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NPR ignores downsides of international migration and remittances (Ashley Westerman, International Center for Journalists, U.N.) - 10/02/13

Ashley Westerman of NPR offers "World Immigration Called 'Win-Win' For Rich Nations, And Poor" [1]. The story was sponsored by the International Center for Journalists [2]. The ICJ isn't getting their money's worth as far as journalism is concerned, but they are getting it from the propaganda standpoint (bolding added):

If you think NPR Tell Me More is real journalism, see this. (illegal immigration propaganda, Michel Martin) - 12/12/11

If you think NPR's Tell Me More and host Michel Martin engage in real journalism, keep reading because I hope to change your mind.

Questions for Michel Martin: Tell Me More about your illegal immigration propaganda - 12/10/11

NPR has been on a pro-illegal immigration kick lately, and one recent example is the completely absurd "Illegal Farm Worker Becomes Brain Surgeon" [1] from Michel Martin's "Tell Me More" show. The problem with the story isn't the brain surgeon's compelling personal tale, it's that NPR is engaged in obvious propaganda rather than anything remotely approaching journalism.

Tea Party Patriots admit immigration "isn't an issue for us" (Mark Meckler) - 07/12/11

One of my major complaints about the Tea Party is that they're ignoring immigration to concentrate on issues that are much less popular, much less important, and much less vital. See all the examples in the posts on the tea parties page, and the leader of a major Teaparty group has now explicitly confirmed that his group isn't really all that concerned about an issue that's more important than spending.

The Teaparty-ification of NPR (James O'Keefe, cheap stunts, distraction) - 03/09/11

The president and CEO of NPR - Vivian Schiller - was fired by their board today (link). That follows James OKeefe of ACORN fame catching one of her former underlings on hidden camera saying embarrassing things. A few notes:

Juan Williams fired by NPR, and his supporters won't be able to do anything about it - 10/21/10

Political commentator Juan Williams was fired by NPR yesterday for making what should be non-controversial remarks about Muslims and terrorism on the Bill OReilly show; a transcript is at [1].

Tom Ashbrook of NPR /WBUR helps Mike Huckabee spout anti-American policy ("On Point Radio") - 08/11/10

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee appeared on the "On Point Radio" show (link) and promoted policy that's not just anti-American, but that would harm other countries as well. And, the host of that show - Tom Ashbrook didn't say a word about it.

Ted Robbins of NPR lies about Arizona immigration bill - 04/24/10

Ted Robbins of NPR offers "Immigration Bill Puts Civil Rights Defenders On Alert" ( He lies and misleads about the provisions of the recently-signed Arizona immigration bill:

Local police and sheriff's deputies are required to stop anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. Whoever they stop must produce ID proving their legal status. If they don't, officers have to arrest them... The law allows police to take race into account when they stop people so even some of those here legally say they fear being stopped because of the color of their skin.

1. As with Anne Kornblut and Spencer Hsu and with CNN, Robbins is lying: police won't simply be stopping anyone who they think is here illegally; it will have to be part of a lawful contact, such as a traffic stop. See the last link for the details.

2. As I read the bill, officers aren't required to arrest people who can't produce documentation, they're only allowed. (Other provisions allowing citizens to sue authorities for failing to enforce the law might come into play in that case.)

3. See this for a discussion of the last sentence in the excerpt; Ted Robbins isn't telling the whole truth.

NPR described Obama as "Kenyan-born", then later posts correction - 04/09/10

The blurb for the October 9, 2008 NPR story "Trial and Triumph: Stories Out Of Africa" (introduced by Michel Martin, included the following (bolding added): "[West African correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton] describes the stories that have been exciting, including the U.S. presidential race of Kenyan-born Sen. Barack Obama."

Ron Paul was right: Federal Reserve had involvement in Watergate, money sent to Saddam Hussein (Ben Bernanke) - 02/25/10

Yesterday, Rep. Ron Paul quizzed Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve about that group's involvement in relation to Watergate and to the funding of Saddam Hussein of Iraq (video: ). Bernanke called that questioning "absolutely bizarre", and several sources (some listed below) joined in.

As it turns out, the Fed in fact did have some sort of involvement with both Watergate and with money that was sent to Saddam, as documented in the book "Deception and Abuse at the Fed: Henry B. Gonzalez Battles Alan Greenspan's Bank" (link). From the blurb:

...Robert Auerbach, a former [U.S. House of Representatives] banking committee investigator, recounts major instances of Fed mismanagement and abuse of power that were exposed by Rep. Gonzalez, including: * Blocking Congress and the public from holding powerful Fed officials accountable by falsely declaring--for 17 years--it had no transcripts of its meetings; * Manipulating the stock and bond markets in 1994 under cover of a preemptive strike against inflation; * Allowing $5.5 billion to be sent to Saddam Hussein from a small Atlanta branch of a foreign bank--the result of faulty bank examination practices by the Fed; * Stonewalling Congressional investigations and misleading the Washington Post about the $6,300 found on the Watergate burglars. Auerbach provides documentation of these and other abuses at the Fed, which confirms Rep. Gonzalez's belief that no government agency should be allowed to operate with the secrecy and independence in which the Federal Reserve has shrouded itself. Auerbach concludes with recommendations for specific, broad-ranging reforms that will make the Fed accountable to the government and the people of the United States.

See also and this.

Here are some of those who reflexively supported Bernanke without doing even a little bit of research. The reader is encouraged to add more in comments. Unless otherwise noted, all of the following mock Paul in one way or other, none of them even hint that the Fed was in fact involved in some ways with both issues, and none of them have corrections at post time:

* AllahPundit
wasnt-the-fed-involved-with-saddam-and-in-watergate (no correction at post time)

* Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal


* Heather Horn of The Atlantic

* Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox News' business channel:

* Jordan Fabian of The Hill doesn't mock Paul but also doesn't provide background:

* Huffington Post (Note that one of their contributors posted a link to the book at

Please add more in comments.

UPDATE: Paul has read into the Congressional Record a statement he received from Auerbach (link):

I thank Congressman Ron Paul for bringing to the public’s attention the Federal Reserve coverup of the source of the Watergate burglars’ source of funding and the defective audit by the Federal Reserve of the bank that transferred $5.5 billion from the U.S. government to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Congressman Paul directed these comments to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at the House Financial Services Hearing February 24, 2010. I question Chairman Bernanke’s dismissive response...

Politifact "Lie of the Year" misleads (Angie Drobnic Holan; Sarah Palin's "death panels") - 12/19/09

Politifact has named Sarah Palin's claim about there being "death panels" in Obama healthcare as their lie of the year; it was the top "lie" selected by both their editors and their readers.

Census Bureau compiling everyone's GPS coordinates - 05/04/09

At first, this and this about the Census Bureau using GPS to record the coordinates of every household in the U.S. might seem like tinfoil hat talk. And, it would be great of one of our favorite "debunkers" treated it as such, because the fundamental are actually true. Let's turn to this NPR report from July 31, 2006 (link):

Two-and-a-half years from now, in early 2009, the Census Bureau plans to send an army of 100,000 temporary workers down every street and dusty, dirt road in America. They will be armed with handheld GPS devices.

Robert LaMacchia, head of the Census Bureau's geography division, says they'll capture the latitude and longitude of the front door of every house, apartment and improvised shelter they find.

"We will actually knock on doors and look for hidden housing units," he says. "We will find converted garages; from the outside, it may not look like anybody lives there."

1. A picture of the unit is here. It might be possible for census workers - including those from groups like ACORN - to get the data in some way. That might involve simply inserting a memory chip or a simple hack. I don't know the specifics on the unit, but it probably wasn't designed against such attempts.

2. Various factors can contribute to GPS being slow, very slow, or inaccurate. I'd imagine that the same problems getting a reading in a canyon would contribute to problems getting readings in the city versions of canyons.

3. The article indicates that some want to change the laws to make the GPS data publicly available.

Mexican immigrant wins Purpose Prize: $100,000 for illegal alien scholarships - 12/06/08

Rich folks love their gardeners, and now Catalino Tapia of the Bay Area Gardeners Foundation is $100,000 richer since he's one of the winners of this years "Purpose Prize" (, an award from Civic Ventures which is a group funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Templeton Fund. And, what's he going to spend it on? Helping Hispanic kids pay for college and related expense, irrespective of whether they're here legally or not. And, to make the race-based support for illegal activity that much sweeter, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza serves on the panel of judges. And, even better, NPR offers a heartwarming report on it here:

Catalino Tapia crossed the border from Mexico into the United States 40 years ago with a sixth-grade education and only $6 in his pocket. He became a legal resident.. The Gardeners Foundation also does not ask if a student is documented. Four out of its nine scholarship recipients are undocumented. The foundation nearly doubled the number of scholarships this year...

I hate to throw cold water on NPR's support for illegal activity, but I'd imagine that there were more than nine applicants for their scholarships, and I'd imagine that some of those who were rejected were U.S. citizens. If so, then those illegal aliens may have cost U.S. citizens their chance at college. On the bright side, some of those U.S. citizens might realize there are limits to a race-based support for illegal activity.

In addition to Murguia, judges were Sherry Lansing (chair), Conchy Bretos, Bob Buford, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Fred Davie, Mitchell Fromstein, David Gergen, Jennie Chin Hansen, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Suzanne Braun Levine, Peter Osnos, James Phills, John Pepper, Sindey Poitier, Rey Ramsey, Cokie Roberts, General Eric Shinseki, Alan Solomont, Jeff Taylor, [[Thomas J. Tierney]], and Harris Wofford.

NPR's "Tell Me More" spreads disinformation on hate crime statistics - 11/12/08

NPR's "Tell Me More" show offers the misleading "Latinos Increasingly Targeted For Hate Crimes" (link):

The FBI reports that hate crimes against Latinos rose almost 40 percent between 2003 and 2006, and Hispanic activists say they are being targeted with threats and intimidation. Tony Asion, of El Pueblo, a Latino advocacy group, is joined by Kevin Johnson, of the University of California-Davis Law School, to discuss the statistics that are sending shockwaves through some Latino communities.

Now, for the facts that NPR won't tell you: the 40% rise was obtained by choosing a low year (2003) as the starting point and by not adjusting for population gains. And, when that adjustment is done, hate crimes against Hispanics are actually down since 1995 (as a percentage of their population).

That show is apparently produced or hosted by Michel Martin, but her involvement with the segment isn't known. Note that Johnson was a member of an Immigration Policy Group for the Obama campaign.

Justin Rood/ABC News misleads about Sarah Palin divestment from Sudan - 10/03/08

Followers of the MSM's attempt to destroy Sarah Palin have probably noticed a trend: the MSM reports something that's false or misleading and uses the "recollections" of a Democratic politician from Alaska as their authority on the matter. That's then picked up by the blogs and amplified, until such time as a new smear is ready.

Thus it is that Justin Rood of ABC News offers "Record Refutes Palin's Sudan Claim/Palin Administration Against Sudan Divestment Before It Was For It, Documents Show" (link). The main quote source in the article is Alaskan Democratic politician Les Gara, who's also the "validator" for a highly misleading "fact check" from the Barack Obama campaign:

That BHO page says "Palin's administration was complicit in killing Darfur divestment bill" and provides a few quotes in support of that claim. However, the BHO campaign "forgets" to point out that Palin later supported the bill when it was reintroduced in the next session.

Taking his cues from the BHO campaign, ABC's Rood says:
In Thursday's debate, Palin said she had advocated the state divest from Sudan. "When I and others in the legislature found out that we had some millions of dollars [of Permanent Fund investments] in Sudan, we called for divestment through legislation of those dollars," Palin said.

But a search of news clips and transcripts from the time do not turn up an instance in which Palin mentioned the Sudanese crisis or concerns about Alaska's investments tied to the ruling regime. Moreover, Palin's administration openly opposed the bill, and stated its opposition in a public hearing on the measure.
Rood himself and the subhead both admit that the most that can be said is that she (i.e., her administration) were against it to begin with for one reason or other. There are only two angles for an honest reporter: why was her administration was against it initially, and does her statement above imply some sort of immediate action rather than allowing for initial opposition. Rood is trying to give the impression that she was outright lying about supporting divestment, something that this April 03, 2008 article shows to be false (link):
Gov. Sarah Palin's administration signaled support Tuesday for the Legislature to order the divestment of Alaska's public funds from Sudan, where thousands of people have died in the Darfur region.

Department of Revenue Commissioner Patrick Galvin endorsed a bill promoting divestment in Sudan at a hearing before the Senate State Affairs Committee.
Also, the bill that ABC discusses was sponsored by Democrat Les Gara and Republican Bob Lynn. The latter couldn't be reached, but Gara is quite eager to pin blame on Palin and lays it on thick:
"At the last minute they showed up" and supported the divestment effort, Gara said. But by then the legislative session was almost over, and there wasn't enough time to get it passed.
Rood's timeline appears to place that "early this year". Yet, the Alaskan legislature began its session on January 15 (link), and according to this, state senator Hollis French was to co-sponsor a new version of the bill. Rood's timeline is obviously off.

For the details, one possibility would be to contact "Save Darfur Anchorage"; if she were the sticking point I'm sure they would have covered it (link). When a Chinese company that invests in the Sudan (Sinopec) wanted a major state contract (link,link) and was rejected for one reason or other, they took her to task for not publicly rejecting that company over Darfur (link); they also met with her over divestment in December 2007 (link).

And, concerning Sinopec, this December 7, 2007 report says:
Alaska Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin said concerns about either exports or alleged human-rights violations could be valid considerations during the months-long review process of the gas project proposals.
Galvin is also quoted at some of the previous links as a representative of the Palin administration dealing with divestment.

~ Who's pushing the smear ~
* Needless to say, someone else is buying it and trying to resell it: He calls that a "lie", when in fact Sully is the liar.
* Martin Kaste of NPR fails to point out that she later supported divestment:
* Americablog does the same: That same list was posted by Lowell (, this site (, and a large number of other blogs and forums. Some don't have a link back, and the ones that do link back to Americablog. However, the list screams "sent from the BHO campaign".
* Americablog again, with John Aravosis quoting only the "good parts" of the ABC piece, the ones that don't mention that the Palin administration later came out in support of divestiture:

Washington Post: America's finest source for bad reporting (Palin "slashed" funds story) - 09/02/08

The Washington Post recently published a blog post about Sarah Palin (in their words) "slash[ing]" funds to a non-profit group. Except, what they got from the state of Alaska alone was over three times what they got from all government sources combined in 2006. Let's take a look at the WaPo's "downstream", the three-eyed fish who gobble up what the WaPo sludges out.

Paul Kane/WaPo's reporting skills are on par with DailyKos (Sarah Palin veto) - 09/02/08

[See the updates, it gets a lot worse: what Paul Kane describes as a "slash[ing]" of funds to a non-profit was over a threefold increase from all the government funds they received in 2006.]

Paul Kane of the Washington Post should consider a career as a DailyKos diarist, as he offers "Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms" (link):
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee who revealed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, earlier this year used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live.

After the legislature passed a spending bill in April, Palin went through the measure reducing and eliminating funds for programs she opposed. Inking her initials on the legislation -- "SP" -- Palin reduced funding for Covenant House Alaska by more than 20 percent, cutting funds from $5 million to $3.9 million. Covenant House is a mix of programs and shelters for troubled youths, including Passage House, which is a transitional home for teenage mothers.
As for why he should consider joining DailyKos instead, Kane didn't endeavor to find out why she did that. And, of course, there are many explanations.

One explanation is that Palin is a sociopath who wants teen moms to suffer. However, I believe that explanation can be discarded.

So, we have to search further, and notably, Kane didn't contact the campaign for an explanation. Perhaps she believes that private rather than state monies should be used? Perhaps, if that's the reason, her beliefs are correct; did Kane endeavor to find out whether that could be correct? Perhaps she thought it would discourage teen pregnancies? Perhaps she doesn't come with the set of assumptions Kane obviously has that there must be a state program for everything? Perhaps she has evidence that Covenant House misspends money? Perhaps there are other programs available? All those possibilities Kane does not even broach.

Please contact the WaPo's ombudsman: ombudsman *at*

UPDATE: It's even worse than I suspected. According to their site (, "Approximately 90% of our funding comes from the generous donations of friends like you". And, according to this state document (PDF link), they were only to get $155,000 in 2007. It's not clear whether that was their only source of state funding, and their executive director wasn't available.

UPDATE 2: The $3.9 million was part of a grant for a facilities expansion; see this PDF (you might need to change the extension to "PDF" after downloading).

And, Covenant House's IRS Form 990 (link) shows the funds that Paul Kane describes as "slashed" was over a threefold increase from the government funds they received from all sources in 2006 (FY2006 ending 12/31/06). In 2006, they received:

Contributions $1,667,796
Government Grants $1,194,788
Program Services $0
Investments $67,947
Special Events $271,980
Sales $0
Other $11,139
Total Revenue $3,213,650

Note that they also get money from the feds, including on the facilities expansion.

Please use the address above to send a message to the WaPo about their "reporting".

UPDATE 3: This post earlier said it was "almost a fourfold", but I changed it to "over a threefold" to be mathematically precise. Also, there's a round-up of those sites that simply followed the WaPo's lead without even considering they might be wrong here.

UPDATE 4: A comment (not the post) at corrects Matt Yglesias with this (
If you bother looking at the documents, you can see that one program, the Alaska Challenge Youth Academy Program is included in the budget for 2007 but not in 2008. This accounts for nearly all of the discrepancy. You could also see, with a simple search, that the same program is still funded in 2008 (pdf), just on a separate program sheet (in fact, funding was increased, by the governor, by about 50%).
UPDATE 5: Even NPR - NPR! - corrected their pile-on of the story (link):
After Brian, one of our astute readers, questioned the veracity of this article, we did some additional digging. It turns out the Washington Post got this one wrong. We called the Covenant House Alaska and, according to Executive Director Deirdre Cronin, the program's operating budget was not in fact reduced. She writes in a press release: "Our $3.9 million appropriation is directed toward a multi-year capital project and it is our understanding that the state simply opted to phase in its support for this project over several years, rather than all at once in the current budget year." Thanks, Brian. We stand corrected.

NPR: Get My Vote (National Public Radio, Cecilia Munoz, NCLR) - 03/13/08

National Public Radio (NPR) has launched a new site called "Get My Vote" (, at which they solicit commentaries from their listeners describing what presidential candidates have to do to get their vote. Visitors can submit commentaries in video, audio, or text form. Think of it as a Volvo-driving version of the Youtube/CNN debates, although without any debates.

ACLU, Leslie Berestein, Amy Isackson defending looters because they're illegal aliens - 10/26/07

On Wednesday, an alleged group of looters were arrested at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego; it was claimed that they were collecting supplies meant for the victims of the recent wild fires in order to resell them. Apparently one or more admitted they were stealing, and one person said it was for resale. Some were illegal aliens; when that was suspected the San Diego Police called the Border Patrol who then deported a few of them. A few others have been released.

The exact details, and everyone who was involved, isn't clear at this time (and probably never will be). However, one thing is crystal clear: Amy Isackson of NPR/KPBS, Leslie Berestein of the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the ACLU will reflexively support illegal aliens and try to prevent them from being deported. And, they'll ignore the fact that they've been charged with stealing supplies from fire victims.

First, here's Berestein with "Border Patrol presence at stadium causes anxiety" (link):

The apprehension and removal to Mexico of two couples, one with three children, after they were accused of looting at Qualcomm Stadium Wednesday has created unease among some of the Latino evacuees staying there... Andrea Guerrero, field and policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union in San Diego, said about 25 families who were staying at the stadium left after the incident because they were undocumented, or of mixed legal status... Guerrero said the police department should not have called Border Patrol agents, some of whom are stationed at the stadium assisting other law enforcement officers, unless formal criminal charges were filed. [SDPD spokeswoman Monica Munoz], however, said the department did not violate protocol and that the accused individuals admitted to stealing. [ of the deported illegal aliens says she wasn't stealing...]

And, here's the similar "Arrest of Six Illegal Immigrants at Qualcomm Raises Concerns" from Isackson (link):

The arrest of six illegal immigrants at the Qualcomm Stadium evacuation site yesterday raises questions regarding how San Diego Police handle immigration issues. Civil rights activists are concerned police may be violating their own policy with respect to the Border Patrol... Kevin Keenan is Executive Director of the ACLU. He says he hopes police can resolve the discrepancy [vis-a-vis a sanctuary-style policy]...

For a point of reference, here's Gillian Flaccus of the Associated Press with "Thieves and scam artists try to take advantage of SoCal fires" (link):

At the stadium, volunteer Karen Huff said she and other volunteers alerted police earlier this week when they spotted a half-dozen people loading two pickup trucks with relief items. Police confronted the thieves and recovered the goods... "Thousands of dollars worth of stuff was being taken from these victims," Huff said. "It's the worst type of crime you can commit, when you take advantage of a situation like this." ...The Border Patrol detained eight people Wednesday who were suspected of stealing cots, blankets and dry goods, said San Diego police Capt. Bob Kanaski. Police officers questioned 15 people who were suspected of filling up two trucks and a sedan with stolen property and brought in the Border Patrol after surmising that some were illegal immigrants. The other seven were released... ...Authorities said some charlatans were coming to the disbursement center up to four or five times a day to stock up on supplies.

When even the AP is less biased, you've got a problem.

Illegal aliens steal evacuee supplies; NPR's Amy Isackson promotes serf labor - 10/25/07

Six illegal aliens were allegedly caught stealing supplies in San Diege meant for wild fire evacuees. They brought trucks and came back for more, and one of their group said they were paid to do so. While there might be a somewhat understandable explanation, such as they were taking them to an ad hoc shelter somewhere else, I suspect that if there were such an explanation we would have heard it. If there isn't such an explanation, it shouldn't be surprising that some of those who've shown no respect for our immigration laws would show no respect for fire victims.

Meanwhile, Amy Isackson of NPR puts the pseudo-humanitarian, crypto-corporatist spin on a related issue in "Fires Highlight Safety Needs of Migrant Workers":

Jesus Gomez from Oaxaca was at his job at a nursery in San Diego's North County when the Witch fire roared in from the east. His crew kept working while wind whipped smoke and ash in their eyes... "They gave us masks, but still, our eyes were filling with dirt and ashes. So, we keep working, but then the police came in," Gomez says... He says his boss told him to stop working only after law enforcement gave the mandatory evacuation order... ...The Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are lending 200 officers to law enforcement efforts during the fire... Just their presence in the streets ignites people's fear...

If all or most were legal workers or not enrolled in a "guest" worker program, situations like that would not occur. Instead of looking into that, the overall impact of the NPR report is to enable such working conditions. If Isackson wanted to prevent such working conditions, she'd support the Border Patrol rather than try to portray them as an invading army.

Also quoted: "immigrants rights activist Enrique Morones", someone who's a member of the Democratic Party of San Diego; a Mexican official joined him on a ride in support of illegal immigration.

Douglas McGray's uniquely anti-American DREAM - 09/19/07

Douglas McGray (, dmcgray *at* of the New America Foundation offers "A uniquely American DREAM" (link), a guest editorial supporting the anti-American DREAM Act. In addition to being a massive and nearly unlimited amnesty, that bill - currently attached to a defense bill - would allow illegal aliens to take college discounts from U.S. citizens. Please contact your Senators and let them know you oppose it or just go here to send a free FAX.

The editorial is highly similar to the "news" reports in this genre; if you aren't familiar with them read a few of those then compare them to McGray's spiel. This is truly propaganda by the numbers:

...[Congress] might start by considering young people like Lucia... By seventh grade, she made it from remedial English classes to the gifted-and-talented program. She joined the California Cadet Corps, a kind of junior ROTC. She was voted queen of her high school prom and named valedictorian of her graduating class. She had a plan. She wanted to enlist in the Marines, go to college and apply to work for the CIA -- she liked spy movies... ...[Her parents] told her they had come to the United States illegally all those years ago. That meant she was an illegal immigrant too... ...She graduated two years ago. But she couldn't apply for a paying, professional job and start returning America's investment in her...

Supporters of illegal immigration are really cranking up the pressure: just yesterday another propaganda piece featured an illegal alien who wanted to be an FBI agent. Could this be a sign of some form of coordination between those who produce or who push these articles?

Note also that this is a bit of a retread for McGray. In April he offered an "This American Life" (NPR/Chicago Public Radio) segment "Just One Thing Missing" ( You know what's coming!

Martha doesn't like to talk about her future anymore. She'd wanted to go to med school, become an OB-gyn...

Etc., etc. No word on whether she also wants to join the NSA.

Jaime Contreras - 09/06/06

Interview here

Dueling over a scar - 02/09/05

The TransTexas Corridor appears to be closer to reality:

AUSTIN - Farmers oppose it, metro area officials are upset about it and now state lawmakers have their own concerns about the Trans Texas Corridor, Gov. Rick Perry's $184 billion plan to build megahighways around the state.