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cum malum regnat viri boni fieri debet proscript. Trillest D&D player on the internet. -§îkkØ #bigspoon Space Elephant.
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.@JustSikko: only think about Marshalltown for a moment. Would it have been infiltrated by a foreign crime org w/o mass #immigration? #tcot
.@JustSikko: instead of jumping to conclusions/bringing up arguments I'm not making in our wonderful chat, why not just answer my question?
.@JustSikko: Marshalltown is just 1 example of 100s across the U.S. All enabled by mass #immigration. Plz answer my question. @OMvibrations
.@JustSikko: 3rd try. Would a foreign crime org have infiltrated Marshalltown #Iowa if Swift had only hired Americans? @OMvibrations #occupy
RT @JustSikko: .@24AheadDotCom im sorry your one example written on some obscure website isnt gonna counter any of the legit data i posted.…
.@JustSikko: let's try this another way. If not for your buds-in-spirit at Swift, would have happened? #Iowa #tcot
.@JustSikko: have foreign crime orgs infiltrated even small towns across the U.S., largely due to mass #immigration? #ows #uniteblue #gop