DHS IG to investigate Secure Communities in [August 2010] (Zoe Lofren)


Per this, the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General (Charles Edwards) will be investigating the Secure Communities program in 2012. Edwards says the investigation seeks "to determine the extent to which ICE uses the program to identify and remove dangerous criminal aliens from the United States."

Rep. Zoe Lofgren - an immigration lawyer and supporter of illegal immigration - was pushing for an investigation and wrote a letter to Edwards demanding that he move the date up to this year:

Lofgren, as well as many other critics of Secure Communities, argues that while ICE promoted the program as a way to identify and deport dangerous criminals, it was also sweeping up undocumented immigrants who had not committed crimes. She has said it could actually make communities less safe by making immigrants afraid of contacting police when they have witnessed a crime or been a victim.

“An investigation of the Secure Communities program is pressing,” said the congresswoman, who chaired the House immigration subcommittee when her party was in the majority, in her letter to Edwards. “I urge you to begin your review as soon as possible.”

This is yet another example of how amnesties such as comprehensive immigration reform would act in practice: the public would be promised stepped-up enforcement, and then illegal immigration supporters like Lofgren (or city leaders such as those in San Francisco) would attempt to chip away at the promised enforcement. Note also that Secure Communities roughly coincides with the Barack Obama administration and might be considered to be a kindler, gentler version of the 287g program. It's not restricted enough for those like Lofgren.

6/10/11 UPDATE: Lofgren got her wish: per the Huffington Post, the OIG's review has been moved up to August 2010. Title changed to reflect the new date.