Mark McKinnon says people like him are the problem with the GOP, and he's right

Mark McKinnon - former chief advertising strategist for the John McCain campaign who quit in May rather than run against Barack Obama (link) - takes to the Daily Beast to offer "The Problem With the GOP Is... Me" (link). And, he's right, although, of course, not in the way intended:

There are too many of us white, out-of-touch, out-of ideas guys and we're running the party into the ground.

The problem with the Republican Party is there are too many wooly mammoths like me wandering around. It’s time to kill us off. Just slaughter us all. Drive us into the tar pits and move on.

Republicans working in leadership and the trenches are largely old, white, male, out-of-touch, out of ideas, technology averse, and living in the past.

Continuing the corrupt stupidity, he then goes on to name-check leading lights like Jennifer Rubin, Robert Bluey, and Patrick Ruffini.

I left the following (HTMLed) comment; if the Daily Beast allowed real links and posted comments immediately I would have said more:

McKinnon's advice to the GOP now is worth about as much as his advice to McCain during the campaign. Now, that doesn't mean that the GOP should do the opposite of everything McKinnon says, but they should consider the source.

For instance, McKinnon starts the piece off on a Gramscian note; instead of internalizing far-left principles and thinking that having minorities on board automatically confers legitimacy, the smarter GOP should consider being a big tent, color-blind party. That would completely differentiate them from the Democrats, and a smarter GOP could then attack the Dems on that point.

P.S. For an example of the sheer incompetence, corruption, and collaborationist instincts of the McCain campaign, see Juan Hernandez.