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Brave New Foundation, Rachel Maddow think you're gullible (FAIR, immigration, SB1070) - 04/25/12

... Maddow and Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films thinking you're a gullible sucker in at least two ways. The first way is by trying to get you to support immigration policies that help big banks (immigration banks), big business, governments, and the Federal Reserve at the expense of everyone else. See those links and the related discussion here. The second way is by trying to get you to...

Why "Contract for the American Dream" is a sham (Van Jones, MoveOn, Rebuild the Dream) - 08/10/11

... AFSCME, Brave New Foundation (Brave New Films), Sierra Club, Progressive States Network, Code Pink, Economic Policy Institute, DailyKos, People for the American Way, Center for Economic and Policy Research CEPR, and the Institute for Policy Studies. There are several more listed on their site. [2] Someone who's an actual "immigrant" (i.e., of the legal variety) already has a "clear path to...

Delusional John Hinderaker thinks only left engages in "personal intimidation" - 05/12/11

... supposed plan by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films to film the houses of the Koch family. I oppose both parties: Greenwald for supporting illegal immigration, and the Kochs for funding loose borders groups. Hinderaker can only rise to opposing one of those parties. Hinderaker also mentions Katrina vanden Heuvel, just not in the way that I do (see the link).

George Soros gives $5 million to push Obamacare (HCAN, NCLR, ACORN, SEIU, etc...) - 08/11/09

... Education Consortium (NAKASEC), Brave New Films, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Gamaliel, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Rock the Vote, USPIRG, MDI Imported Car Service of Maine (?!?), and the YWCA. [1] By giving the state of New York $35 million, Soros will trigger matching federal funds - from the stimulus - of $140 million (link): Soros' gift and the matching...

Open Debate Coalition: a failed format for fake debates - 09/26/08

The "Open Debate Coalition" - a group consisting of people such as Glenn Reynolds ("Instapundit") and Stanford law professor Larry Lessig [1] - is calling on John McCain and Barack Obama to open the presidential debates by allowing questions chosen by regular people and not just the MSM. However, what they support has not only been proven to be a failure, but two of the signatories helped show...

John McCain ad was right and Barack Obama, MSM misled about BHO's kindergartener sex education bill - 09/16/08

... age-appropriate instruction..." * Brave New Films promotes a Planned Parenthood ad (alternet.org/blogs/video/98697/ planned_parenthood_rips_into_mccain_for_sex-ed_smear_campaign): 'In an ad, they say that Obama was helping children protect themselves from sex offenders, while McCain seemingly doesn't care.' * Nedra Pickler and Charles Babbington of the Associated Press claim that the ad "...

Open Letter to The Nation about their Open Letter to Barack Obama (immigration) - 08/25/08

Dear Comrade: A few weeks back you at The Nation offered an Open Letter to Barack Obama (link) [1], listing some of the things he must stay true to in order to fulfill the progressive agenda.

A Dream Deferred: Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films supports anti-American DREAM Act - 03/28/08

... noted that Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films was going to start producing immigration documentaries. Their first is a video (link) and site (adreamdeferred.org) supporting the DREAM Act, one of the most anti-American pieces of legislation ever devised. It would let illegal aliens take college discounts and slot from U.S.

Brave New Films: Robert Greenwald attacks Fox News "virus" - 03/16/08

Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films has a new crusade: trying to stop the Fox News "virus" that supposedly spreads from Fox to the rest of the MSM, specifically as it relates to criticism of Barack Obama. Their foxattacks.com/virus page makes it clear that, if Greenwald had his way, Fox would be off the air: Fox is a Republican mouthpiece, not a legitimate news organization.

Brave New Films immigration documentary will lie to you - 01/23/08

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films is apparently going to make one or more documentaries about immigration, attempting to strike at those who support enforcement of our laws.

Rudy Giuliani afraid of citizen journalists (Brave New Films) - 09/30/07

Brave New Films is a sleazy [1], left-wing organization, akin to the low-rent Hollywoodish version of ThinkProgress. A few days ago, John Ehrenfeld from that site tried to attend [2] a Rudy Giuliani appearance, only to be kicked out apparently after Guiliani staffers learned who he was with.

Dreams Across America: all aboard the pro-illegal immigration train - 06/14/07

"Dreams Across America" [1] is the latest stunt from supporters of a massive illegal alien amnesty, consisting of about 100 people taking a train Washington DC to lobby for "reform".

You call these celebrities? - 12/10/02

Via LGF (link right) the full text of the celeb letter of support to Saddam is here. The cumulative number of months that these people haven't worked is probably well into the 4 figures, as they say in Hollywood. And, how did these has-beens find out about the letter? Is there a celebrity mailing list? Did they put up a poster at the unemployment office? You might ask, who cares what some...