John Podesta/CAP/Obama transition team has minor link to ACORN

Former Bill Clinton chief of staff John Podesta founded the Center for American Progress and now heads that group's foundation. He's also the head of Barack Obama's transition team. And, from [1]:

On September 22, ACORN and Floridians for All partnered with John Podesta, former chief of staff to president Bill Clinton and director of the Center for American Progress, and economist Robert Pollin to release a study on the economic impacts of raising Florida's minimum wage by one dollar per hour. The study, "Economic Analysis of the Florida Minimum Wage Proposal," explores the effects that raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15 will have on the state's economy, finding that the wage raise would have a positive impact on Florida's economy and would result in higher wages for 850,000 Florida workers. In low-income neighborhoods, for example, retailers would see a two to four percent increase in profits simply because their patrons have more money to spend. ACORN and allies in the Floridians for All Campaign gathered over 1 million signatures from citizens across the state in order to put the measure on the November 2 ballot. If the measure is passed, Florida would be the 13th state in the country to pass a minimum wage higher than the federally mandated $5.15.

This is a relatively minor link.

[1] There's a picture here. Contrary to what the freepers say, the page hasn't disappeared from ACORN's site. The link they were using uses the https protocol, and apparently ACORN has a setup problem.