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What Peter Eisner of PBS NewsHour can't figure out about skilled immigration - 10/20/13

Peter Eisner of PBS NewsHour offers a propaganda piece manqué entitled "Tight immigration rules divert high tech brains from Seattle to Santiago" ( peekURL.com/zsbjpQs ).

Fox News Latino promotes illegal immigration, culture of illegality - 03/14/11

One of the current top stories on Fox News' Latino site is 'I Was Undocumented on "Sesame Street"' [1], an attempt to promote illegal immigration that also promotes a culture of illegality. It's a first-person tale by Carlo Alban, who worked for the character "Mr. Hooper" on that show from 1993 to 1998. He had gotten the acting job using fake documents, and the article is full of tales of abusing the U.S. system in illegal ways:

My family had come from Ecuador when I was seven and my older brother Angelo was nine. We came on a tourist visa, and the moment my parents had gotten it, we knew we were not coming back. They sold all our furniture before we left.

...So I did a couple of plays, and in the beginning, “Sesame Street” was just another audition... Then, I was offered a regular role. I wasn’t about to turn that down. We had counterfeit green cards, but we never showed the actual card. We turned in photocopies, crossed our fingers, and hoped it worked. And this time it did.

...(In fact, we tried to get (drivers licenses). My father heard of a guy that was selling Puerto Rican birth certificates, and we bought two. My brother’s worked, and he was able to drive. Mine didn’t, and the people at the DMV took it away and told me if I wanted it back, I’d have to go pick it up at the state’s central office. I didn’t, of course.)

...One year, I was supposed to be part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For that, you get hired by Macy’s, so again I had to give a social security number and show paperwork. I was scared and wanted my father to change a number on the Xerox. And he didn’t, because he didn’t know how to. I was so angry, we got into a physical altercation.

In the long run, the culture of illegality expressed in the article is very corrosive to U.S. society. We're probably never going to be as corrupt as Mexico or other third world countries, but allowing millions of people who think it's OK to use fake documents isn't helping. Kids who think it's OK to use fake documents might grow up to be those who try to bribe local officials and the like. And, Fox News isn't helping by promoting stories like this.

It's also not like there's a shortage of U.S. child actors; in addition to taking a Sesame Street role from a citizen or legal resident, he also took other resources from citizens or legal residents:

One day, we went to visit our cousins, and they were on their way to try-outs for a community theater production of “Oliver!” It was through a program put on by the city, to get disadvantaged kids off the street.

And, there's also an example of the network effect, such as might happen after some form of amnesty:

My mother had a sister living legally in the United States, and my parents planned to have her sponsor us for residency. Soon after landing in New York, my parents saw a lawyer. But we were told the process would take four or five years.

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* See the Rupert Murdoch page
* Chicago: fake document raid leads to pro-illegal immigration protest

[1] latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2011/03/14/

Hillman Foundation awards: illegal immigration-supporting film, Nina Bernstein, questionable Marcy Wheeler/FDL report - 05/13/09

The Hillman Foundation has announced the winners of their 2009 awards (hillmanfoundation.org/pages/honorees/2009.html) and the honorees give us a special peek into a special world, including among them:

Corporation for Public Broadcasting screens pro-illegal immigration film on Capitol Hill ("Made in L.A.") - 04/24/09

Earlier today, the pro-illegal immigration movie "Made in L.A." was screened on Capitol Hill for various politicians and others; a list is at [1]. Not only were those who are public servants wasting time watching movies on the U.S.'s dime, but the further involvement of PBS cranks it up a notch:

Senior Vice President of Television Content at the Corporation For Public Broadcasting Ted Garcia highlighted the story and mission of Made in L.A. and acknowledged the many partners that came together to make the film possible: "Made in L.A. highlights some of the reasons why public service media is so crucial... I'm so pleased that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through our support of ITVS, P.O.V. and Latino Public Broadcasting has played a role in ensuring that this story would be told."

Has the CPB ever spent money on a documentary made by those who support the enforcement of our laws or the screening at the Capitol of such a film? The filmmakers are engaged in a "May Day Community Screening Campaign" and this screening is clearly part of that campaign, putting PBS/CPB on the side of advocating against enforcement of our immigration laws.

PBS "Engage" deletes comment critical of Gwen Ifill - 06/30/08

[PBS re-posted my comment; see the update.]

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has a relatively new effort called "Engage" [1] in which they solicit feedback from their viewers. However, they only want the "right kind" of feedback and are willing to delete or ignore comments that are critical of their (public) network. In this particular case, a comment I left that was critical of Gwen Ifill appeared and then was later deleted. The whole sequence of events - and the comments in question - are included below. If the reader thinks the comment shouldn't have been deleted, please contact PBS and let them know what you think:


I'm also considering filing a FOIA request related to this issue; the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has claimed that they're exempt but has also admitted that they'd comply with FOIA. Yes, I realize that in the greater scheme of things a deleted comment isn't that big a deal. However, PBS is a publicly-funded entity that's supposedly impartial, so such a reaction is justified.

Here's the sequence of events:

1. I tried to leave a comment on the post pbs.org/engage/blog/folks-back-home-are-talking-about-obama-mccain on June 9. It was put into a moderation queue, but never appeared. Now, certainly, some bloggers might not even be aware that they have a moderation queue or it might be so clogged that they ignore it. You can see that as the first comment in the extended entry [2].

2. I tried again with a different comment on a different post (pbs.org/engage/blog/five-good-questions-gwen-ifill) on June 25. That also was put into the moderation queue, and it also never appeared.

3. I tried to leave the last message again on June 26, and this time I used a different user name (NoMoreBlatherDotCom instead of LonewackoDotCom), and I also removed the 'http://' which was in front of one of the links. That's the second comment in the extended entry. [3]

Success! The comment appeared.

However, when I checked back the next day, the comment was gone. PBS had deleted the comment, despite it not violating any of their listed rules: it was on-topic, it didn't contain profanity, and it wasn't a personal attack but simply a discussion of PBS' and Ifill's low journalistic standards.

Note that at the Gwen Ifill link, almost all the comments are supportive, with some even gushingly so: inquiring about who does her lighting, suggestions that she take Tim Russert's place, and so on. Also, a comment containing a link in the body has been there since I left the second comment. If their rule is that comments containing links are moderated, that means that that comment was approved by a moderator and thus they do pay attention to that queue. And, if PBS objects to me including links, then they're playing favorites, saying that a link to metagovernment.org is OK but not a link to my site. Note that for the final comment both links were in bare format, which the user would have to copy and paste into their browser. Note also that there are about 35 comments at the Ifill link, yet there are 63 anchors (the part after '#' in a comment's individual URL) used. That implies that several comments were deleted. What did they say?

UPDATE: PBS sent this response to my email:

Thank you for bringing your comment to our attention. We've taken a look at your post in light of our terms of service, and we've concluded that we should have allowed it on the site. We reposted your comment yesterday afternoon... As the Engage initiative grows and more people participate in our discussions, we're continuing to evaluate our moderation policies. Feedback like yours helps us clarify our thinking about these issues, and we appreciate it.

[1] Their "Engage" site started in October but I found out about it due to a BlogAds campaign they're running. The reader might want to send this URL to sites that are running their BlogAd.

PBS and NPR are just leftier versions of the MSM, and neither do any real reporting and instead just push their agendas.

Examples I can provide come from the topic I cover: immigration.

1. The NPR debate was a sham:

2. NewsHour segments on the topic almost always feature "debates" with two people on the same basic side:

3. Instead of following the money, NPR offered a tear-jerker designed to make illegal immigration acceptable:

1. Back in 2006, you offered two guests discussing an issue, and they turned out to be on basically the same side. Have you considered that debates between two people who basically agree is how things were done in the Soviet Union and how things should not be done in the U.S.?



2. At a "average voter" panel you moderated, a supposed "regular voter" (who turned out to be a wonk) made various inflammatory claims, none of which you called him on. Why didn't you do that? Was he a "plant", similar to what CNN did with audience members with their debates? And, why couldn't you find a regular voter who supports our laws?



"Liberals" get "liberalism" fed back to them by the shovelful - 02/18/05

The previous post "PBS's Hypocrisy Revealed: PBS station opposes day-laborer center" discussed WETA's reaction to a day-laborer center that was located near their headquarters in Shirlington in Arlington County, Virginia.

There have been several reports on this center and on WETA's reaction to it. See also "Heights of hypocrisy" and this bit of socialist indoctrination as part of a class from George Mason University.

The center is partially paid for by taxpayers, and partially by unnamed foundations. Whether the Rockefeller Foundation is one of those benefactors is unknown. From August 2003:

WETA chief executive officer Sharon Percy Rockefeller attended Tuesday night's board meeting, and was deeply critical of the final decision.

"It would absolutely complicate our lives," said Rockefeller, who noted that the new facility is to be located adjacent to WETA's broadcast center.

Rockefeller predicted that a "pretty hostile environment" would quickly develop between her employees, who now walk between the various facilities, and the day laborers. "I don't want the incidents to happen," she said.

Rockefeller also complained that the location of a day-laborer camp would complicate security around the studios of the "NewsHour," public broadcasting's signature daily news program. High-profile guests begin arriving at the studios shortly after noon each day, Rockefeller said, and would likely be met by the day laborers who did not find work that day.

"She's part of the liberal establishment that created the mess, now she wants to protect elite liberals from it," [Republican-leaning activist Robert Molleur] said. "Liberal hipocrisy at its best..."

The latest report about the center contains more about what happens when "liberals" get "liberalism" fed back to them:

..."I almost hit somebody again yesterday," [Jeff Rathner, a cameraman for WETA but who was only speaking for himself] said. "You have to slow down to turn onto that street, and they'll sprint after any car that comes by."

..."The very first day it was opened, some guy who was obviously drunk ran out in front of my car," Rathner said. "When I stopped, he blurted something at me in Spanish."

..."Trash is left all over the place," he said. "It has become a haven for scavenger birds and the most ungodly amount of bird poop that you'll see all over your car if you happen to park near there. It also brings rats."

..."People from our building will be walking by the job site, and they'll verbally harassed in Spanish," he said. "Of course, some of us can understand it. We know what's being said."

..."Whenever anybody cries foul, they're told this they have some 'not in my backyard' attitude, but that's just not the case," Rathner said.

..."We're working hard here with SEEC to find a solution that is good for the community," said Pat Williamson, director of the station's administration, who declined further comment.

Build a few of those centers in the Capitol area of DC and see how fast the laws and the enforcement of them start changing.