National Council of Ethnic Americans demands equal representation in Obama cabinet

The National Council of Ethnic Americans (NCEA) - a coalition consisting of the Ethnic American Legal Defense and Education Foundation (EALDEF), the National Association of Ethnic American Elected Officials (NAEAEO), and the League of United European and Mediterranean American Citizens (LUEMAC) - has just sent the following missive:

President-Elect Barack Obama:

We are the Ethnic-Americans. During the election you reached out to us ( and asked for our support. Millions of us heard your call and voted for you, thus assuring your victory.

In fact, we are your largest voting bloc and you could not have won without out support.

Yet, it appears that your cabinet may not fully reflect the diversity of America and may not assure that our specific and united concerns are addressed (link). Please assure us that you will appoint those to your Cabinet who understand our concerns and represent our interests, and that you will do so in full knowledge of the millions of us who voted for you.

Thank you in advance,

All Ethnic-Americans, including European and Mediterranean Americans.


If individuals are given positions based on anything but their qualifications and ability to do the jobs, then these same people demanding to be "represented" now will be squawking down the road when something goes incredibly wrong.

chell, people of color never F-UP Only whites do so anything that goes wrong will be the political and race misstakes of the white guy behind the tree. It is all understood by our brothers and sisters in the trees that whites are wrong and evil like me and colors are right and loving like God up the ass. this will be fun to watch.