DRM Capitol Group wants Americans to "shut up" about anti-American DREAM Act (Cesar Vargas, Ryan Campbell)

Cesar Vargas and Ryan Campbell of the DRM Capitol Group want Americans who oppose illegal immigration and the anti-American DREAM Act to "shut up" (see those links).

Vargas and Campbell also mislead about Mitt Romney and Arizona's SB1070, and aren't clear on the actual immigration positions of Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.

From "Immigration hawks and Paul Ryan a liability for Romney" in The Hill ( peekURL.com/zb23DDU ):

On immigration, Mitt Romney desperately needs his party to do one thing above all else: shut up. It isn’t for no reason that President Obama is beating Mitt Romney by heavy margins according to every poll of Latino voters: Romney used harsh rhetoric pushing for SB 1070, calling it a “model for the nation,” promised to veto the DREAM Act -- a bill that would allow undocumented youth to earn legal status. Now that the brutal primaries seem a distant memory, Romney must do everything he can to appeal to Latino voters...

...Rep. Ryan will not create the celebrity sensation necessary to woo other groups, specially Latinos nor will Rep. Ryan's voting record sway them. In April, Rep. Ryan went as far as defending Romney’s immigration positions. Indeed, Paul Ryan’s record mirrors Romney’s positions including voting yes on building an expensive fence along the Mexican border and most significantly voting no on the DREAM Act in the 2010 Lame Duck session...

1. DRM Capitol Group wants millions of American citizens to "shut up" in order to help foreign citizens who are here illegally. Telling voters to "shut up" is not an American concept.

2. The bill that DRM Capitol Group pushes or variants of it are anti-American: those bills would take college educations away from American citizens and would result in lower wages or unemployment for struggling lower-skilled American workers (most of them Democrats). See the DREAM Act summary and posts for much more.

3. Romney never "pushed" SB1070; for the details see the post about Robert Reich misleading about Mitt Romney and the Arizona law.

4. Romney has said he'd veto the DREAM Act, but he's also said he'd support something like that that only involves military service. In June, he said he "agrees" with Marco Rubio on the latter's alternative plan. Immigration seems to only be a minor issue for Romney; he acted tough in the primary but clearly his heart isn't in it and he isn't capable of figuring out how to use the issue to his (very great) advantage.

5. Whatever votes one wants to cherry-pick, Paul Ryan isn't good on immigration. He opposes the DREAM Act, but only because he favors a broader amnesty via Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

6. I'll leave it to the reader to try to determine why Vargas and Campbell can't even identify or admit that those like Romney and Ryan are basically on their side.

UPDATE: Fixed a typo, "also aren't mislead" => "also mislead" in the second paragraph.