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Immigrants Occupy December 18, 2011: OWS are useful idiots for big banks, big business, Federal Reserve, Koch, Bloomberg...

On Sunday, December 18, 2011, Occupy Wall Street will be conducting "ImmigrantsOccupy Global Day of Action". This "Action" will put them on the same side of immigration as the Koch brothers, the US Chamber of Commerce, big banks, big businesses, the Federal Reserve, and virtually the entire establishment.

Over two months ago I speculated that Occupy Wall Street is a fake movement comprised of useful idiots for the elites. Sunday's "Action" confirms this.

Their blurbs about the events are below, but first a challenge: I'd like any OWS member or sympathizer to list anyone who's part of the establishment who actually opposes massive immigration. I've written thousands of posts about immigration since 2002, and I can't think of a single establishment figure who wants to actually stop illegal immigration or reduce massive legal immigration. In fact, supporting at the least massive immigration is a membership requirement to be in the establishment.

And, OWS are on the same side of the immigration issue as the establishment.

Meanwhile, OWS is turning their backs on their own fellow citizens - many of them black - who are negatively impacted by massive immigration. In addition to being wrong policy, this move by OWS is bad politics in that it will further erode their support from the "99%".

Who supports massive and/or illegal immigration? Who are OWS's intellectual fellows? Here's a partial list:

* The Koch family, Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, Grover Norquist, and other top tea parties leaders...
* The Federal Reserve and corrupt major banks: see immigration banks...
* The US Chamber of Commerce...
* Occupy Wall Street's top opponent, Michael Bloomberg...
* Other tycoons like Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates...
* Business groups like the Western Growers, Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, National Association of Manufacturers...
* The entire MSM: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and on and on...
* The Mexican government...
* Major businesses such as WalMart, Western Union, Home Depot, and on and on...
* Hacks like Tamar Jacoby and Linda Chavez...
* People like the Rubashkins (see Postville)...
* Libertarian groups like the CATO Institute (part of the "Kochtopus")...
* George W Bush, Barack Obama (see Obama immigration) and a whole host of other corrupt politicians...
* The Rockefeller family and other superrich establishment figures...

If I listed them all, it would be a very long list. OWS is on their side, not yours.

ADDED: I added a few more names to the list above. Also, I realize that most current or prospective OWS members won't be as familiar with this issue as I am. So, if you're still confused, just follow the money. Illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar "industry", and lots of corrupt people are trying to get their own share of it. For instance, banks (see the link above) want to take a cut of the money that illegal aliens send home. They also want to profit from illegal aliens depositing funds or by giving them loans. The fewer illegal aliens in the U.S., the less money they'll make. So, those corrupt banks (as well as big business) contribute to those politicians who they know will look the other way on illegal immigration. Those banks and businesses aren't going to contribute to those who cut into their profits, they're going to donate to those who help them make money (even if the money was earned illegally by their customer). OWS isn't trying to stop banks from profiting from illegally-earned money, nor are they trying to stop political corruption as politicians look the other way on illegal activity. OWS is on the wrong side: they're enabling those banks to profit and they're enabling those corrupt politicians.

But, some might ask, "what about the blurb directly below?" "OWS doesn't say they're going to do that, now do they?" Of course they don't say they're going to enable corrupt banks. That's just what's going to happen. If OWS were able to block detentions and deportations, those corrupt banks would cheer. Not only would those corrupt banks get to keep their current illegal alien customers, but OWS would help them gain new customers as there was continued illegal immigration. OWS would be furthering the cycle outlined above where banks donate to corrupt politicians.

In the blurb below, OWS complains (with presumably a straight face) about "wage theft", and they don't mean the impact that massive illegal immigration has on American wages. There are reasons why many big businesses favor immigrant labor, and it isn't because they're nice guys. It's because they want to lower their labor costs, and OWS is enabling them in that effort. Big business favors cheaper, more compliant foreign labor so they don't have to spend as much on wages and so that they can have more control over their workers. OWS is on the side of, for instance, Mohawk Industries, meat processors, Swift Foods, Tyson Foods and so on. OWS is not on the side of their American workers.

But, couldn't we not deport anyone, have continued high illegal immigration, and enforce labor laws to make sure all workers get a fair shake? Sure, we could do that, but it wouldn't work as intended. See enforce labor but not immigration laws and immigration wage floor for why that won't work.

Note that, when it comes to corporate profiteering, OWS doesn't highlight anything above. They don't highlight how, for instance, the Federal Reserve wants a cut of the money that illegal aliens send home. They don't highlight how major banks want to profit from giving home loans to illegal aliens. They don't highlight how corrupt growers and food processors donate to corrupt politicians who look the other way on illegal immigration.

Instead, they only highlight the much, much smaller market for private detention. And, when it comes to that, OWS would increase that market. OWS's actions would increase illegal immigration, and the great majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration. If, due to OWS's influence, illegal immigration increased, that would result in a stronger call for detaining illegal aliens from the great majority of Americans. That would result in more laws like SB1070 in Arizona. On the other hand, if illegal immigration decreased, that would result in fewer detentions and less of a call for detention centers.

So, OWS is going in the wrong direction on corporate profiteering. Not only is OWS ignoring the much larger market involving employing and otherwise profiting off illegal aliens' wages, but when it comes to detention they'd enable the very corporate profiteering they complain about.

As for the last paragraph in the first blurb below, OWS is responding to the negative impacts of NAFTA and the like by making things worse for all concerned. Most Americans don't want illegal immigration, yet that's the policy prescription OWS has for NAFTA. At the same time, OWS's policy prescription deprives countries like Mexico of people who'll stay there and press for political reform. For the elites of both countries, OWS policy ideas are great: Mexican elites have fewer people to take care of and worry about, and American elites have plenty of low-wage workers. That's great for the elites of both countries, but not good for everyone else.

Now, I don't know whether OWS is consciously fake or not: the elites could be pulling their strings and making sure they promote policies that help the elites. Or, OWS could just be useful idiots for those elites. In any case, OWS is in effect a fake group: they're helping the elites make billions at the same time as they harm struggling American workers (and the millions of unemployed).

ADDED 2: What if OWS went in the opposite direction and opposed illegal immigration instead of enabling it? Here's what that would mean:

* The elites would drop them like a hot Birther, and that's because - unlike what they're doing now - OWS would be doing something that the elites definitely don't want.
* OWS would be challenging the elites on one of the issues where the elites are weakest.
* OWS would help foreign countries: there would be less braindrain and foreign countries' elites would need to take care of their own people rather than sending them to the U.S.
* OWS would help American workers and the unemployed, many of whom could be doing jobs currently being done by illegal aliens (and with a net benefit to the U.S.)
* OWS would reduce political corruption and corporate profiteering.

Now, compare what OWS could be doing to what they're actually doing.

If OWS was from the start a bogus group designed to assist the elites, would they be doing anything differently from what they're doing now?

From an OWS email announcement:

Immigrants are part of the 99% and on December 18th we will march with the Occupy Wall Street movement to demand immigrant justice including putting an end to wage theft, and stopping detentions and deportations of our beloved community members. As the Occupy Wall Street movement highlights corporate profiteering we would like to shed light on those that profit off our labor, exploit workers and refuse to pay dignified wages. We also march against the corporations who support anti-immigrant legislation so they can make billions of dollars by detaining immigrants in private detention centers and deporting nearly 400,000 people per year.

As the occupy movement goes global we also recognize the destructive role that these corporations play in exploiting resources and labor in our home countries which forces millions to migrate. December 18th is the International Day of Migrants and we stand in solidarity with those world wide who are proclaiming Immigrant Rights as Human Rights.


From Occupy Philadelphia (see the first link):

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia and Occupy Philadelphia:

On Sunday, December 18th, people from every continent will be standing up and speaking out for the rights of migrants and against racism. Here in Philadelphia, members of a Latino congregation in N. Philly ...came up with the idea of holding a Posada to call for the end of deportations and an end to the separation of families. This will be a prayerful procession through Center City.

Las Posadas (Spanish for "the inn") is a traditional Mexican festival which re-enacts Mary and Joseph's travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem and their search for room at the inn. A processional stops at a previously selected home and asks for lodging for the night. After being turned away twice, the people are then invited in to read scriptures, eat, and sing carols called villancicos.

Join us in this rich tradition to reflect on what hospitality means, call on decision makers to open this nation's doors and hearts, and to imagine the society we want to live in...


Ibid, and note their support for the anti-American DREAM Act and their globalist reference to the United Nations:

On December 18, 1990 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. Ten years later the U.N. declared December 18 as International Migrants Day. The Convention emphasizes that the rights of migrants are not to be violated or attacked regardless of the immigration status in the country of residence

United Nations data indicates that 175 million people worldwide are immigrants. Yet, in spite of the many contributions of immigrants to the countries they decided to adopt as their homes, many times they are mistreated, victimized, discriminated and exploited. In the US, Congress has failed to pass any Comprehensive Reform or the DREAM Act, and yet the Administration continues to escalate enforcement, deporting over 1 million people in the last three years.

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