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Andrew Janz
Fresno, CA
Andrew Janz is the Democrat and Prosecutor running for Congress in Central California #CA22 against Rep. Devin Nunes - tweets written by Candidate signed AJ
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.@pgmckim: #Koch bros are big fans of loose borders. By sneering at concerns over mass #immigration, @JanzforCongress is in effect helping them & other NeoLiberals. He doesn't realize illegal immigration = massive political corruption (or he wants a taste). #CA22 #MAGA #resist
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You're in effect pro-Koch. MT @pgmckim @JanzforCongress Sounds like you talk to #Trumpettes who are worried about crime & immigration after 30 yrs of @GOP/Murdoch/Koch bullshit. IMHO forget them and focus instead on getting every registered Dem to vote in every single election
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"KTI" = NeoLiberal distractions. MT @JanzforCongress From what I hear on the campaign trail, it's immigration and healthcare. People are very concerned with crime as well. A lot can happen in the next year. I'll keep pounding the pavement and talking about #kitchentableissues