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Mike Johanns

U.S. senator from Nebraska. Formerly governor of that state and then secretary of the Department of Agriculture under George W Bush.

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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YouTube Town Hall: bogus debates between those on basically the same side (DREAM Act, Durbin, Johanns) - 08/17/11

... opposition to the bill, Sen. Mike Johanns, doesn't mention that side of things. In fact, he makes it clear that he might support the DREAM Act as long as the borders are secured. He's in the "secure the border first, then amnesty" camp; see that link. He telegraphs that he'd support amnesty in the form of comprehensive immigration reform, saying "any comprehensive immigration reform plan must...

Alan Bjerga/Bloomberg propaganda: wheat farmers want cheap foreign labor - 07/04/07

For years, newspapers have been printing outright propaganda pieces with growers complaining that unless they get cheap foreign labor crops will rot in the fields. However, Alan Bjerga of Bloomberg offers a new twist: this time it's wheat farmers doing the whining ("U.S. Wheat Farmers Face Grim Harvests as Immigration Bill Dies", link).

Newt Gingrich: Bush administration is blackmailing U.S. (won't enforce laws unless gets amnesty) - 06/12/07

Welcome Newt Gingrich to the Clue Crew: The Attempt to Blackmail the American People by Threatening to Refuse to Enforce the Law Without a New Bill Is Disgraceful: A number of powerful figures in the Bush Administration and in the Senate have been saying that if we do not agree to pass this destructive bill, they will never enforce the law.

Swift packing immigration raid conducted; send Bush a cookie! - 12/13/06

Yesterday ICE conducted the latest in a series of what are most likely show immigration raids, this time of Swift & Co.'s meatpacking plants in various cities. A roundup is here.

"Food Stamps in Four Hours" (Mexican consul+USDA) - 10/14/06

From the LAT: Though it goes against the conventional wisdom of anti-illegal immigration supporters, those who enroll the poor in the federal food stamp program say they've struggled for years to get immigrant Latino families signed up. Now a Spanish-language news report and television ad campaign have spurred thousands of immigrants in Orange County over the last several weeks to contact a...

Immigration laws squeeze cherry, grape farmers; Mike Johanns - 07/01/06

Various newspapers have printed an infinite series of propaganda featuring various growers complaining about how their crops are rotting in the fields because of a lack of cheap foreign serf labor.

Allied Grape Growers admits using illegal alien labor; McCain, Johanns - 06/30/06

The latest in a long line of stories about farmers desperate for cheap foreign labor contains a public admission that should be a bit shocking and - if the Bush administration and most of Congress weren't corrupt - would result in an investigation.

Ed Bradley offers superficial report on illegal immigration - 12/11/05

Tonight's 60 Minutes had a segment called "More Migrants Dying To Get In". That link provides a rough transcript of the segment, but there are some not insignificant things they left out, such as Tancredo briefly referencing workplace enforcement and Ed Bradley not following up on that remark. And, Ed offered a little bit of editorializing, in effect agreeing with one guest that we need a guest...

"[NE Gov.] Heineman Says No To Illegal Immigrant Bill" - 02/21/05

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Gov. Dave Heineman rejected a call Saturday to publicly support a bill that would offer in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants. Heineman's decision came during his first meeting with the Mexican American Commission... Commission director Cecilia Olivarez Huerta [supports the bill]... [...bill was sponsored by Lincoln Sen. DiAnna Schimek...] The backstory about...

Ag Sec'y nominee "Fought to Protect Giant Meatpackers from Immigration Law Enforcement" - 01/14/05

FAIR: In coming months, President Bush will be trying to convince the American people that U.S. immigration laws just cannot be enforced.

"Nebraska gov.: Migrant I.D.s pose security risk" - 10/21/04

... LINCOLN, Nebraska Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns said Wednesday during a visit to Mexico that he would not support recognition of Mexican consular identity cards for migrants because they pose a security threat. Johanns discussed use of the cards during a meeting Monday with President Vicente Fox, who has been pushing for the United States to allow the cards. But during a telephone interview from...