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Debate me on the Obama citizenship issue, Part 2 - 09/13/10

Here's your second chance to debate me on the Obama citizenship issue. Before proceeding, I'm going to ask that you read and understand "Why the Obama certificate issue is vitally important" to understand my angle on this issue. My coverage is perfectly valid, logical, and fact-based, even if many have been trained to reflexively reject any coverage of this issue that doesn't push the official...

Debate me on the Obama citizenship issue - 07/13/10

If you disagree with me on the Obama citizenship issue, here's your chance to try to show how you think I'm wrong. Leave a comment below presenting a counter-argument to any of the posts at the last link, and I'll reply in comments or in the post with my rebuttal. To summarize, my two basic claims are: 1. While there's an excellent chance that Obama was born in Hawaii as he says, he still hasn't...