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Over at http://www.forthecause.us/

Over at http://www.forthecause.us/ today there is a video clip from Lou Dobbs where a naturalized Iranian actually did work at an American Nuclear Plant and then return home to Iran, log into the nuclear plant computer and download a bunch of classified information. The Libertarians are probably scratching their heads wondering how someone who benefited from their utopian benevolence could be so treacherous?

This quiz is a serious misunderstanding of what LIBERTARIAN is, especially leaving out RIGHT-LIBERTARIANISM. This quiz describes extremist LIBERAL actions, and while libertarian may be considered somewhat left-wing, when it comes to foreign politics, it is also right-wing. Mills one of the founding philosophers on this movement, and I would advise that anyone who is wondering if they are libertarian or not to research his ideas and see if they correlate with their own ideas.

oh, a Lou Dobbs is biased, idiot.