Chuck Schumer: don't make border security a "barrier" to giving citizenship to illegal aliens (2013 amnesty)

Speaking earlier today, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) said this about the plans for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty [1]:

"We want the border to be secure. It's more secure than it was several years ago, but it has a ways to go. And different sectors need different types of security. It's a lot different having security in the Tucson sector than off the stretch in Texas, which is bounded by the Rio Grande... But we're not using border security as an excuse or block to the path of citizenship. We just want to make sure - and this is very important both substantively and politically - that there is a secure border, and we're going to work for that. But it's not - and (Dick Durbin) and I and (Bob Menendez), as well as our three Republican friends, want to make sure the border's secure but not to use it as a barrier to prevent the 11 million from eventually gaining a path to citizenship."

And, that shows yet again how delusional Marco Rubio is: the Democrats are going to do whatever it takes to make sure they get the millions of new voters they want, such as by weakening the provisions of an amnesty plan.

Even if an amnesty plan passes with "tough" provisions, the Democrats and the far-left will start to work the next day to weaken those provisions.

[1] peekURL . com/zhTAjAz