parts of the last photo here, although I'm too much of a gentleman to try to figure out what sort of message they're trying to send.

UPDATE 3: These might be taken out of context, but here are two pictures from the big Dallas event showing very few people there:
They do have a horse there however.

UPDATE 4: As could be expected, Glenn Reynolds links to some of the events (link). There are more here - including someone apparently promoting Alex Jones' Infowars - and here. Explaining to the loons what's wrong with some of those signs is left as an exercise.

UPDATE 5: Sign from the Austin, Texas party: "Change is what Germany wanted in 1932" (link).

I'm going to start using the tagline "Home of the smart and effective opposition to Obama and the Democrats."

UPDATE 6: First, I misspelled his name "Wayne Allen Root", now corrected.

And, even if I'd known that SNL alumna Victoria Jackson was going to be at the La Canada version I wouldn't have gone. However, Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine did (link). It's not a complete hit piece, but he's obviously not sympathetic to their concerns (nor much am I):

In such a climate, it strikes me as . . . well, almost un-American to be griping so vehemently about helping those less fortunate. Were this a war, we'd all dig a little deeper to buy guns and battleships.

If those at the parties weren't completely selfish, had an interest in their fellow citizens, and had an intellectual basis for their whining, he might not have written that or at least they'd have an answer to it. As it is, he's mostly right even if his implicit solution isn't mostly right.

Also, the Dallas party was projected to get up to 50,000 attendees. Even one of their supporters is forced to say, "[m]any reported upwards of 15,000 in attendance" (link). And, that was apparently the main event.

And, at the Dallas event, John Cornyn was booed; that's the best the partiers can do because actually engaging him in debate and showing all the ways he's wrong is beyond them.

An MSM report summarizing attendance at all the parties isn't available, and Pajamas Media is strangely silent on that issue. I'll be very, very generous and estimate that the attendance for all events combined was 150,000. That represents 0.05% of the U.S. population, and that's a very high estimate.

UPDATE 7: Instapundit scours Google News for MSM reports; apparently the hundreds of PJTV "citizen journalists" failed him (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/81371). In addition to towns I've never heard of, one report he links to is "Genesee TEA Party holds Independence Day tax protest, plans campaign against Hurley millage" (link). "Millage" means property tax, and Hurley refers to a hospital run by the city of Flint. These people are practically carrying the local Democrat over the goal line:

The 0.9-mill countywide millage for Hurley would generate $10 million per year for the next 10 years. The owner of a $100,000 home would pay an extra $45 per year in property taxes if it passes.

Patrick Wardell, CEO and president of Hurley, said the city-owned hospital serves 69 percent of the county's uninsured and underinsured. He added that the services the hospital offers, such as a children's hospital and burn unit, are not money-makers but act as a safety net county-wide.

"Because of the nature of the mission of a place like Hurley, serving the whole county, cost-cutting is simply not enough," he said.

At the TEA Party, some county residents disagreed. Mark Berberich of Flint said Hurley should have to run like a business, and some businesses end up failing if they're not bringing in enough funds.

"I don't want anyone to fail, but some will fail," he said.

If Hurley is mismanaged, they should investigate using public records and then suggest ways to improve their operations. That's not what they're doing.

Dr. John Carlo is withholding public health information about swine flu (Dallas County medical director) - 05/05/09

The previously discussed article about the swine flu and immigration included this:

Careful not to fuel any backlash, Dr. John Carlo, Dallas County medical director, avoided characterizing any link to immigration.

In other words, Carlo is withholding potentially vital information about the source of a potential public health emergency. If some or many of those who are infected in Dallas are visitors or illegal aliens from Mexico, the public has a right to know so that they can contact their elected officials and urge them to take action: greater inspection of those entering the U.S. or an increase in attempts to block illegal immigration. Being politically correct is more important to Carlo than giving citizens the information they need.

I contacted Dallas County Health & Human Services director Zachary Thompson and asked him to comment on the article; this was his only reply:

DCHHS has no comment on the article.

You can get his contact information at dallascounty.org/department/hhservices if you'd like to politely let him know what you think.

Dallas School District laid off Americans while seeking H-1B workers (DISD) - 03/30/09

From this:

About 50 [Texas] companies, along with [the Dallas Independent School District], applied for H-1B visas for jobs in Texas last year and then announced layoffs of thousands of workers in the state, a Dallas Morning News review of government databases shows... DISD had the most filings of any North Texas entity, with 380 requests for H-1B visas and five for permanent visas... "We're obviously trying to find more bilingual teachers to help us with our population," said school district spokesman Jon Dahlander. Students with limited English proficiency now number 53,785 in DISD, or 34 percent of total enrollment... Dahlander added that despite job cuts of about 1,000 positions this school year, "we will be making new requests in April." He said he didn't know how many.

There are some caveats: not all applications result in someone being hired, and some of the jobs might not be of the same type as those who were laid off.

Back in 2006, the DISD board wanted to hire illegal aliens as bilingual teachers; the main person pushing that was linked to the League of United Latin American Citizens. A year earlier, that board passed a resolution requiring administrators to learn Spanish.

Coty Rodriguez Anderson - 08/03/08

A school counselor for the Dallas Independent School District and former director of League of United Latin American Citizens District III (Dallas Observer LULAC article).

Firm Advises Cintra in First Privatization of Toll Road in Texas - 09/02/07


Firm Advises Cintra in First Privatization of Toll Road in Texas

Dallas Observer LULAC article - 04/02/07

Title: "Conflict? What Conflict?/Hispanic leaders on DISD's payroll go mum about segregation at Preston Hollow"/Matt Pulle/[[February 1, 2007]]/ link

Also says that "part-time civil rights leader" Hector Flores is a full-time employee of the Dallas Independent School District.

Hector Flores - 04/02/07

Former president of the League of United Latin American Citizens and employed by the Dallas Independent School District as personnel director (Dallas Observer LULAC article).

KERA speeches from April 9 Mega March - 04/02/07


Page contains MP3 files (cached) of speeches from the April 9 Dallas march with the following (descriptions from link):

Dallas Mega March Coalition 2007 - 04/02/07

Organization that organized the April 1 2007 Dallas march

site: megamarch.com

The file megamarch.com/Portals/0/megadocs/MegaEndorsementForm.pdf lists the following sponsors:

Immigrants rally for rights, unity - 04/02/07

Dallas Morning News/Dianne Solis,Stella Chavez, Katherine Leal Unmuth (contributed)/[[April 2, 2007]]/ link

Thousands Attend Dallas Immigration Rally - 04/02/07

Associated Press/[[April 1, 2007]]/Anabelle Garay link

Thousands of people wearing white shirts and waving American flags rallied in downtown Dallas on Sunday as part of a continuing push for immigration reform for the millions of illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

Commerce chief defends raids - 03/31/07

Dallas Morning News/Dianne Solis/[[March 22, 2007]]/ link

Subtitle: Drain on labor force illustrates need for legalized path, he says

Describes the same press conference as Secretary calls for reform

Democratic Texas/Mexico/Aztlan flyer confirmed? - 10/21/06

I'm sure you all remember this classic:

texas democrats return texas to mexico aztlan

That flyer - showing Texas and Mexico rejoined - was supposedly passed out at the April 9, 2006 illegal immigration march in Dallas. At the time, I wondered whether it was a real poster or a fake.

Now, someone has sent an email to one Sarah from dallasdemocrats.org and says they've received the following reply:

"Yes it is likely one that we produced. I can't seem to get to the part of the site that explains the context of why they showed it though."

Not exactly a full admission, and they might backtrack, but at the very least we can say they haven't disowned it.

Trans-Texas Corridor: "there's something wrong going on in Texas" - 09/16/05

I-NAFTA is rolling right along, but some plucky Americans are trying to put up some roadblocks:
Trans-Texas Corridor critics denounced the state's handling of the project on Tuesday and called on McLennan County residents to organize against the proposed transportation network.