Harry Reid wins LULAC National Legislative Award

This site congratulates corrupt Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who's the proud winner of this year's National Legislative Award from the League of United Latin American Citizens.

His comments are basically just hot air, touching on Searchlight (did you know he's from that small Nevada town?), promoting "comprehensive immigration reform", quoting Cesar Chavez, and sending a shout out to LULAC president Rosa Rosales.

Of course, Harry Reid is torn between two illegal immigration supporters: he received an award from the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") back in 2001, and he might be the one that helped them pick up a $4 million federal grant. Maybe LULAC will get a little something extra in their stocking this year, if you know what I mean.


Another politician winning praise from Mexico, because he has earned none here. Al Capone owned many a politician in his day, but they kept the corruption quiet. Today, they brag on page one. Pathetic.

In your post on HuffPo regarding the possible construction of detention camps in the US you lay the blame on liberals and their tolerance of illegal immigration. First of all, not all liberals are so tolerant. I, for one, resent it as a boon to the Mexican oligarchy - dumping their poor on us who might otherwise be demanding reform at home and as a boon to Wall Street - keeping working-class American wages at rock bottom. Not to mention the environmental costs. The point is, however, that the Bush administation apparently gives an influx of illegals as the reason for these camps when they cleary favor open borders with Mexico - "they're doing the work Americans don't want". In other words, that's a pretense. So what are these facilities really for?

so when the mexican government is running things here what will reid do? ask for the really big cell?