Maybe Kathryn McGarr and the Politico should try real reporting for a change

Kathryn McGarr is/was a grad student at the Columbia Journalism School now working in some capacity at the Politico. On Glenn Thrush's blog, she offers "So where's your birth certificate, congressman?" (link) in which she asked Rep. Bill Posey and the co-sponsors of his "birther bill" to show their birth certificates. It isn't exactly an example of good journalism; it's more in line with a childish stunt that ThinkProgress (or worse) would pull.

So, maybe McGarr and the Politico would care to do some real reporting. They can start with these:

* Ask Ben Smith to post corrections for his various lies and misleading statements.

* Get Hawaii to issue the statement they're stonewalling me on and make sure that the New York Times and CNN correct or at least clarify their reports.

* Look into whether Obama lied in his book.

Needless to say, doing those things would make the Beltway establishment uncomfortable, so don't expect any of the hacks from the Politico to do any of them.