Doh: Los Angeles February 24 illegal immigration march canceled

The Los Angeles Police Commission has denied a permit for the planned illegal immigration march which was to take place in L.A. on February 24. The LAPC president says it has nothing to do with politics, only with resources: the Chinese New Year parade will be held on that day, and they filed for their permit a week before the illegal immigration supporters did.

The main organizer is Juan Jose Gutierrez from Full Rights for Immigrants and other groups. He's not only linked to the SEIU and Antonio Villaraigosa, but ANSWER as well. And, NBC News featured him as the voice of the Hispanic community in one of their news segments.

He doesn't want to move the march to the next day because they've already had a media blitz including printing up 50,000 flyers. Oh well, I guess they'll have to get more money from wherever it is that they get their funding.