Debate me on the Obama citizenship issue

If you disagree with me on the Obama citizenship issue, here's your chance to try to show how you think I'm wrong. Leave a comment below presenting a counter-argument to any of the posts at the last link, and I'll reply in comments or in the post with my rebuttal.

To summarize, my two basic claims are:
1. While there's an excellent chance that Obama was born in Hawaii as he says, he still hasn't definitively proved it. All the forms of evidence so far presented are full of holes and wouldn't hold up in court if the question were simply about determining where he was born.

2. The mainstream media and others have repeatedly lied about the basic, indisputable facts of this matter, and almost no one else has been willing to challenge them on those lies. The establishment has worked night and day to push the useful fiction that where he was born has been definitively proved and has smeared anyone who dared question the official story. It's extremely dangerous to allow the establishment to enshrine a useful fiction, lies, and sloppy thinking.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you disagree, with the following caveats:

1. I, of course, won't delete comments. However, if all you do is leave a content-free smear, I'll use that as an example of how the "anti-birthers" can't make an argument.
2. If the number of comments causes the comment provider to begin paging, I might begin a new thread.
3. Note that I've focused on the certificate issue, not on the issue of whether Obama was a British citizen or the like. My position on that issue is that those pushing that issue need to find experts to back up their claims. If you leave a comment on that issue, I'll use that as an example of how "anti-Birthers" can't make a valid argument. This thread is only about my coverage, not what others have argued.
4. Most importantly, I expect anyone leaving a comment to have read the Obama citizenship page and what it links to. If someone misstates my argument I'll also use that as an example of how "anti-birthers" can't make an argument.