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David Martosko
Washington, DC
Words mean things. @DailyMail US Political Editor. Ohio native. 'The most intrepid reporter thus far' –Huma Abedin (via Wikileaks!)
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.@dmartosko: when will you post an update to your deceptive tweet about Comey @ #NYTimes Building? #DailyMail reputation is at stake.
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He was in that building at an unrelated NGO. MT @dmartosko Who's that visiting the New York Times today? Sure looks like James Comey to me
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RT @ScottAdamsSays: Can you spot the Pointy-haired Boss? #pearlsbeforeswine
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.@UTHornsRawk @dmartosko: a new @ScottAdamsSays cartoon, slightly modified by me: #immigration #MAGA #resist