Brave New Films immigration documentary will lie to you

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films is apparently going to make one or more documentaries about immigration, attempting to strike at those who support enforcement of our laws. An email sent by Jorge Mursuli of Democracia USA (part of People For the American Way) says:
Democracia USA has been approached with an exciting opportunity to advance the immigration debate, and I'm writing to ask for your help.

The Brave New Foundation, a non-profit that specializes on producing documentaries on progressive issues, is putting together a short documentary on the virulent anti-immigrant attacks by Right Wing politicians and media personalities.
They want footage, and they say the documentary will be released next month or in March. I have little doubt that it will contain several lies and misleading statements, but I won't know exactly what those are until it appears. Their past efforts have been quite popular, and when the video appears I suggest visiting the sites of those who promote the video and leaving comments pointing out the lies in the video or the lies by those bloggers. The goal is to discredit the retransmitters. The same goes for MSM reporters who mention the documentary.


_They want footage,..._ Here\'s some. [1]


'specializes on producing documentaries on progressive issues' Since when is selling out the most economically vulnerable citizens in your nation 'progressive'? When did corporate sovereignty become 'progressive'? Corruption, yeah, what a noble cause. 'virulent anti-immigrant attacks by Right Wing politicians and media personalities.' Advocating enforcement of existing law ! Lou Dobbs! OMG!

evil doers at work buy guns the system is about to fall-apart and words will stop and you will be victimized up the butt when it happen's.

Lonewacko & Amanda, This would be a "simply brilliant" and typical "How many Democratic party consultants does it take to F-Up a bake potato" idiocy in terms of political timing on the part of the polemicist Robert "Xanadu" Greenwald. A pro-Amnesty "We are all Immigrants" stridently Open Borders advocating propaganda film calling for a strict party line if not poured in concrete platform stand for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform would likely debut just as Hillary has locked up the nomination by out Hispandering her primary opponents. I bet you a million dollars that come April or May and especially if Mitt Romney or Huckabee, yes I know they suck too but at least they are trying to kiss some NumbersUSA ass, get the nomination, that Hillary will being trying like mad to triangulate to the center on immigration. In this case the only hope for the Democrats will be if McCain somehow gets the nomination. Because Hillary will get a very rude awakening that a marginally Immigration Restrictionist Republican like Romney will crush her in the general election. However, just watch as Hillary attempts to triangulate like mad to save her ass, the radical Latino ethnocentric groups will go apeshit. They along with the ANSWER loons and the Neo-Wobblies will show up in Denver at the Democratic convention and completely wreck the Democratic party's chances in the fall. Purple district Democratic House Representives and thousands of statehouse candidates will run for the hill at the thought of a pro Amnesty Hillary and Pelosi fronting for the Democrats. Just watch.

Right, if someone other than McCain gets the R nomination, there should be some immigration issue action. If it's McCain, the D nominee's vulnerability is negated by both options having the same CIR position. Even if the embarrassing true believers make noise over Hillary slow playing them, who do turned off voters move to?