Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010: Robert Menendez' amnesty

Senator Bob Menendez has introduced a new amnesty bill called the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010". It's almost 900 pages and, since it's probably not going anywhere, the following discussion will be brief. However, feel free to provide additional information in comments. You can download a copy from
At least one part of it appears to be lifted from Ted Kennedy's 2007 amnesty (#4 below). If anyone would like to compare the two, please leave a comment.

1. The section "Annual report on improving North American security information exchange" obviously has echoes of George W Bush's SPP, the North American Union, and other efforts to, if not join us, Mexico, and Canada into one country at least bring us closer than most residents of those countries would want.

2. The section "Cooperation with the Government of Mexico" is mostly as bad as you'd expect. It seeks to promote "circular migration", but why not support reducing immigration in the first place? And:

The Secretary of State, in cooperation with other appropriate Federal officials, shall work with appropriate officials of the Government of Mexico to educate citizens and nationals of Mexico regarding their eligibility for nonimmigrant status in the United States to ensure that such citizens and nationals are not exploited while working in the United States.

3. They want to study deaths among those illegally crossing into the U.S., giving it away with "an analysis of whether physical barriers, technology, and enforcement programs have contributed to the rate of migrant deaths". If they were truly concerned about that issue they'd move to reduce both illegal and legal immigration.

4. It would create the "United States-Mexico Border Enforcement Commission" which, of course, is as bad as it sounds; see this.

5. Reading the whole "Detention Reform" section is left as an exercise, but expect massive giveaways to immigration lawyers and overall an attempt to hobble detention.

6. It would create a "Standing Commission on Immigration, Labor Markets, and the National Interest" which would, among other things, "recommend to Congress and the President the numeric levels and characteristics of workers to be admitted in various employment based visa categories". The Commission would basically administer the new H-2C guest workers plan; that H-2C plan was also part of the earlier Harry Reid amnesty.

7. The H-2C guest workers program, of course, pretends that employers have to first offer jobs to citizens; most of those employers would do that in a bad faith fashion. Not only that, but "guests" could adjust their status to Lawful Permanent Resident either after four years (if they petition themselves) or presumably at any time if their employer petitions for them. They have to pay a fee (a whopping $100, plus any fees levied by the Department of Homeland Security which might increase that amount a bit), prove they're working, and prove they're learning English and civics. This is, needless to say, the kicker: foreign citizens would be brought in by corrupt employers in an attempt to undercut U.S. workers, would be put on the "path to citizenship", and would within a decade or so be voting mostly for the Democrats.

8. The giveaways in the entire "Family and Employment Visa Reforms" are left as an exercise.

9. The AgJOBS amnesty is included, as is the anti-American DREAM Act amnesty.

10. It includes a "Blue Card Status", which appears to be some kind of amnesty for farmworkers.

11. And, finally, the kicker of kickers, it has a general amnesty allowing illegal aliens to obtain "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" status. They can then convert that into LPR and get on the "path to citizenship". I was unable to find any restrictions on them proving they'd been in the U.S. for an extended time period, so this might cover almost all non-criminal illegal aliens. If anyone can find something requiring them to have to prove they've lived in the U.S. for, say, two years or more leave a comment.

Finally, imagine how this is going to work out:

[government agencies] shall broadly disseminate information regarding Lawful Prospective Immigrant status, the rights and benefits that flow from such status, and the requirements to be satisfied to obtain this status. Such information shall be disseminated in the top five principal languages, as determined by the Secretary in the Secretary’s discretion, spoken by aliens who would qualify for status under this section, including to television, radio, and print media to which such aliens would have access.