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Want to replace Alex Wagner on MSNBC? (Now, immigration, deferred action, DACA) - 08/16/12

... Post * Patricia Murphy of the Daily Beast * Hugo Lindgren (New York Times Magazine Editor) * Eric Bates (Rolling Stone Executive Editor) Note: This competition isn't sponsored by or affiliated with MSNBC or any other company. But, like any other company, MSNBC appreciates increased competition for jobs so they can get the lowest-priced qualified labor. Let's help them out.

Susana Martinez is bad on immigration, supports amnesty and a DREAM Act plan (Mitt Romney, New Mexico) - 05/15/12

... of Newsweek (appearing in the Daily Beast). Romano is quite a piece of work, as might be discussed in a future post.

Michael Tomasky: Mitt Romney is "too white" for Hispanics (Daily Beast) - 04/26/12

... from four+ years ago? At the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky offers the unaware, modern-day version of those stories (link): It seems clear that the main issue Mitt Romney is going to use to try to reestablish himself as a moderate is immigration. He told a private audience on April 15 that "we have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party" and warned that current polling "spells doom for us."...

Peter Beinart smears GOP, sticks up for illegal immigration - 10/24/11

Peter Beinart of the Daily Beast and the CFR offers "Why the GOP Demonizes 'Illegals'" (link) in which he smears the GOP and sticks up for illegal immigration using a series of misleading talking points. 1. About the only thing Beinart gets right is the fact that illegal aliens shouldn't be referred to as "illegals". Just use the legally-correct term: illegal aliens. That's factually correct, and...

Sarah Palin resigning as Alaskan governor; what supporters can do - 07/03/09

... Sink the U.S.S. Palin?" at the Daily Beast [1]. A look at the comments will show that it wasn't swamped by Palin supporters. No doubt very few of her supporters even know that site exists, would know about that posting, would have an account there, would understand the utility of fighting back against such postings, or would be willing and able to fight back. To make matters even worse, a site...

Nicolle Wallace tries rounding up other Republicans for Leader Obama - 01/22/09

Over at the Daily Beast, former senior advisor to the McCain campaign and George W Bush employee Nicolle Wallace offers "Republicans Get on Board/Even some former Bush aides are smitten with the new president. Now, will lefties let the GOP inside the tent?" (link). I am fighting very, very hard to avoid screaming out the first appellation that comes to mind. So, I'll just say that she and her...